Tongue hurts


Men think that women sometimes talk too much. Often this is the case, but there is a reason because of which the verbal flows of women can be interrupted. Almost every third complains that she occasionally has a sore tongue, as if she had burned it. What is the cause of discomfort and how to treat such a nuisance?

Glossalgia - what is it?

It hurts the tongue, as if it burned: what to treat

Oral cavity pathologies do not always have pronounced symptoms. Moreover, sometimes the signs of a disease can appear after a long time after its onset. Such secret "agents" are collectively called "glossy". It occurs most often in women older than 40 years (for comparison: in the same age group of men, such a defect is found 6 times less often). Pathology can be caused by a number of diseases and at the same time manifest itself:

  • numbness and intermittent tingling of the tongue, lips, or hard palate;
  • pinching in the organ of speech, as if from eating spicy food;
  • dry mouth;
  • fatigue when talking;
  • blunting the above symptoms while eating.

As a rule, the tongue hurts either from the side or at the tip. And only knowing the reasons, you can determine how to treat the disease. But the uncomfortable manifestations quite often disappear by themselves. However, it happens that soon they make themselves known on another part of the oral cavity. So it is still worth consulting about therapy with specialists - a dentist, an otolaryngologist, a therapist, and in some cases a psychologist, since glossalgia can be caused by stress or overwork.

The reasons

Why does the tongue hurt like it was burned

Why does the tongue hurt like it was burned? There are a number of factors that can cause burning and tingling of the organ of speech. A clinical analysis of blood, a study of the patient’s history and, if necessary, a puncture will help determine them in a specific situation.

  • Injuries. If you make a rating of the causes of glossary, then mechanical damage will take 1st place. It can be the sharp edges of the teeth with chipped enamel, an inconvenient denture - in general, all the defiant feeling that the tongue hurts, as if it had been cut or burned.
  • Inflammation in the mouth. With the development of stomatitis, gingivitis or glossitis, patients often feel a change in taste and a pinching of the organ of speech. Quite often, these processes begin due to non-compliance with oral hygiene or immunosuppression by antibiotic or hormone therapy.
  • Consequences of gastrointestinal diseases, for example, dysbacteriosis. In this case, the process of digestion of food, its assimilation is disturbed. Tongue hurts, swells up, a raid appears on it.
  • Allergy. Some patients note that discomfort in the mouth (in particular, a sharp tingling of the tongue) appears after a meal with sour-sweet foods (for example, citrus fruits), nuts, seeds or alcohol-containing drinks.
  • Lack of vitamins. With iron deficiency anemia and lack of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) in the body, the mucous membrane of the tongue changes: it becomes smooth, covered with a grayish bloom, increases in size and causes a lot of inconvenience during the conversation.
  • Fear-induced stress or thyroid disease adds swelling, numbness, and acute cramping pain to the burning of the tongue.
  • Crayfish. The development of oncological tumors in the oral cavity may be accompanied by constant pain in the tongue.


than to treat a tongue that hurts, as if you burn it

If you know that the cause of glossalgia is chipping of tooth enamel that rubs your tongue, then before visiting a dentist you should rinse your mouth as often as possible with infusion of chamomile or sage flowers (1 tbsp. Herbs per 1 tbsp boiling water) or furatsilina (1 tablet 1 tbsp. warm water). Such treatment does not hurt for other reasons.

It sometimes happens that the symptoms do not appear often, and the patient does not recall the problem, but at the time of exacerbation he wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. To do this, it is necessary to understand the focus of therapy in the case of glossalgia. Her task is to balance the central peripheral areas of pain. Therefore, do not interfere:

  • bromine;
  • valerian;
  • injections with vitamins of group B;
  • weak tranquilizers (for example, Fenazepam).

If the cause of the pathology is a lack of iron, then experts prescribe a course of treatment:

  • Hemostimulin;
  • Ferrocale;
  • Ferrum Lek.

As a local treatment for any diagnosis prescribed baths with an anesthetic solution of Anestezina, Citral or Trimekaina, as well as lubrication with a solution of retinol. These measures are aimed at eliminating dryness and increased salivation. This is how you can alleviate the manifestations of glossary before finding out the reasons for its appearance.

To determine how to treat a language that hurts, as if you had burned it, you need to contact a specialist. The causes of pathology can be very different - from mental disorder to oncology. And only after all the necessary tests, the doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. Up to this point it is worth confining only baths and rinsing.