Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

With severe weather fluctuations, everyone can catch a cold. If timely measures for treatment are not taken in time, the infection that caused the disease goes lower and lower, reaching the bronchi. From this moment begins bronchitis disease.

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

Chronic bronchitis is most often caused by smoking, and for its treatment it is imperative to abandon cigarettes. In order to make the treatment of bronchitis more effective, along with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, you can also use folk remedies.

Home treatment of bronchitis

The first symptom of bronchitis is cough. But only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, therefore, without visiting a doctor, you cannot use prescriptions for traditional medicine for treatment. Otherwise, it can lead to very serious consequences. After the prescription of a physician, you can use the following recipes to alleviate the general condition:

  • Put the patient on the back of the medical banks, having measured the temperature before that.
  • With a wet cough, you can use inhalation. It is enough to breathe over the steam from the potatoes in the uniform or even better to make a decoction, adding there a few drops of eucalyptus and 1 tsp. soda
  • Alsoneed to drink as much warm tea as possible or tincture of thyme, chamomile or calendula.
  • You can not treat bronchitis procedure steaming feet or warming in the bath, since this disease can be a temperature, and from the heat it is able to rise.
  • An excellent tool that will relieve irritation, warm milk with honey, butter and soda will also be added. To drink this milk is best before bedtime.

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

  • In addition to the use of popular recipes for the treatment of bronchitis at home, you may need antibiotics, which should be prescribed by a doctor. You must also comply with bed rest, exercise and provide fresh air into the room.

Bronchitis: folk treatment

  • According to the doctors, it is worth treating adults with folk remedies at home if the disease is of a light nature or the patient is already at the stage of recovery.
  • In the absence of a fever for the chest, heat treatments can be performed. With such a diagnosis, anise, eucalyptus and menthol inhalations, as well as warm tea with raspberries, honey or lime flowers help very well.
  • Folk recipes with expectorant, antiallergic and antitussive drugs will also help. This will allow provide bronchial lumen. Also, do not interfere with the intake of vitamins and supplements with a large number of micro-and macro.
  • To facilitate the separation of sputum, you need to drink apple juice several times a day. To do this, apples should be cut into pieces and brew with boiling water. Leave for half an hour and cool to room temperature, drink throughout the day.
  • Reduce the power of coughinghelp carrot juice or radish with 1 tbsp. l honey Take this mixture of 1 tbsp. l every hour

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

How to treat bronchitis during pregnancy?

No matter how a woman tries to preserve her health during pregnancy, this is not always the case. While carrying a baby, the body is weakened as never before, so any disease can occur if you do not take care of yourself.

Coughing becomes a very unpleasant and dangerous symptom, so bronchitis must be treated at the first symptoms and only under the supervision of a doctor. After consulting with a doctor, you can use several completely harmless folk remedies.

  • Grated onions and apples should be mixed with honey in a proportion of 2: 1: 1. Take this mixture at any time not less than 6 p.
  • You can also take 1.5 lemons, remove seeds from them and peel 3 heads of garlic. Garlic and lemons mince along with the peel. The resulting mixture pour 1 liter of boiled cold water and leave for 5 days to infuse in a sealed container. Then take this mixture in 1 tbsp. l before meals for 30 minutes 3 p. in a day.
  • In case of acute bronchitis, warm drinking is very important. It is very good to drink milk with mineral water and soda, tea with lemon and honey or lime. It is desirable to drink them as often as possible. They help relieve expectoration and sore throat.

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home

Any diseases that are infectious nature, require mandatory treatment to the doctor. At the first unpleasant symptoms of a cold, an agonizing cough and temperature, after the diagnosis and appropriate treatment, it is worth using the folk remedies that will help speed up the healing process. The most effective treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home in the early stages or in the process of recovery.

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