Thistle seeds

Recipes of traditional medicine are tested for centuries. The effect of some of them is so effective that it is recognized even by physicians who are skeptical of various broths and infusions. This category includes milk thistle seeds. Consider the healing properties and contraindications to their use.

Milk thistle (milk thistle, or marin tartarnik) is a southern plant that is valued not only for its seeds, but also for its roots and leaves. Usually, milk thistle seeds are taken to treat the liver. However, this valuable natural gift can also help with other health problems, including the neutralization of radionuclides used to treat cancer.

The composition of milk thistle

Milk thistle seeds: medicinal properties and contraindications

Milk Thistle contains over 400 active ingredients. Most of them are concentrated in the seeds. Among the most effective

  • silymarin hepatoprotector, strengthening cell membranes, stimulating the production of bile and protein synthesis;
  • fatty acids, reducing inflammation and normalizing metabolic processes;
  • resins that have a disinfecting effect and neutralize the majority of pathogenic bacteria and viruses;
  • mucus, eliminating foci of infection;
  • lignans, removing toxic substances from the body and reducing the level of "bad" cholesterol;
  • blood pressure, adrenal gland and heart rhythms;
  • saponins that regulate salt metabolism in cells;
  • acids of organic origin, normalizing the breakdown of fats;
  • proteins that provide the cells with the antibodies necessary for proper functioning;
  • alkaloids, stabilizing the work of the central nervous system;
  • B-group vitamins that improve the overall condition of the body;
  • vitamin C, which increases its protective ability;
  • Vitamin K, which is involved in metabolism in the connective and bone tissues;
  • Vitamin E, preventing blood clots and accelerating wound healing;
  • selenium, which has a suppressive effect on cancer cells.

Medicinal properties

Due to a wide range of nutrients in the composition of milk thistle preparations with it:

  • improve the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and circulatory systems;
  • protect the body from the action of toxins;
  • suppress histamines, causing migraines and allergies;
  • promote balanced metabolism;
  • regulate the production of bile;
  • help to digest fats;
  • normalize cholesterol levels;
  • improve skin condition;
  • strengthen bones;
  • enhance the regeneration of the skin with mechanical damage;
  • neutralize infections;
  • phlegm;
  • support immunity;
  • help fight cancer tumors.

Therefore milk thistle is useful for such diseases as:

milk thistle is useful for diseases

  • ARVI, ARI, flu;
  • allergy;
  • dermatosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hepatitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • convulsions;
  • anemia;
  • colitis;
  • gallstones;
  • cholecystitis;
  • polyarthritis;
  • fractures;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • crayfish;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • stomatitis;
  • toxicosis and others


Form of use

Seeds can be used in almost any form.

  • Infusion. In this form, milk thistle helps with diseases of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Tincture. In this form is used in dermatology.
  • Decoction. Effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.
  • Pharmacy phytotea. As such, the plant facilitates digestion.
  • Pharmacy syrup. This form is prescribed for colitis, respiratory diseases.
  • The juice. Removes all sorts of inflammation, stabilizes the thyroid gland.
  • Extract. Being a source of flavonoids, protects the liver and kidneys from toxins.
  • Powder. Excellent tool for the treatment of atherosclerosis.
  • Pills. Usually prescribed in the treatment of gallbladder.
  • Butter. Used as a wound healing and antiburn agent.
  • Meal (crushed seeds, from which the oil was pressed). Used to clean the intestines.

Precautions and Contraindications

the benefit of milk thistle seeds, the possible harm from taking

Despite the enormous benefits of milk thistle seeds, the possible harm from taking this herbal preparation is still necessary to take into account. Like any treatment, they should be taken only after consulting a doctor. Due to the high content of calcium and phosphorus in milk thistle, it is not recommended to take seeds in the case of cardiovascular diseases, since these elements can disrupt the functioning of the heart valve and destabilize the nervous system. In addition, the plant can not be taken if:

  • there is a risk of individual intolerance;
  • you suffer from mental disorders;
  • you have shortness of breath;
  • you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding him.

As you can see, the useful properties of the seed of milk thistle are incomparably more compared with contraindications.


Considering the therapeutic properties and contraindications to the use of milk thistle seeds, one cannot but dwell on the feedback from people who have experienced the effect of this herbal preparation. Those who took it for the treatment of liver diseases, after 1-2 weeks noted:

  • getting rid of pain;
  • reduction of skin yellowness;
  • stool stabilization;
  • restoration of taste.

A number of patients who regularly take medicinal seeds note that they have no problems with digestion, and their blood sugar levels have stabilized. In addition, after a course of taking the drugs with them, the condition of the skin and hair significantly improved.

The healing properties of milk thistle seeds are truly unique, and this with minimal contraindications! A variety of dosage forms allows you to get maximum benefit from milk thistle. A regular use of drugs with this southern plant can significantly improve the health of many body systems.

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