The succession


The sequence, beneficial properties and contraindications of this medicinal plant are known to all who are at least slightly interested in traditional medicine. Especially valuable is this herb for skin diseases. It is used even for babies who have just been born, thanks to which it is very popular with mothers and grandmothers. We will tell you how to determine what a series is in front of you, as well as what useful properties this plant possesses, what contraindications its use has.

How does the series look like?

What does a string look like?

A succession is an ordinary-looking annual grass. Under favorable growth conditions, the stem of this plant reaches 60 cm. Single flowers, usually yellow, can be both on the stem and on the branches. The leaves are located on short shoots.

You can detect a sequence almost everywhere, with the exception of the regions of the Far North. The genus of this herb has about 200 different species. Meanwhile, as a medicinal product, only one of them is appreciated - a three-part train. This species got its name due to the fact that all its leaves are divided into 3 small lobes. The series of three-part prefers moist soil, so it is easiest to find it on the banks of rivers and lakes, as well as in swamps. The flowering of this plant usually lasts from June to September.

The series can not only be purchased at the pharmacy in finished form, but also collected and dried independently. To do this, cut off the top of the stems and shoots no longer than 15 cm, as well as the leaves. Collection of medicinal plants is carried out only in the first two weeks of June, that is, during the formation of buds. Next, the shoots and leaves lay out a thin layer on paper and dried in a shady place, often turning. When the stems become brittle, drying can be completed.

Useful and healing properties of the train

Useful and healing properties of the train

The series has a complex and very diverse composition. It contains essential oils, many vitamins, including A and C, as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, aluminum, calcium, copper and others.

The sequence, useful properties and contraindications of this herb can be especially interesting for those who have skin problems, because it has a miraculous power against dermatological problems. Outwardly, the train is used in the following situations:

  • acne or acne. If there is a similar problem, the face and other parts of the body on which there are pimples are smeared daily with a cotton swab dipped in the infusion of the train. The composition of this herb includes bitterness, which normalizes the function of the liver and positively affect its work. And, as you know, the cause of skin diseases very often lies in the slagging of the body and the malfunctioning of the liver. That is why a series of acne really helps;
  • baths with the addition of a series should be taken with an allergic rash, urticaria, seborrhea, furunculosis, pruritus and neurodermatitis;
  • decoction or tincture series accelerate healing and reduce inflammation after insect bites;
  • moms and grandmothers add grass to the bath for babies. It helps to cope with diaper rash, and in general is incredibly useful for children's skin;
  • some women successfully apply a series of hair. It contains keratonin, which gives strength to the hair and effectively strengthens it. As a rule, the string is used in cases when the hair grows too slowly or is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of hot styling and coloring chemicals. In addition, the herb normalizes the sebaceous glands, which can help get rid of dandruff.

Useful and healing properties of the train

Also, a series of used inside as a variety of tinctures and solutions. Taking the plant orally has the following beneficial properties:

  • reduces body temperature and intensifies the process of sweating;
  • helps in the prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes;
  • possesses choleretic and diuretic properties;
  • normalizes metabolism and increases appetite.

How to prepare the infusion and decoction of the train?

How to prepare the infusion and decoction of the train?

To get a healing decoction for oral administration, you must take 1 tbsp. l dry grass, pour 250 ml of boiling water over it and put it on the stove. All this should be boiled over low heat for 15-20 minutes, cool to a temperature of 36-37 degrees and strain.

Prepare an infusion of this miraculous weed for external use by the following recipe. Take 2 tbsp. l dried leaves and shoots succession and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Leave for 1 hour to infuse, strain and dilute with a liter of water. Such a solution can be added to the bath and rinse their hair.

To get rid of acne, you need to take 1 tbsp. l dry grass, pour a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour and strain. Soak a cotton pad in this solution and wipe the face and affected areas of the body with it twice a day.

How to prepare the infusion and decoction of the train?

Contraindications to the use of a train

By and large, the series is almost harmless. Meanwhile, do not need to abuse this plant. With a strong overdose, weed can disrupt the functioning of the nervous system, lead to neurosis and even the appearance of panic. Sometimes the intake of the series causes diarrhea and other abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract.

Acceptance of the decoction of the train is not recommended for children at least until the age of three years, as well as for pregnant women in the later periods.

Despite the presence of some contraindications, this plant really has miraculous properties and can help with various diseases, both adults and children from the first days of life.