Treatment of demodicosis on the face at home


In adolescence, many boys and girls are faced with the problem of the appearance of lesions on the skin. As a rule, the presence of acne is most often caused by puberty. But what to do if adolescence is long past, and problematic skin does not give you peace of mind? If redness or boils appear on the face and back, this may be a sign of the development of an infectious disease - demodicosis. In such a situation, to get rid of the pathology, you need to connect heavy artillery of medicines and traditional medicine. How to carry out treatment of demodicosis on the face, it will be discussed in this article.

Demodekoz: mites on the face

There are many more beneficial bacteria in our bodies.

As you know, in our body there are many not only beneficial bacteria, but also pathogens. One of these parasites is considered to be a microscopic mite that lives under the skin. It can be in the body throughout life and not progress. But in the presence of certain factors and weakening of immunity, this tick expands vigorous activity, thereby provoking the development of demodicosis.

Most often, demodicosis appears on the skin of the face and back. The tick is located near the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. With its activity on the skin appear inflammation, which at first glance is very similar to the usual acne. If you see a number of associated symptoms, for example, an unnatural luster of the affected skin, a patches on the eyelids, or pores widening, then this is the basis for an immediate visit to the doctor.

Demodecosis causes not only a number of physical, but also moral sufferings to a person. The skin is constantly itchy, and due to heavy rashes, our natural beauty is lost. To combat this parasite, you need to use not only pharmacological agents, but also cosmetics, as well as resort to traditional medicine methods.

Demodecosis: facial treatment at home

In no case do you need to start treatment yourself

In no case should you begin self-treatment. You should contact a dermatologist who will take the necessary materials for analysis and be able to accurately establish the diagnosis. For each person, the treatment course is developed individually. It all depends on the characteristics of the skin, the general condition of the body and the stage of the disease. It is quite possible for everyone to cope with demodicosis even at home, but only under the strict guidance of a dermatologist.

Treatment regimen

Treatment should be comprehensive. Restrict the admission of oral agents or external use of ointments and creams is impossible. As already mentioned, in each case, an individual scheme is developed to get rid of the disease. Generally speaking, the treatment of demodicosis on the face includes several main aspects:

  • taking antibiotics orally;
  • the use of creams and ointments containing active substances, the action of which is aimed at eliminating tick-demodex;
  • carrying out cosmetology procedures, for example, cryomassage, electrophoresis;
  • personal hygiene;
  • the use of special cosmetic products for skin care;
  • taking pharmaceuticals that strengthen the immune system, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, etc .;
  • adherence to the diet.

Let's take a closer look at the main aspects of the treatment of demodicosis.

consider in more detail the main aspects of the treatment of demodicosis

Drug treatment

Pharmacological preparations of various groups may be prescribed for the treatment of demodicosis. First of all, a dermatologist will prescribe antiparasitic drugs, for example:

  • Metrogyl gel;
  • Ornidazole;
  • Trichopolus;
  • Spregal.

For the complex treatment of demodicosis, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents are prescribed, in particular:

  • azelaic acid;
  • benzyl benzoate;
  • Ichthyol ointment;
  • tar ointments and creams.

Independently, you can choose cosmetic means, the action of which is aimed at normalizing the excretion of fat by the skin. Most often, experts recommend using cosmetics series Demodex Complex. Some preparations from this cosmetic line can be used as a preventive measure.

To combat the active activity of the mite-demodex need to use antibacterial type. These drugs come in the form of eye drops if the tick affects the eyelids and eyelashes. These include such pharmaceuticals:

  • Demalan;
  • Eubetal is an antibiotic;
  • Colbiotsin.

To prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction and reduce symptoms, in particular, itching, treating experts prescribe antihistamine medication. With their help, you can also eliminate the swelling of the skin. To prevent the reproduction of subcutaneous mites, you need to take drugs, the action of which is aimed at strengthening the vascular walls. If the development of demodicosis was due to a decrease in immunity, then the dermatologist may prescribe the use of immunostimulating pharmacological substances.

Folk remedies to help

Along with pharmacological drugs to combat demodicosis

Along with pharmacological drugs to combat demodicosis, you can use the tools of traditional medicine. To clean the body of accumulated toxins and toxins, you need to take a solution of magnesia. Take this tool should be in a ratio of 100 g per 100 kg of body weight. Grapefruit juice and linseed oil also help cleanse the body.

To eliminate redness on the face you need to make lotions. The following medicinal plants can best deal with facial demodicosis:

  • buckthorn bark;
  • juniper berries;
  • sagebrush;
  • rhizome elecampane;
  • calendula;
  • tea mushroom;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • eucalyptus.

Lotions should be done twice a day. Remember that to achieve a positive effect, the treatment course can be delayed for several months. The duration of one procedure should not be less than 20 minutes. Apply compresses should be only on the affected areas. Before the procedure, the skin of the face must be treated with an alcohol tincture of calendula or eucalyptus, as well as any other antiseptic.

Reviews on the effectiveness of different treatment methods

In various forums, you can find a lot of people's feedback.

In various forums, you can find a lot of feedback from people who have faced the problem of hitting the face with a tick-demodex. Basically, all of them used pharmacological agents in combination with cosmetics to treat the disease.

People leave comments that for the treatment of facial demodicosis you need to do special procedures, for example, electrophoresis or electrocoagulation. According to many reviews, for the treatment of demodicosis, you should use tar or soap, and also treat your skin with antiseptic solutions or alcohol tinctures. Many people orally took medicines that cleansed the body of toxins and strengthened the immune system.

Also, according to reviews, a drug that consists of Levomycetin tablets, Trihopol and salicylic alcohol is in great demand. This tool can be prepared independently. Only after using this lotion, the skin becomes very thin and dry.

In the reviews you can find information about the action of a drug. But all users who are faced with demodicosis, are advised to seek help from the attending specialist.

Treatment of facial demodicosis at home: useful tips

To get rid of this insidious disease at home, you need to perform some actions.

To get rid of this insidious disease at home, you need to perform some actions:

  • regularly treat the skin with antiseptic agents;
  • wash only with purified (without chlorine) water;
  • for washing, use tar or household soap, as well as cosmetology products from a special medical series;
  • periodically make facial peeling using scrubs;
  • make cosmetic masks based on cosmetic clay;
  • do not use other people's cosmetics;
  • maintain personal hygiene;
  • stick to a dietary ration;
  • during periods of possible exacerbation of the disease (autumn and spring), to carry out preventive measures, as well as to visit a dermatologist.

As you can see, demodicosis is not the most dangerous disease. You can get rid of it only by eliminating the Demodex mite, so treatment should be comprehensive. Do not forget the words of the wise Socrates: health is everything, and without it nothing. Be healthy!