The use of sage and its benefits


"Salvation" - so when translated from Latin, the true name of sage sounds. He was born in Asia Minor, came to Europe, having visited the Balkans before that. Once people have understood the benefits sage brings, they can not abandon its "services" to this day.

Sage leaves contain antioxidants, organic acids, vitamins, phytoncides, essential oils. Sage promotes good digestion, actively reduces excessive sweating, fights against furunculosis, mastitis, baldness.

The benefits of sage

Sage is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Traditional use of sage: tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis, stomatitis. Also, infusions and decoctions of sage save from gastric diseases, cholecystitis, hepatitis, mild diabetes, hypothyroidism, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, articular rheumatism. Sage baths are useful for eczema and psoriasis.

Bad memory is a problem with which you should not joke, it is better to warn her in time. To improve your memory, the sage leaf should be taken three times a day with water.

Application of sage for conceiving a child

This amazing grass helps both women and men to acquire offspring. In ancient Egypt, after a warrior and battles, the priests were forced to drink an infusion of sage young women in order to increase the birth rate. Here's a recipe for a miracle infusion: pour one teaspoon of seeds with a glass of boiling water, do not filter it, keep it in the fridge so that it does not turn sour. Drink one dessert spoon twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed for a week immediately after the completion of menstruation.

Sage to strengthen hair

Female hair is a fetish for the male half of humanity. But you need to care for them, first of all, because of the love of yourself. Female beauty depends not only on good heredity, but also on the time we spend on it. So, get ready, remember the recipes. In matters of beauty, the most important thing is not to be lazy. Salvia is a grass that will help your hair grow, shine and not fall out faster.

In order to prepare a strengthening decoction for hair, you will need: two tablespoons of sage and boiling water - 300 ml, it is necessary to draw the broth for half an hour, then strain it.

In order to enhance hair growth, there is a magical tincture. For its preparation, half a liter of vodka is mixed with the same volume of apple cider vinegar. A mixture of herbs is poured with this solution: seven tablespoons of sage leaves, as much rosemary, ten tablespoons of nettle. Tincture must be prepared in a glass container, this is important! Before use, the tincture should be in the fridge, but do not forget to stir it daily. After a week, strain and you can rub the resulting juice in the hair roots.

Sage Essential Oil

Sage essential oil has a positive effect on physical activity and mental activity of a person, relieves seizures, relieves headaches, relieves nervous tension. Also, sage essential oil cleanses the bloodstream from cholesterol, helps with respiratory diseases, and female diseases. For example, in menopause, oil is recommended as a condition stabilizer.

Scientists have brought another type of sage oil. Its purpose is to deduce complexes with lead cations from the body. It is used to treat drug dependence, normalize the hormonal status in tuberculous patients, bacterial infections, arthritis. But do not forget to consult with the doctor, because sage, like any herb, with the wrong dosage and use can be harmful. If we talk about contraindications, it is prohibited for pregnant women, as well as inflammation of the kidneys, strong cough, hypotension, amenorrhea.

The second birth of sage as a medicinal herb is due to the fact that now more and more people are turning to traditional medicine, because the traditional way is so expensive.

Sage is unique because it can cope with the most difficult ailments, which are sometimes unable to cure by experienced and qualified doctors. And recently it became known that sage can serve as the basis for creating a cure for Alzheimer's disease, which is considered incurable.

Also salvinorin - a substance contained in the sage of soothsayers, helps many to expand consciousness, to seek sacred knowledge, to know the Universe. Many in antiquity used it for religious purposes.

Today, in order to know the future, it is necessary to include news, but in order to help yourself and your body, it is not necessary to refer to the predictions.