Traditional methods for determining pregnancy at home before

It is possible to recognize pregnancy already on the tenth day - it is by this time that the hormone trophoblastic beta globulin is produced in the blood, and in the urine, chorionic gonadotropin, which is used to find out about the presence of a fetus in the woman’s womb. However, in the body of the future mother, there are other changes that can reveal its interesting position. And traditional methods for determining pregnancy will help to cope with this task.

In rare cases, pregnancy is diagnosed by a doctor. Most women cope with the help of a simple pharmacy test or other interesting ways. There are a lot of such methods, and they are passed on from generation to generation. Some of them are time-tested and do show the presence of pregnancy, while others raise great doubts, but still have a place to be.

How to detect pregnancy?

method of determining pregnancy using iodine

The popular method for determining pregnancy with iodine is especially popular. A medical solution, oddly enough, often "guesses" a particular female condition.

  1. Iodine is poured in small quantities into the urine, and if it is blurred, it means that the pregnancy is false. If the antiseptic remains on the surface, this indicates the opposite.
  2. Do enterprising women and some semblance of a test, moistening for this purpose a strip of tissue or paper in the urine. A drop of iodine on it will show the presence of an embryo when it acquires a lilac or purple hue. If the drug turns blue, the woman’s condition is simply contrived.

Many popular methods for determining pregnancy are based on urine. In future mothers, it resembles the color of a lemon, and there may be small particles in it. By this sign, it is also possible to recognize an interesting position.

  • To detect pregnancy, the biological fluid must be boiled. If white flakes or sediment appear in it, then the diagnosis is correct.
  • In a vessel with urine, the needle is lowered all night, and in the morning they look for red spots on it - to confirm pregnancy.
  • The urine is diluted with wine, and if it remains transparent, the woman is in position. If it becomes cloudy, there will be no additions this time.
  • If soda is poured into the urine of a pregnant woman, it will settle at the bottom of the tank, while in another case there will be a reaction in the form of bubbles.

National signs of pregnancy

Traditional methods for determining pregnancy at home

Popular methods for determining pregnancy at home are often bordered with signs and superstitions.

For example, earlier it was believed that the affectionate attitude of animals (especially cats or dogs) to a woman and her reciprocity towards them indicate that the fetus is ripening in the womb. If, on the part of the woman, there is no tenderness for pets, then her pregnancy is probably false.

Tried to find out about the desired and with the help of plants. Starting to suspect pregnancy, the woman planted two onions in a pot, marking one of them. If it was this bulb that germinated first, then the diagnosis was confirmed.

At all times, much attention has been paid to dreams. If a woman, during a period of doubt, dreamed of being pregnant, and even from Thursday to Friday, this proved her interesting position. To dream of a fish was also considered a sure sign of pregnancy.

Physiological signs

The apparent delay in the regula was considered the most accurate sign of pregnancy

Some popular methods for determining pregnancy before the delay of menstruation are used in medicine and are called doubtful signs. The following symptoms were always counted among them:

  • change in taste and olfactory habits;
  • drowsiness and lethargy;
  • the appearance of age spots on the face, abdomen and nipples;

The apparent delay in the regula was considered the surest sign of pregnancy at all times. If popular methods for determining pregnancy in the early stages do not provide a clear picture, then at this stage you can certainly find out about the interesting situation by the following manifestations:

  • swelling and tenderness of the mammary glands;
  • the appearance of colostrum;
  • rectal temperature 37.1-37.3;
  • possible nausea and dizziness;
  • changing food preferences.

Traditional methods for determining pregnancy help out when it is impossible to verify the presence of the embryo in another way. Especially since this does not require complex devices. However, it should be understood that the reliability of these methods leaves much to be desired, and they often give false information. Therefore, as soon as possible, it is better to consult a doctor or at least buy a high-quality pregnancy test.

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