Treatment of foot fungus folk remedies


Fungus is a common skin disease from which humankind has long suffered. At the same time, it can be effectively treated not only with medical, but also with folk remedies.

The therapeutic effect of vinegar in this case has been known since ancient times. In China, it is recommended to prevent the spread of the fungus, and ancient medical texts found in Greece describe the advantages and benefits of vinegar in the treatment of neglected nail fungus. Folk remedies can cope with the disease at any stage.

Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with folk remedies

The daily rate is half an hour holding the feet in a solution of vinegar with water 1: 1. The amount of fluid must be such that the sore spot is completely immersed in it.

After half an hour, wipe your feet with a dry towel. The treatment should be repeated every day, until the moment when the fungus disappears completely.

During the day, you can wrap your feet with a bandage dipped in vinegar, this will speed up the treatment.

Vinegar provides relief when the legs are burning or itchy, it restores the proper pH balance of the skin.

Symptoms of onychomycosis

Symptoms of onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is accompanied by several characteristic symptoms by which the disease is recognized:

  • The color of the nail changes to yellow.
  • The nail becomes thick.
  • Even a little pressure on the nail causes pain.
  • The nail plate becomes brittle.

Treatment of onychomycosis, first of all, is aimed at improving the appearance of the nails, getting rid of itching, discomfort, and pain.

Treatment of onychomycosis with drugs

Drugs for treatment are sold in all pharmacies without a prescription and are quite popular. Basically, these are ointments, creams, gels. Also produced drugs from the fungus in the form of nail polish. Such a composition of antifungal agents is applied strictly on the nail plate and remains active for many hours.

It is important!

  • Before using the medication it is necessary to carry out the treatment and prepare the nail. Pour 5 liters of hot water into the basin, add 1 point there. l baking soda and some soap. Place legs and / or hands affected by fungus in a prepared bath and soak in it for 10-15 minutes. Softened nail plate, process with the help and nail files.

Preparations for the treatment of topical fungal infection: Exoderil (naftifine hydrochloride, terbinafine), Canison, Nizoral and MIKOSPOR. MIKOSPOR is applied to the affected area and secured with a waterproof adhesive.

Treatment of fungal infection folk remedies

Treatment of fungal infection folk remedies

Treatment of onychomycosis can take a very long time, especially when we neglect the first signs and enter into the fight against an already running fungus. If you want to try home ways of dealing with the disease, you can use known substances with antiseptic properties. These include vinegar, tea tree oil or even tea!

  • Vinegar is diluted with oil and applied to all nails for several weeks.
  • Another tried and tested method is to rub garlic on the nail plate (necessarily domestic, since, unlike the Chinese, it has very active substances). In addition, it is good to eat garlic with food and drink a decoction of this plant.
  • An effective home remedy is a strong solution of tea. With a tampon dipped in solution, the nail plate is massaged and, if possible, the area under the nail 2 times a day.
  • Mix olive oil, tea tree and thyme oil in the same proportions, rub the composition in the affected places. Wait 10-15 minutes and brush your nails. The tool is very effective and efficient.
  • Excellent results can be obtained if used for the treatment of hydrogen peroxide. Nails before applying the substance must first be steamed in water with baking soda. Pre-cut the plate from the cotton pad in the shape of the nail, soak it with peroxide and place on the nail steamed and towel-dried. If it is possible to steam, apply a drop on the skin under the nail plate. Hold the lotion on the nails of the hands for 10-15 minutes, on the feet for 40-60 minutes. If you feel pain, rinse with running water. Treatment of a nail fungus of the neglected form with hydrogen peroxide continue until complete recovery.
  • Treatment of nail fungus with ammonia is similar to the previous method with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 1 tsp. ammonia and 100 ml of warm water. Apply the impregnated disc on the affected area, hold for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.

Fungus of the feet and nails - a disease that brings the patient serious discomfort. In addition to pain and itching, an aesthetic defect appears. That is why the disease requires treatment as soon as possible. It is better to treat the fungus at an early stage, but even neglected forms are amenable to therapy.