There is a taste of metal in the mouth - what can it be?


You started to taste the taste of metal in your mouth - what could it be? Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a simple and unequivocal answer about the reasons for this unpleasant feeling. They can be different, and far from always harmless. This is a signal of the body, having received which is not worth the wait until it “passes by itself”. About the reasons for the taste of metal in the mouth, the primary diagnosis of possible diseases, ways to eliminate this sensation, see our article.

Causes of iron taste in the mouth

Causes of iron taste in the mouth

They can be many, including very serious. Of course, few of us will run to the hospital at the first sign of a distortion of taste. Therefore, the first thing to do is to conduct a self-test.

How long have you started to feel a metallic taste, how long does this sensation last and how often does it occur? If the symptoms of taste distortion do not occur for the first time and are pronounced - this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

Let's start with causes not related to diseases:

  • The use of low-quality utensils, including aluminum pans for cooking products containing acid. If products with a high acid content are heat treated in such dishes, a chemical reaction may occur. At the same time, byproducts of this process are transferred to the finished dish and give a sense of metal taste.
  • Water consumption with a high content of iron ions. It can be either mineral water or ordinary tap water in a certain area. It is easy to check the water content for iron: when it is settled, it quickly acquires a rusty color.
  • Poor condition of water pipes, internal rust build-up.
  • Worn out or poor quality metal crowns in the mouth.
  • Taking certain medications that cause this side effect (for example, metranidazole). Usually this can be read in the annotations to the medicine. Whether or not to continue taking the prescribed drug depends on the degree of intolerance. If the taste becomes unbearable and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, refusal to eat and dizziness, the doctor often finds this medicine a more acceptable substitute.

Diseases in which the taste of iron in the mouth can occur

Immediately make a reservation that it is impossible to list all the failures in the body that can provoke the "metal scent". The organism of each person is individual. Note the most common diseases that cause this taste distortion, and the accompanying additional symptoms.

  1. Reduced acidity of the stomach. Other signs of the disease are abdominal distension, rotten belching, upset stool, bitterness, painful heaviness after eating. Other gastric diseases can also be the cause.
  2. Anemia. The lack of iron in the body, oddly enough, causes a sense of taste of this metal. At the same time, general weakness can be felt until complete collapse, superficial pulse, drowsiness.
  3. Impaired function of the gallbladder and biliary tract. Often accompanied by severe encircling pain and upset stool.
  4. Almost all liver diseases can cause a change in taste.
  5. Bowel disease. It helps to diagnose them in most cases, the plaque on the tongue.
  6. Inflammatory, including infectious, lesions of the mouth. May additionally be accompanied by soreness of the tongue, the appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Unhealthy gums and teeth. Very often, the taste of blood is taken for the taste of metal when the gums bleed.
  7. Otitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Taste more often cause their fungal infections.
  8. Poisoning. It should be noted that in this case there is a high risk of adverse outcome, since the taste of iron in the mouth causes severe heavy metal poisoning. If you feel dizzy, constantly feel like drinking and your stomach hurts, you should immediately call the ambulance.
  9. High blood sugar. There are signs of diabetes: thirst, increased appetite, itching. In severe cases - reduced visual acuity.

Where does the metallic flavor come from?

Where does the metallic flavor come from?

First of all, it should be noted that this is just a taste, a feeling, since it does not relate to the basic tastes of human receptors. The nature of its occurrence may differ depending on the cause of the metal taste in the mouth. If this is the effect of chemical compounds (ferrous water, old pipes, etc.), then the sensation is associated with the presence in the language of metal ions. If we are talking about a disease, then the mechanism for the appearance of taste is completely different. Chemical reactions occur in the body, resulting in the formation of substances that form an "iron" taste. By acting on the olfactory chemoreceptors, they cause this sensation.

When does this particular sensation arise?

To determine the cause of the taste of metal in the mouth can be on the time of its appearance:

  • If it appears most often after you drink water, you need to pay attention to its composition and the state of the water supply system.
  • A regular feeling of iron taste in the morning may indicate diseases of the internal organs listed above. It is also recommended to check blood sugar levels.
  • If the "iron flavor" appears constantly after a meal, you should check the status of the gastrointestinal tract and biliary tract.
  • In the case when the taste of iron appeared after eating strongly and sharply, we can talk about heavy metal poisoning. This case requires an immediate response.

Causes of iron taste in the mouth in women during pregnancy

In this case, the symptom should not cause concern, although it is necessary to inform the doctor. Most often, this sensation stems from hormonal changes in the body. Many have decreased hemoglobin levels. Perhaps the doctor will prescribe additional drugs to fill this deficiency. Most often this symptom manifests itself in early pregnancy. However, it can be observed during the entire period of carrying the child and even during breastfeeding.

Is treatment required?

The taste of metal in the mouth itself does not require treatment, as it is only a symptom. The question is: to treat or not to cure the disease that caused the distortion of taste? If the taste sensations change as a result of diseases, then, of course, heal. And be sure to take a blood test!

If iron taste is caused by external causes (mineral water with a high content of metal, rust in pipes, low-quality dishes, etc.), then they should be eliminated as much as possible.

Do not drink unfiltered tap water. If you use mineral water, it requires periodic replacement with another.

What to do?

Immediately make a reservation that these recommendations are given only for the temporary elimination of this unpleasant feeling.

Immediately make a reservation that these recommendations are given only for the temporary elimination of this unpleasant feeling. For example, in the case of medication, which for some reason it is undesirable to cancel. If you can eliminate the cause, you need to eliminate it. So what to do?

  • Rinse your mouth with isotonic saline (1 teaspoon of salt per 1 tbsp of water). You can also use acidified water using lemon or citric acid.
  • You can just eat a slice of lemon.
  • From fruits and vegetables it is recommended to include tomatoes, bananas and all citrus fruits in the menu, especially grapefruit.
  • Include in the diet sweet dishes.
  • Use spices. They can be added not only to food, but also to tea, and even just to chew. Best of all, let it be cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.
  • Keep your mouth clean. Use dental floss.

Features of treatment of metallic taste in pregnant women

Since there are specific causes of this symptom during pregnancy, it is not always necessary to treat it. If the taste becomes exhausting, leads to loss of appetite and nausea, we need a doctor's advice.

However, for starters, you can try to observe the following simple recommendations:

  • Include in the diet a little more acidic foods. Well help and sharp, but you can not use them during pregnancy without looking back.
  • If you find low hemoglobin, you need to add to the menu foods rich in iron. The doctor may prescribe the appropriate vitamins.
  • Have breakfast in bed without getting up.
  • When taking prenatal vitamins, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Often, they cause such an effect.
  • If there is a heightened perception of taste and smell, the taste of food seems different, ordinary peppermints can help. Refreshing the mouth, they dull the strong taste distortion.
  • Check the condition of the teeth.

Thus, the sensation of iron in the mouth can be far from a harmless signal of the body. If you pay attention to it in time, you can find the problem and more. Track your body, analyze how often, at what time and how much this taste is haunting you. In this case, as health, there are no trifles!