Treatment of gastric erosion with medicinal and folk

Erosive gastritis or erosion of the stomach, is one of the most common gastroduodenal diseases. Expressed in the defects of the surface layer of the tissues of the stomach. This process is very painful, therefore it requires urgent treatment. There are 2 types of the disease: acute and chronic forms.


Gastric erosion: symptoms and treatment

There are several theories of the onset of the disease, but the more common one refers to the microorganisms Helicobacter pylori, appearing in the stomach. This fact is confirmed by the presence of antibodies to infection in the blood of more than 91% of cases. Erosion of the stomach is formed in the presence of such factors:

  • disruption caused by toxic substances;
  • internal burns of tissues of the body, an excess of chemicals in the body;
  • surgical intervention in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, organ transplantation;
  • depressive syndrome, nervous tension, emotional trauma;
  • the diet consists of fried, spicy, salty, too hot food;
  • bad habits like excessive drinking and smoking;

Symptoms of erosive gastritis

The clinical picture of this disease is similar to peptic ulcers. The nonstandard symptoms of erosion include saturation of the painful syndrome. Painful sensations are bright and very persistent. It was not possible to completely stop the pain from a number of patients, even with regular treatment for several months.

Ulcer-like symptoms:

  • after eating there is pain;
  • in occasional cases, pain occurs before meals;
  • frequent heartburn;
  • nausea, belching.

Symptoms of hemorrhagic type:

  • dark chair;
  • occasionally bouts of blood vomiting;
  • anemia, a sharp drop in hemoglobin;
  • weakness in the whole body, lack of performance.

Symptoms of erosive gastritis

Usually, the erosion of the acute type ends within 1-2 weeks, after full recovery on the soft tissues of the stomach it is not possible to detect any scars. Inflammatory, as a rule, are switched to the chronic form, they can survive for 2 years, and then disappear. Certain erosion of this type, can exist for a long time, leading to relapses as the influence of various factors, often exacerbated, and then burned.

Treatment: drug, folk, proper nutrition

Many patients ask themselves how to cure gastric erosion? This treatment is of long duration with systematic endoscopic observation of the mucous membrane of the internal organ.

Anti-ulcer therapy appears in a typical way with the assistance of proton-type pump inhibitor agents and H2 blockers. Antibiotic drugs are used only in cases where the presence of bacteria like Helicobacter pylori has been identified.

The secondary form is treated with cytoprotectants and prostaglandins of synthetic origin. With the help of such drugs decreases the inflammatory process, increases the rate of healing.

On the circulation in the affected tissues of the stomach has a significant improvement in the effects of low-intensity laser. The laser method is carried out only in a surgical hospital. H2 blockers, for example, Kvamatel, are used to avoid secondary bleeding. When healing of the chronic type, such drugs as gastroprotectors proved to be a good idea.

Apart from conservative methods, there is also a treatment of gastric erosion with folk remedies, the most effective of which are:

how to cure stomach erosion

  • eat before eating 1 tsp natural honey;
  • an infusion of chamomile flowers, calendula, immortelle herbs - can be brewed separately, but you can all together;
  • Sea buckthorn oil 1 tsp. an hour before meals. The oil should be cold pressed and completely natural composition, without admixture of other vegetable oils;
  • brew plantain grass and flax seeds, drink throughout the day;
  • pharmacy tincture of propolis on alcohol (no more than 10% alcohol), 30 drops before breakfast and dinner.

Proper nutrition, a full eight-hour sleep and the elimination of negative emotions are favorable factors for a successful cure of the disease.

The essence of the diet is to facilitate the functioning of the stomach and enable erosive gastritis to heal. When eating spicy and junk food, even medical drugs will not help to cope with the disease. Such products should be excluded from the diet:

  • preservation;
  • spicy and smoked food;
  • carbonated drinks, chips, fast food;
  • tea, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, fresh juices;
  • fat meat broths;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise sauces.

Required products on a diet:

  • skimmed milk and sour cream;
  • hard low-fat cheese, butter;
  • steamed vegetables;
  • boiled light meat;
  • various cereals on the water;
  • homemade jelly.

It should not be forgotten about the temperature of the food intake. Too hot meals should be completely removed from the diet, all foods should be a little warm. It is necessary to eat in small portions and often, trying not to overload the stomach. When a diet is prescribed for gastric erosion, the menu for the week is made by a doctor, the recommendations of which should be followed immaculately.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat for a long time. To prevent the occurrence of erosive gastritis, preventive measures can be taken: a healthy lifestyle, excluding alcohol and smoking, a balanced diet, timely treatment of inflammatory and chronic processes, a positive attitude.

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