Thermopsis tablets


Everybody who encounters it wants to overcome the cough, as this condition causes a lot of trouble and can cause serious consequences. It is possible to fight cough in different ways, the doctor forms a prescription depending on the condition, age of the patient and other factors. Often, modern doctors prescribe patients Thermopsis pills.

Thermopsis cough pills: instructions for use

Cough tablets

Such a medicine began to gain popularity even in Soviet times, when the pills cost just 1 penny. Of course, today the price has become different, but still very profitable compared to many other means. Despite its low cost, pills are very effective against cough.

Before taking any medicine, a person usually reads its composition. Even if he is not strong in medicinal substances, he looks at their number. Interestingly, tablets with thermopsis most often contain 2 ingredients: sodium bicarbonate and thermopsis herb. Sodium bicarbonate is a common soda. No chemical components. This means that the medicine is natural, which attracts more attention to it. Many children do not agree to take pills, but they may agree with thermopsis with pleasure, as they contain a little sourness.

How to take the drug?

Thermo cough pills for children and adults are prescribed mainly for coughing. In prescribed doses, the drug has the following actions:

  1. stimulates the center of respiration and vomiting;
  2. separates sputum;
  3. eliminates worms;
  4. increases the tone of the uterine muscles.

The main thing that helps Thermopsis - remove sputum and fight dry cough, if it is necessary to make it productive. When the tablet is absorbed, it penetrates into the blood, then into the mucous membrane of the bronchi, the trachea, becoming an irritant. This causes a cough, breathing becomes stronger, which leads to expectoration and, accordingly, the excretion of sputum. Sodium bicarbonate, which is contained in the drug, makes it less thick.

Tablets with thermopsis can be given to children who have already turned 2 years old and adults

Tablets with thermopsis can be given to children who have already turned 2 years old, and adults. It is recommended to use 2 or 3 times a day, 1 tablet. It is important to remember that when irritating the bronchial tubes, the cough may be of a different nature, therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use, especially if it is a child, even if he has already turned 2 years old.

If there are renal disorders, it is necessary to drink no more than 2 tablets per day, and between intervals it is necessary to observe a long break. Taking pills should not be combined with driving vehicles, other activities that require high concentration of attention.

A physician who prescribes pills with thermopsis should be told if medications that suppress the nervous central system are used during this period of life.

Contraindications, side effects

Tablets with thermopsis can not be used in the following diseases and conditions:

  1. peptic ulcer;
  2. pregnancy, lactation;
  3. allergy.

If you once revealed an allergy to the drug, it will remain forever, so you should not conduct experiments. If the medicine does not fit, it should not be used again.

In relation to such contraindications as peptic ulcer, there is also a weighty explanation. The fact is that mucus is harmful to the respiratory tract, but in the stomach and duodenum it protects the epithelium. Tablets with thermopsis reduce the viscosity of mucus, reducing its protective properties, with the result that the acidic environment has a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the appearance of erosions, new ulcers, the old ones reopen. The child's stomach is more prone to aggressive factors, so young children are not prescribed the drug at all.

Cough pills with thermopsis can penetrate into the blood of a child developing in the womb, which can lead to lung disorders, negative changes in the formation of the respiratory center of the brain of the head.

Thermopsis also has a stimulating effect on the emetic center, since it is located next to the respiratory center. Therefore, nausea and vomiting may occur, especially if you increase the dose of the drug. If a doctor prescribes pills to children, it is important to remember that they cannot expectorate sputum, so it can accumulate in the lungs.

Reviews of cough pills with thermopsis

Reviews of cough pills with thermopsis

Reviews of cough pills with thermopsis show that, in most cases, the drug helps to fight sputum and cough. The fact that he is still prescribed by doctors causes confidence in him. Experts trust this time-tested tool.

Those who have already tried pills with thermopsis for themselves and their children, note its effectiveness. At the same time, they are pleased with the value that anyone who suffers from a cough can afford. Of course, most people say that this drug should be taken as directed by the doctor, since there are different formulations of it.

You can get rid of cough and sputum in different ways. Cough pills with thermopsis - one of the most effective means, which is the most affordable. If there are no contraindications, the doctor will be glad that his patients want to be treated with such a natural remedy, but you should definitely consult with him!