Treatment of gastritis with high acidity folk remedies


Unfortunately, today such a common disease as gastritis, in various forms of manifestation, covers almost 50% of the population of our country. What is not an epidemic? Moreover, both adults and children are susceptible to this disease. And since the scale of the problem is so huge, it makes sense to talk about its solution. So, the topic of our conversation: the treatment of gastritis with high acidity folk remedies.

Symptoms of gastritis with acidity and causes of the disease

90% of people at least once in their lives faced with the manifestation of this disease

Doctors say that almost 90% of people at least once in their lives faced with the manifestation of this disease. Gastritis is a type of violation of the internal secretion of the stomach, as a result of which its mucous membrane is inflamed. The causes of the disease are both internal and external influencing factors. To external include:

  • lack of food;
  • eating spicy foods, hot or coarse foods;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • long medication.

Factors of internal influence:

  • heredity;
  • chronic infectious diseases;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • impaired metabolism;
  • oxygen starvation of tissues.

The development of gastritis you can notice on such symptoms as:

The development of gastritis, you can notice on these symptoms

  • pain in the epigastric part;
  • feeling heavy after eating;
  • hunger pains (late);
  • heartburn after spicy and sour foods, nausea;
  • constipation alternated with diarrhea;
  • belching;
  • smell from the mouth;
  • mood swings, irritability.

Features of gastritis with high acidity:

  • in the early stages, the symptoms of the disease are hardly noticeable;
  • the disease does not progress constantly, but by alternating periods of exacerbation with remission, regardless of the season.

Why do I need to reduce acidity during gastritis?

Acidity is a measure of the amount of acid in the gastric juice.

Acidity is a measure of the amount of acid contained in gastric juice. The total acidity is determined by the concentration of hydrochloric acid. Our stomach is a complex system that simultaneously produces aggressive environmental factors - hydrochloric acid and alkaline protective environment to neutralize it.

Increased acidity can not pass without a trace, it will immediately make itself felt the symptoms described above. General weakness, sleep disturbance, nervous condition may be added to them. If you do not take timely measures to reduce acidity, the symptoms will only increase, up to an erosive change of the mucous membrane or peptic ulcer.

Treatment of gastritis folk remedies: the most effective methods

As already mentioned, gastritis itself is not cured, it is also periodically exacerbated.

As already mentioned, gastritis in itself is not cured, it is also periodically exacerbated. But I also don’t really want to grab every pill in such situations, because everyone knows the principle - you treat one thing, you cripple the other. Long-term medication in the first place affects the liver.

It is good that we have a reliable and proven method of treatment of folk remedies. Let's get acquainted with the most effective ways of dealing with elevated levels of acid.


Here the main thing is to be patient, follow the rules for taking the remedies, diet and the recipe for the preparation of medicinal infusions based on the beekeeping product - propolis. And then a positive result is ensured:

  1. Place 100 g of propolis in a container with 100 g of medical alcohol. Propolis should dissolve and brew for three days. The tincture should be filtered and taken 15-20 drops an hour before meals. Duration of treatment is two weeks.
  2. Milk with propolis. In one liter of milk, put 50 g of propolis and heat, stirring, over low heat until it is completely dissolved. Take the need to ½ tbsp. 2-3 hours before meals.

Potato Juice

To reduce the acidity, potato juice has proven itself very well.

To reduce the acidity, potato juice has proved itself very well, as it has a slightly alkaline pH level. Taking it, you will get rid of heartburn and stomach pain.

Preparation and use:

  1. Unpeeled potatoes should be washed well and wiped dry.
  2. Now you need to squeeze the juice using a juice extractor or in other ways.
  3. Ready juice should be drunk immediately, otherwise after 10 minutes it will oxidize and lose its properties.
  4. Drink this tool must be 40 minutes before a meal, 2 times a day.
  5. Dosage: Start with one tablespoon and bring to ½ tbsp within 10 days.
  6. After 10 days of treatment, you need to take a week break and then repeat the course.

Aloe with honey and red wine


  • aloe juice - 200 g;
  • honey - 200 g;
  • wine - 0.5 l.

Preparation and use:

  1. Mix all ingredients and leave for 2 weeks in the dark.
  2. Treatment: 1 tbsp. l before meals 3 times a day.

For the treatment of gastritis with high acidity, sea buckthorn oil is also taken in 1 tsp. half an hour before each meal.

General recommendations

First and foremost is diet.

First and foremost is diet. Of the many diets offered on the Internet, you can highlight the main requirements:

  • fractional meals, up to 6 times a day in small portions;
  • steamed products are preferred;
  • food should be warm, well chopped in the form of mashed potatoes, porridge;
  • allowed fish: pike perch, cod or hake;
  • meat for cooking it is desirable to skip several times through a meat grinder;
  • from dairy products it is better to use low-fat cottage cheese;
  • eggs - either boiled or boiled omelette;
  • everything that can increase acidity should be excluded from the menu: coffee, chocolate, strong black tea, carbonated drinks, dark bread, fresh pastries, baking, mushroom dishes, tomatoes;
  • must give up alcohol and smoking.

With severe aggravations of gastritis, you can starve for a while by consuming only mineral water without gas.

Many are interested in the question: is there an opportunity to cure gastritis once and for all? Alas, you will not find an unambiguous answer anywhere. There are a lot of factors on which healing depends. First of all, it is your desire and faith in recovery. One must learn to live in harmony with one's stomach and adhere to the rules we have described.