Through how much is excreted


Family feasts, meeting with friends, many celebrations in most cases can not do without alcoholic beverages, which go with a good meal "with a bang." But, due to the fact that the nature of punishments for driving while intoxicated is toughened today, drinking alcohol can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

The question of how much alcohol erodes is becoming more important not only for drivers. It is relevant for those who have a responsible business immediately after weekends and holidays. Information about the time of weathering of alcohol will avoid many unpleasant situations, plan your daily routine, leisure and business meetings.

When to sit behind the wheel?

after how much alcohol erodes

There are several of the most significant circumstances that affect how much alcohol is eroded from the body. The corresponding table, developed during the experimental analysis of different types of beverages, can be a great help in answering this question. All data are calculated taking into account the strength of the drink, the volume of alcohol consumed in pure form. So, after how much alcohol (100 g) of different species disappears?

  1. Beer 4-5% - from 20 min. up to 1 h. Thus, if 0.5 liters of beer (500 g) were drunk, then from 1 to 5 hours is necessary to completely remove it from the blood.
  2. Beer strong 6-7% - from 30 minutes to 1 h. 20 min.
  3. Gin and tonic and other cocktails 9-10% - from 50 min. up to 1.5 hours
  4. Champagne, sparkling wines 11% - from 1 hour to 1.8 hours
  5. Strong wine, port wine 18% - from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.
  6. Tinctures 20-25% - from 3 to 4 h.
  7. Liquor 30% - 4-6 hours
  8. Vodka, whiskey, cognac 40% - 4.5-8 hours.
  9. Absinthe 60% - from 10 h.

The specific time depends on the BMI (body mass index) and other individual characteristics of the organism.

This information is relevant, first of all, for drivers and shows how long after a drink you can get behind the wheel. Indicators characterizing how much alcohol is eroded from the body completely (from the blood and organs) will be completely different - from one to six months. To accelerate the purification of the body from alcohol is possible only with the help of stationary medical methods, plasma exchange and hemosorption. They are used in critical situations, practiced in specialized medical centers for a lot of money.

Not only the fortress

How much alcohol is eroding

In addition to the type of drink, the following factors affect the duration of the period of withdrawal of alcohol from the blood:

  • already mentioned the individual characteristics of the organism. These are, in particular, the general metabolic rate, body mass index (BMI, calculated taking into account height and weight), gender, age of a person;
  • the cumulative amount of alcohol consumed, as well as the sequence in which drinks with different percentages of alcohol content were consumed. For example, if at first strong drinks were drunk and then lighter ones, then as a result of lowering the degree, the process of weathering of ethyl alcohol may be delayed;
  • the presence of certain diseases (especially pathologies of the kidneys, problems with the thyroid gland and intestines in the chronic stage);
  • taking certain medications. For example, antidepressants and tranquilizers delay alcohol, and diuretic and enzymatic accelerate its elimination.

How to get rid of degrees?

In some cases, it is not enough to know how much alcohol from the blood disappears - something must be done to make this happen as soon as possible. After all, intoxication can greatly disrupt the plans of a person. Situations in life are different, so knowing reliable and effective methods that will speed up the process of cleansing the body, will not prevent many. Here are the most available:

  • pharmaceutical preparations with an absorbing effect: Enterosgel, Lignosorb, Filtrum and the most economical option - activated charcoal (you need to immediately drink 10 tablets, drinking plenty of warm water);
  • laxatives (Microlax, Senade) and diuretic medicines (Furosemide), temporarily accelerating the metabolism and contributing to more rapid elimination of toxins and ethanol;
  • fermented milk drinks, ideally kefir or yoghurt without additives 2.5% fat. They need to drink in the morning after waking up on an empty stomach. Lactobacillus activates the liver and intestines;
  • plenty of pure water - the more, the more efficient the process (alcohol is excreted with the urine). You can drink and green tea;
  • a bathhouse. Her visit is permissible only with normal state of health, the absence of headaches. In other cases, the steam room may exacerbate the condition. The alternative is a hot bath;
  • gymnastics, swimming, walking in the fresh air and other forms of physical activity will not only start the process of rapid withdrawal of alcohol, but will rather eliminate the hangover syndrome.

After how much alcohol disappears from the body

Raw egg white, cucumber pickle and other "folk" methods do not accelerate the elimination of ethanol, but can significantly improve health, restoring the balance of minerals.

Alcohol weathered - bans removed?

Do not be deceived by the fact that the use of even several methods at once for 100% will remove alcohol from the body. This is especially true of drivers who are absolutely contraindicated to get behind the wheel the next morning after a big party. Ethanol vapors will still remain in the exhaled air (even in the absence of a characteristic odor), which will determine the detection of a few ppm using a special breathalyzer. Traces of alcohol will remain in the blood and urine - this should be taken into account when taking tests.

Methods of speeding up the weathering of alcohol are aimed primarily at reducing or removing bad breath and hangover. They can only partially contribute to the process of complete destruction of ethanol residues in the blood and urine. In the absence of any action, the withdrawal of alcohol can be delayed for a long time. Therefore, to avoid unexpected problems, you should buy your own ethanol detection sensor before you practice driving after the holidays and weekends.