Training diary

If you have decided to seriously engage in sports or training are used as a means to combat obesity, you need to monitor the changes in the body. And the main assistant in this will be a special training diary, which can be easily kept independently.

The training diary is not only convenient, but also the easiest way to not only remember your achievements, but also to change the load to get the best result.

How to keep a training diary?

Of course, during classes, it is quite possible to remember your achievements - what kind of weight did you manage to lift, how many repetitions of each exercise were performed, your initial weight, etc. However, literally after a couple of workouts, all these numbers and data gradually begin to be forgotten and over time completely disappear from memory.

Training diary: what is it?

In order to avoid this, it is recommended to keep a special training diary, thanks to which it will be possible to easily observe all your achievements. Moreover, only a vivid example of the achieved result is the most important motivation in order not to stray from the intended path.

It is thanks to the constant keeping of the training diary that it becomes possible to follow the changes in its own weight, strength and body volume. Consequently, the number of approaches performed will be controlled, as well as the weight used during training.

Every beginner and experienced athlete knows how important it is to change loads, because the body is able to get used to constant tension, as a result of which there will be no noticeable progress, training will not succeed in obtaining the desired effect.

It is possible to keep not only a simple training diary, but also an electronic one, which also helps to track the achieved results and set certain goals in front of us that can be achieved much easier. The most important thing is not to forget about your diary and to enter certain data into it after each workout.

Sample sports diary

A diary of training can be done by both men and women, both experienced athletes and beginners.

For example, if a girl decided to start such a diary and set a goal not only to lose a few extra kilos, but also to put a figure in order, to tighten all muscles, then it should be done as follows:

  1. First, the date is recorded, then the week of training sessions (you should stick to the following advice - if the exercises are held in the gym, then every 10th week you need to take a short break, because the muscles should be able to relax a bit);
  2. It is mandatory to record the initial weight, as well as the volume of the waist and chest, hips, hip girth, and of course, other parameters that matter (these data are determined taking into account the goals set);
  3. The weight of the used dumbbells (during each workout) - this indicator is important, because gradually the load must increase;
  4. The number of repetitions performed each exercise aimed at the study of a particular area;
  5. It is important to make a note about the warm-up, and of course, stretching.

Training diary: what is it?

It will also be useful to note in your diary how you feel, both before training and after its completion. In the end, you will need to evaluate the last lesson - you can use both 5 and 10-point grading system.

It is worth remembering that under the condition of keeping a diary, if classes are held in the gym, it will be necessary to record and the simulators on which you were engaged. If you were practicing at home, you need to record all the exercises performed, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions done.

Thanks to regular and correct fixation of your indicators, you can track the results achieved. It is also possible to calculate the load that will be needed for the next classes.

Training and Nutrition Diary: Compilation Principles

A separate item should be notes about your own well-being. It is customary to consider it as normal by default, but at the same time, between training sessions, you should try to constantly monitor your condition with regard to certain parameters (you should indicate if one of them turns out to be not normal).

This is the state of general well-being, the nature of sleep, after the training, the appetite, the desire to carry out the following training, the level of performance, and of course, the absence or presence of pain in the worked muscles.

However, it is important to remember that all indicators, according to the parameters listed above, will be subjective. But at the same time, they will be quite enough to set too much or very low load. Provided that these data will be normal, it is recommended to devote at least 1 day to proper rest, because thanks to this the body will be able to restore all wasted strength and again there will be a desire to conduct training.

The training diary is a truly universal tool, because it provides a unique opportunity to follow your own diet. As you know, without observing special diets, it will be very difficult to achieve the set result by exhausting workouts.

Today, there are many opinions about proper nutrition, but at the same time it is not necessary to follow some strict diets. The fact is that it will be enough just to make the right diet, taking into account the peculiarities of your own organism, as well as the recommendations of the doctor, and of course, the trainer. Do not forget about what goal is pursued during class - for example, to build muscle mass, you need one diet, and to combat obesity is quite different, because then it must be not only low-calorie, but also balanced.

Training diary: what is it?

A dietician or personal trainer can help you choose the right nutritional program, and a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your usual diet will be carried out (it may be sufficient to correct it only slightly).

In order to achieve the goal in the gym, it is recommended to use the services of a professional trainer, since it is not always possible to do it yourself. In addition, in this way, quite a lot of undesirable consequences and problems can be easily avoided. It is a personal trainer that will be able to choose the right training program, to work out problem areas or develop muscles.

Quite often there are cases when conducting training, for a long time just does not appear any changes. This phenomenon is directly related to the fact that novice athletes ignore the recommendations of experienced coaches and believe that they will be able to achieve their goals on their own.

Of course, the services of a personal trainer are not the cheapest pleasure, so not everyone can afford it. In this case, you can use another option - it will be enough once a few weeks to contact the coach for advice. In this way, he will be able not only to draw up a training program for the upcoming week, but also to help correct the mistakes made.

In order for the training to be conducted not only effective, but also safe, it is necessary to undergo a consultation with a doctor before classes, since there may be contraindications to a certain group of exercises. Taking into account the testimony of their own health, as well as the data of the inspection (determined by the level of efficiency, the state of physical qualities such as strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.), the doctor will be able to give recommendations on what physical loads are allowed.

The training diary is not only a useful way to organize sports activities, but also a powerful incentive for their implementation. With it, you will be able to evaluate your achievements, adjust the load and determine a balanced diet. To know the necessary parameters for training, consult your doctor and professional trainer for advice.

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