Tomato juice


Humanity has known about the beneficial properties of most fruits and vegetables for many centuries. Unfortunately, it was only at the end of the 19th century that tomatoes and juice from tomatoes brought the benefit. However, today many people eat tomatoes only because of the taste of the product, sometimes without even thinking about how beneficial they affect our body. Let's see what is useful tomato juice and to whom it is contraindicated.

Tomato juice: composition and calorie

Tomato juice: composition and calorie

First of all, I would like to note that it will be about natural juice, which does not contain any harmful food additives and GMOs. Its chemical composition depends on many factors:

  • tomato varieties;
  • characteristics of the soil and the area where the vegetables were grown;
  • fertilizers, etc.

However, the fact that tomatoes are a lot of nutrients, it is difficult to argue. Tomato juice is saturated with vitamins, a variety of macro-and micronutrients. Of particular value are vitamins belonging to group B, since many people suffer from a lack of these substances, and there are not so many products containing them in such quantities as tomato. Also in the natural juice from tomatoes contains vitamin C, which, as you know, contributes to the good absorption of many substances.

As for the macro and microelements that make up the tomato juice, it’s simply impossible to list them all. This unique product includes the following elements:

  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • fluorine;
  • phosphorus;
  • chromium;
  • iodine;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium and others

Particular attention should be paid to the calorie content of tomato juice. Many women, adhering to a variety of diets, eliminate it from their diet, worrying that it is too high in calories. This opinion is wrong, because the juice from tomatoes is considered a dietary product. 100 g of juice only 18 calories, so it is great for any diet.

What benefits does tomato juice bring?

What benefits does tomato juice bring?

Useful substances contained in the juice from tomatoes have a beneficial effect on almost all systems of life activity. So, this unique product has the following healing properties:

  • improves metabolism;
  • has choleretic and diuretic effects;
  • has antimicrobial properties;
  • protects against the development of oncological processes in the human body, in particular, cancer of the lung, digestive system, mammary glands;
  • It has a firming and tonic effect on blood vessels and capillaries;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • improves the digestive tract.

In addition, tomato juice is considered almost the only one of this category of products that can be safely taken by people with diabetes. Moreover, doctors bring it to the diet of diabetics, because it reduces blood sugar levels.

Tomato juice contains a large amount of substances that contribute to the production of serotonin, which is known to be responsible for a person’s good mood. Doctors recommend people suffering from depression to drink juice from tomatoes as often as possible.

Can I drink tomato juice during pregnancy?

You can drink tomato juice during pregnancy. The main thing is to remember that everything is good in moderation. If a woman suffers from toxicosis, then natural tomato juice will help to cope with it. Doctors advise to drink a glass of juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Allowed to juice a little salt, because it can also muff the manifestation of symptoms of toxemia. By the way, natural juice is very useful for children, but only for those older than two years.

It is important to know how to properly include in the diet juice from tomatoes. First of all, you need to remember which products are not recommended to be combined with it. These include:

  • starchy foods, such as potatoes - if the juice is often combined with them, then stones can form in the urinary tract and kidneys;
  • foods that contain protein, for example, cottage cheese, meat, eggs - abuse of this combination often leads to problems with the digestive tract.

Well absorbed juice from tomatoes with nuts, cheese, garlic. In order for the juice to benefit, it is advisable not to sugar and salt it, but you can add fresh greens.

Juice is better to drink in the morning, including it in the diet of breakfast. One or two glasses a day will be enough, because one glass contains half the daily norm for a person of vitamins A, B and C.

Can tomato juice be harmful?

You can only talk about the relative harm of tomato juice, of course, if you do not abuse it too much. Tomato juice is a unique product that brings almost only benefit. However, there are a number of contraindications to its use. Basically, it is not recommended to drink to those who suffer from urolithiasis, since this can lead to its aggravation. It is also contraindicated for people with the following diagnoses:

  • duodenal and gastric ulcers, as well as gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • poisoning;
  • allergic to tomatoes.

As you can see, there are not so many contraindications, besides, even people with the above diagnoses can drink juice in small doses. The main thing is not to overly abuse them.

Natural tomato juice: recipe

As already mentioned, tomato juice can be prepared independently. Make it simple enough. For this, you will need a meat grinder and a sieve. Of course, you can use the juicer, but remember that in this case, the juice will be rare and clarified, but not thick. Some boil the tomatoes, but then the vitamin benefits of juice decreases slightly. But lycopene works better after heat treatment of tomatoes. In general, the recipe should be selected based on your preferences and goals.

Ingredients Required:

  • tomatoes (you need to choose juicy);
  • garlic;
  • greenery.

Cooking method:

  1. Cut the tomatoes into pieces.
  2. We pass through the meat grinder.
  3. The resulting pulp is rubbed through a sieve so that the peel and grains do not get into the juice.
  4. Take a few cloves of garlic and squeeze it (to taste).
  5. Finely cut the greens and add to the juice.

As you can see, the process is quite quick and easy. Enjoy the wonderful taste of freshly made juice and remember: the health of each person is in his own hands. Be healthy and happy!