Treatment of chickenpox in adults. how to treat chickenpox


Acute viral disease, which almost all children in kindergarten suffer, chickenpox can also appear in adults, but it is much more difficult for them than in children. Having been ill with chicken pox in childhood, a person acquires immunity for her for life, the same thing happens when an adult has had it.

Anyway chickenpox requires immediate attention from a doctor and adherence to the treatment process in order to make it easier.

Symptoms of chickenpox in adults

Chickenpox disease is manifested by rashes in the form of vesicles all over the body, which are accompanied by severe itching. In itself, chickenpox refers to varieties of the herpes virus and is transmitted by airborne droplets, spreading through the blood.

Rash with chickenpox covers not only the skin, but may appear on the pancreas, esophagus, bladder and near the kidneys. Other symptoms are described in the articles How to look like chickenpox? Symptoms of chickenpox in adults.

Chickenpox in adults: symptoms

When chickenpox occurs in adults, all symptoms increase and there is also a high risk of complications.. Due to complications on the background of chicken pox, encephalitis can appear, which is fraught with very serious consequences. Therefore, when the first signs of chickenpox appear in adults, you should immediately seek medical help.

How to treat chickenpox in adults?

Usually For the treatment of varicella, talc is used, containing menthol, brilliant green (or simply brilliant green), and also sodium bicarbonate solution 5%. In children and adults, chickenpox is treated the same way. There is no special treatment for adults. It is based on providing comfort and reducing itching for a sick person.

  • To avoid the occurrence of complications, it is desirable to adhere to bed rest. In cases of chickenpox in adults, the use of concentrated soap baths is very useful. This is due to the fact that the soap dries all the rashes.
  • The linen of a sick person needs to be changed every day. It must be from natural materials so as not to scratch the skin.
  • Good Sodium bicarbonate solution and talc with menthol reduces itching on the skin. You can also take antihistamines, but in any case, you should consult with your doctor when deciding to use a medical drug that was not prescribed.
  • To avoid scratching the bubbles, nails should be cut briefly, which will reduce the risk of infection, getting it into the body can cause the appearance of deep scars and scars. This is especially important since adult blistering risk is higher.
  • It is possible to treat chickenpox in adults with a solution of brilliant green, which perfectly heals any rash.
  • To speed up the healing process, the best drink plenty of fluids and stick to the milk diet.

Treatment of chickenpox in adults: folk remedies

How to quickly cure chickenpox from an adult?

  1. In order to quickly cope with chickenpox, lubricate the bubbles with potassium permanganate or rivanol solution. They will help dry out the rash.
  2. If bubbles appear on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, rinse your mouth regularly with a solution of furatsilina or miramistina. You can also use the infusion of calendula. To prepare it, pour 1 tbsp. l flowers 250 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Strain the infusion and rinse your mouth for 5 p., Holding the infusion in your mouth for 30 seconds.
  3. Also worth take vitamins and interferon.
  4. To increase the body's resistance, take rosehip infusion. Put in a thermos 2 tbsp. l chopped fruits and fill them with 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse for 2 hours. Add mashed 2 large carrots and carrot juice to the infusion.

How to treat chicken pox in the mouth?

  • Chickenpox can also affect the oral cavity, and you should always rinse your mouth with salt water or a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Also help decoction of parsley. To cook it, you should pour 2 tbsp. l parsley 250 ml boiling water. After half an hour strain the broth, and take 3 p. per day for 1 tsp.
  • Sea buckthorn oil can lubricate the sores, and mouth rinse with a weak solution of soda or chamomile tincture. But Any therapeutic action for chickenpox in adults should be undertaken only after consulting a doctor.
  • With severe itching and burning, ice cubes should be applied to the sores in the mouth. They can be lubricated and antiviral ointments.
  • The healing of ulcers help decoctions of wormwood, clover flowers, alder cones, yarrow, dandelion and succession. Herbs are brewed in equal amounts, filtered and brewed. Take them for 3 p. in a day.
  • It is recommended to eat enveloping food: bananas, porridges and soups.

Treatment of chickenpox in adults: diet

Prevention of chickenpox in adults

Due to the fact that chickenpox in adults is much harder, it is important to take timely preventive measures that can prevent the occurrence of this disease. For this you need vitamins, vaccinations and immunostimulants. It is best to take an antibody test to determine if you had chickenpox in childhood, only an analysis can determine that you have no immunity. If the analysis confirms the absence of antibodies to chickenpox, then prevention must be taken.

The simplest but unreliable way will be to strengthen the immune system, proper nutrition. It is necessary to take immunostimulants and vitamins, to be more often in the open air, this will reduce the risk of chickenpox. The only way to reliably protect an adult from chickenpox is vaccination.. Immunity after such vaccinations persists for 20 years. It is best to make such a vaccination unplanned, to eliminate the possible risk.

Chickenpox got its name because of the method of distribution by airborne droplets. Its main symptoms include an itchy rash, fever that disappears after 5 days, irritability and general lethargy. Children most often suffer from chickenpox, but adults are not immune from this disease, only it is much harder for them. Therefore so important prevention of chickenpox in adults and timely access to a doctor.

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