Tincture on beeswax alcohol


Honey, propolis, honeycombs - what else can bees offer a person to heal from diseases? Even after their death, these insects continue to heal people. In alternative medicine for a long time successfully used undersea bee. Tincture on alcohol, prepared on the basis of such a component, treats for many diseases. Learn how to cook it!

The bee age is short - only 26-35 days (in winter a little longer). The corpses of the dead insects are the subsp. It can be collected at any time of the year, as long as the bees die not from an illness, but for natural reasons. For the treatment of suitable fresh material (without mold), not treated with chemicals. It should have a nice-sweet smell.

Experienced beekeepers who are engaged in apitherapy, argue that the understudy can cure the most serious diseases. It has anti-inflammatory, blood-purifying, anti-parasitic properties, while not causing side effects.

Healing tincture of submarine: the secrets of cooking

Healing tincture of submarine: the secrets of cooking

In order for the infusion to turn out to be truly therapeutic, it is necessary to select a quality product, that is, freshly dried bee subs. Tincture on alcohol, the recipe of which is easily absorbed even by beginners, is prepared from biomaterial collected immediately after the first spring departure of the bees from their house. If you start to rot, stale, it will not only not help to restore health, but, on the contrary, it will aggravate existing problems or even cause intestinal poisoning.

Before you start cooking, be sure to remove all unnecessary elements and trash. To do this, carefully sift the bee primor through a sieve. Tincture on alcohol will be of the highest quality if the base for it is dried in the oven (45˚ is enough) before the beginning of the scattering of bee corpses.

We begin to prepare the therapeutic composition:

  • Take medical alcohol. However, vodka or even moonshine is fine (only it is necessary that its fortress be 40%);
  • prepare a grinder or mortar to grind raw materials;
  • crumble dried bees into fine powder;
  • 1 tbsp. l The resulting material is poured 200 ml of vodka (or diluted with alcohol). Mix thoroughly. You can take a different amount of submor, as long as the proportion of ingredients is 1: 5 (there is 5 times more alcohol solution);
  • Pour the mixture into a glass jar and place it in a place where there is no light and it is cool (not in the fridge!) for 21 days;
  • Shake the container twice a day during the first week. Over the next couple of weeks, “bother” your tincture every 3-4 days;
  • after 3 weeks, filter the composition (use at least 2 layers of gauze). The infusion is ready for use.

What helps the drug and how to get rid of various ailments with it?

Home medicine made from dead bees is a universal remedy. And this is not an exaggeration! As practice shows, the best dosage form, the main ingredient of which is the dead bee, is a tincture of alcohol. The use of the drug is indicated for such diseases:

  • diabetes

To improve the condition, it is enough to take a 5% alcoholic extract of bee primrose after it is eaten (it is sold ready-made in a pharmacy), 15 drops. once a day;

  • kidney and genital diseases

primordum bee - it is tincture on alcohol

The recipe for a remedy is as follows: pour poured powder into the glass dish, pour it into the powder, fill it with 60% water-alcohol solution so that it is 3 cm above the dry powder. The composition is kept for 14 days in a dark place. After filtering and use on a tablespoon before meals for a month;

  • increased blood pressure

In order to normalize the pressure, you should drink 50 ml of such a composition for 15 days: mix 200 g of submarine with 2 liters of water. Boil on low heat for 40 minutes. Cool, filter;

  • vascular pathologies, thrombophlebitis, pain in the joints and muscles

For those who suffer from such problems, the following recipe is useful: 2 tbsp. l podmora diluted in a glass of heated vegetable oil. Slightly cool, apply a cloth moistened in this mixture to the affected place;

  • mastitis, mastopathy, varicose veins

200 g podmorah brew boiling water. Infuse 30 min. Use in the form of compresses;

  • helminthic invasion, streptococcal infection

To get rid of such unpleasant "guests", you can drink alcohol tincture of 25 cap. daily one month;

  • myopia

To improve visual acuity, it is necessary to take freshly harvested submor (2 tbsp. L.), Fry it in a frying pan in 150 ml of oil for 8 minutes. If lumps form, they should be broken. Treatment carried out according to this scheme: 3 months for 2 p. a day to eat a tablespoon of fried submarine (on an empty stomach). After a week break, repeat the course.

A tincture on the basis of a sublum will also be useful for those who do not suffer from the aforementioned illnesses. This is a great tonic. To feel active, to get rid of the blues, it is enough to grind 2 tbsp. l dried dead bees, pour 1 tbsp. vodka. After 2 weeks, a drink of cheerfulness will be ready. It remains only to strain it through cheesecloth and use 20 cap. a day for at least two months in a row.

There are contraindications!

Tincture of beeswax on alcohol

Fatalized for almost everyone. Restrictions apply only to pregnant women, children under 3 years old and those who it causes allergies. Older people should also be careful when using alcohol tinctures.

Another medicinal ingredient from the apiary

Bee submorphic is a natural medicine that is surprising in its therapeutic properties. Not less than flattering reviews deserved another beekeeping product. The fact that he is able to work wonders, heard a lot. Practically with any disorder in the body, it is advisable to take propolis on alcohol. What helps this tool? Its scope is extensive. It acts as an antibiotic, heals wounds, fights against tumors, strengthens the immune system. Here are just a few recipes for home treatment:

  • with angina and chronic tonsillitis

For rinsing can be prepared composition, which includes 1 tbsp. l St. John's wort (dry grass is crushed, pour 1 tbsp boiling water, boil for a quarter of an hour, cool) and 10% alcoholic extract of propolis (½ tbsp of St. John's wort will need 20 drops.). Apply to rinse the throat;

  • with inflammation and erosion of the cervix

To do the tampons impregnated with 3% alcoholic solution of propolis. Treatment to spend 10-12 days;

  • for violations in the gastrointestinal tract

In 10% tincture add sea buckthorn oil (ingredients taken in a ratio of 10: 1). Drink 20-30 cap. in 3 doses one hour before meals, prediluted in water or milk.

  • radiculitis, neuralgia

Combine 3 healing components: 20% propolis tincture, vegetable oil and honey (1 tbsp each). Coat mustard plaster mixture with a mixture and apply them to the sore spot.

An ointment can be made from podmor and propolis, which relieves pain in the joints and returns them mobility. To do this, take a sub-horizon, pour vegetable oil, warm for 40 minutes in a water bath. Next, the oil is drained, add propolis and again tormented in the bath at the same time. Next, the mixture is drained through a sieve and applied to the painful areas.

Tincture from a pore will help to avoid diseases, postpone old age, cleanse the body, strengthen the body. It is best to take it for prevention. But if the thunder has already struck, and you have serious sores, then use the margin as a cure - and the disease will recede!