The harm and benefits of kvass

Kvass is a Slavic drink that our ancestors drank. In those distant times, they considered him a panacea for various diseases and allowed people who had a breakdown in general health promotion to drink. But the recipes of the old kvass are lost, and now it is prepared quite differently. Modern kvass also has many useful properties, but in some cases it is better to refuse from it in order to avoid harm to your health.

The composition of kvass

Kvass will have a strengthening effect on the condition of the teeth, as it contains calcium. Also in its composition is magnesium, 11 essential amino acids, vitamins, especially a lot of group B and ascorbic acid, which provide the body with proper growth and development. For the prevention of vitamin deficiency kvass will be indispensable.

It also contains enzymes and minerals: phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum; organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and yeast. And carbon dioxide in its composition helps to digest food faster and better assimilate it.

Kvass, cooked at home, does not contain preservatives and dyes, which do not carry any benefit, and sometimes only harm. That is why it is best to cook at home using only the most natural ingredients. This will enrich the kvass with a variety of useful vitamins and microelements. To learn how to do this, read the article How to make homemade kvass ?.

Useful properties of kvass

According to studies, properly prepared kvass, especially at home, can have a positive effect on the entire human body. Its most important property is an excellent means for quenching thirst.

Kvass will be useful for the normalization of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, will become an obstacle to the multiplication of disease-causing organisms, will increase and strengthen the immune system. Kvasochen has long been used as a good expectorant for colds and diseases of the respiratory system.

Kvass has excellent taste, has a high energy value. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, improves metabolism, which is especially useful for those seeking to lose weight. Helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and raises the tone, increasing the efficiency of the body.

Who is brew good for?

  • Kvass will be especially useful for people who are engaged in hard physical work and all those who spend a long time in the sun on a hot day..
  • People who suffer from alcoholism, it is home brew will help quench their thirst, reducing cravings for beer and strong alcohol.
  • It will be useful during the spring of avitaminosis and in compliance with diets, as it can replace even food, quenching hunger.
  • Kvass will be indispensable for people with poor appetite.
  • Due to its positive effect on human health, it is recommended to drink kvass to almost everyone, but it is better to give preference to kvass prepared at home from ingredients known to you. To learn how to make such kvass from bread at home, read the article Kvass from black bread at home.

Harm kvass

Despite many positive properties, kvass still has its contraindications. That is why it is necessary in some cases to limit its use.

  • The use of kvass is undesirable with increased acidity of the stomach, liver diseases enteritis, colitis and gout.
  • It should not be drunk for people suffering from ulcers and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis and cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Kvass should not be abused by people suffering from severe hypertension.
  • Pregnant women should not drink carbonated kvass, only homemade and in limited quantities.
  • Also, kvass should not be drunk during breastfeeding and should not be given to children under 3 years old. In any case, the child must be given kvass, proven, and best of all, if you prepare it yourself.
  • In no case should you drink kvass, which is sold from barrels, because its shelf life is unknown and how much it is under the hot sun, and it is better not to use bottled kvass, since there are practically no useful substances in it.

How to choose a brew?

Kvass is now sold both in barrels and in bottles, so you should be especially careful when buying such kvass. If you buy kvass from a barrel, pay attention to its production time and composition. If you could not find out this information, then it is better to refuse to buy such a brew. The shelf life of a barrel kvass is only 3 days, so the kvass from the barrel must be cold. Yes, and the barrel should be washed every day, if you want to drink a fresh and tasty kvass, then learn about it from the seller.

Kvass, which is sold in bottles, if it is real, has a slightly muddy residue at the bottom. It must contain malt, yeast and sugar. This kvass is not carbonated and is not made from concentrate. It is also undesirable that the composition of bottled kvass be too many different E - sugar substitutes, stabilizers, dyes and flavors. The more kvass in the composition of such substances, the less benefit it will bring.

For a long time kvass was a revered drink in Russia. He was valued as a great drink that can quench thirst and rejuvenate. Yes, and in folk medicine with it, many diseases were treated.

If you drink brewhome madein moderation, you will get a lot of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Because real brew has two qualities: pleasure and benefit.

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