Tranquilizers without doctors' prescriptions


Modern man is full of reasons for alarm. If another trouble knocks out of the usual rut, then many begin to look in the pharmacy tranquilizers without medical prescriptions. The list of them is not numerous, since they can cause dependence. But a single dose will not cause serious harm to the body. What is to relieve nervous tension?

Calm, only calm! How to remove the alarm?

Tranquilizers without doctors' prescriptions: list of drugs

Some people mistakenly believe that tranquilizers and antidepressants are equally effective in a stressful situation. What is the difference between such drugs?

If explained without medical terms, tranquilizers are medicines that eliminate anxiety and fear. They normalize the emotional state, while not disturbing mental processes and do not impair memory. These drugs additionally prevent cramps, relieve muscle tension, put in order the autonomic nervous system. In moderate doses, tranquilizers reduce blood pressure, improve heart function, and normalize blood circulation. But these drugs have two significant drawbacks: with regular and long-term use, they are addictive, and they have a severe withdrawal syndrome.

That is why it is possible to buy drugs of such a spectrum (in the overwhelming majority of cases) only by prescription. This is a necessary precaution, designed to protect the patient from negative side effects.

Antidepressants are designed to eliminate depression. They take a course (from 6 months). A single dose of such drugs, unlike tranquilizers, will not give any result. They have almost no effect on immunity, do not spoil the liver and do not provoke dependence.

Three generations of tranquilizers: names and properties

The range of tranquilizers includes the following groups of drugs:

  • "Elders" (1st generation drugs) - Meprobamate, Benaktizin, Hydroxysin;
  • benzodiazepine derivatives (2 generations). Among them, in turn, are:
  1. potent drugs - Phenazepam, Lorazepam, Diazepam, Alprazolam. They help to remove all kinds of anxiety, improve sleep, eliminate panic attack, relieve from fear and obsessive ideas;
  2. medications that produce a moderate effect - Gidazepam, Clobazam, Chlordiazepoxide, Oxazepam, Bromazepam; drugs that cause severe drowsiness - Nitrazepam, Midazolam, Temazepam, Flurazepam, Triazolam, Estazolam;
  3. benzodiazepine tranquilizers that have anti-convulsant effects - Diazepam, Clonazepam, Nitrazepam;
  • more "fresh" tranquilizers (3 generations). The most famous representatives of this series are Oxymethylethylpyridine succinate, Etifoxine.

After using them, a person feels emotional and physical recovery, his working capacity increases, his mental abilities improve. But, when the effect of the drug ends, apathy sets in, outbreaks of aggression are noted, memory lapses are possible. Benzodiazepines provoke drug dependence within 1-3 weeks after the start of treatment.

Most New Psychotropic Drugs

Most New Psychotropic Drugs

A powerful psychotropic effect has tranquilizers of a new generation. The list of drugs that are developed relatively recently and are more benign (in terms of negative effects and withdrawal symptoms), looks like this:

  • Buspirone. Used to treat anxiety, depression, panic disorders. Does not cause drowsiness, addiction, lethargy, but perfectly soothes, neutralizes anxiety and eliminates seizures. It can be combined with alcohol;
  • Etifoxine. It has a selective effect on the body;
  • Ivadol, Zoligdem.

These remedies are devoid of many of the disadvantages of benzodiazepines, provide a more delicate and selective effect.

What sedatives will sell without a medical form?

Given all the side effects and consequences, it is better not to acquire tranquilizers without prescriptions. Here are the names of drugs that can still be bought in the domestic pharmaceutical network completely freely:

  • Phenazepam;
  • Atarax (Hydroxysin);
  • Zoloft;
  • Paxil;
  • Etifoxine (Stresam);
  • Tofizopam;
  • Rudotel (Medazepam).

More "ponderous" psychotropic drugs can not be obtained without a prescription (including in online pharmacies), since in fact they are narcotic drugs.

The most harmless of tranquilizers are Selnak, Afobazol. A mild sedative effect is produced by the homeopathic drug Tenoten and herbal - Deprim.

If you ask for a tranquilizer in a pharmacy, then, most likely, you will be offered an antidepressant - Azafen, Ascenr and others.

How to treat tranquilizers?

In order not to be captured by tranquilizers and not to cause damage to your health, follow these recommendations:

  • do not "sit down" on sedatives, drink them only in case of emergency one time;
  • remember contraindications. These medicines are prohibited for those who have kidney, heart, and liver problems. There are also age limits;
  • It is better if the doctor chooses the drug in accordance with individual indications;
  • most tranquilizers do not tolerate alcohol. Their "duet" can cause a paradoxical reaction and suicidal attempts;
  • never exceed the allowed doses!

Nature calms the nerves

better to turn to sedatives of plant origin

If you urgently need to put your nerves in order, it is better to turn to sedatives of plant origin. Action similar to psychotropic drugs, have Corvalol, Corvaltab, Validol, Corvalentment, Valerian. They will relieve tension and balance the nervous system and medicinal herbs: melissa, mint, oat, hyssop, lettuce, meadowsweet.

The frantic rhythm of life, endless stresses, trawls at work lead to the fact that the human psyche does not withstand such stress. To cope with nervous overloads, many begin to take tranquilizers without doctors' prescriptions. The list of such drugs that are sold in a pharmacy without any questions is, of course, limited to the weakest drugs. But they can also seriously harm health! Therefore, when you once again reach out for Fenazepam tablets, think about what you do not treat, but only suppress the disease.