The first signs and symptoms of throat and larynx cancer in


Discomfort with the defeat of the larynx worsens health, interferes with communication and work. Sometimes such discomfort is caused by the formation of a malignant tumor. Due to the physiological characteristics of throat cancer has special signs in women. Remember, understanding the signals of your body - reliable protection from dangerous diseases.

In the initial stages, the oncological lesion of the throat resembles a common sore throat or tonsillitis, and only further leads to severe pain, complete loss of voice, germination of metastases to other organs.

Among the total number of people with this diagnosis, only 10% of women. But this does not mean that the fair sex does not need to be careful. Cancers of the larynx are often detected in lovers of bad habits (alcohol and nicotine contain carcinogens and constantly irritate the mucous membrane of the throat), as well as in women with a hereditary tendency to the disease.

throat cancer has special signs in women

If treatment is carried out at the zero stage, there is no deadly threat. With a grade I-II tumor, more than half of the patients are guaranteed to live for 5 years, while late-stage medical care gives 5-year survival to only a quarter of patients.

Warning signs

In order not to allow the destructive neoplasm to select happy moments of life, you need to rush to the doctors, barely noticing the first signs of throat and larynx cancer:

  • change of voice and hoarseness;
  • difficulties in loud or long conversation;
  • feeling of lack of air during the pronunciation, because of what the words sound with a gasp;
  • dry reflex cough, possibly with a small amount of mucous sputum;
  • frequent food ingress into the respiratory tract (if the tumor is in the bottom of the larynx);
  • the appearance of a lump in the throat, especially when swallowing food;
  • shortness of breath after slight physical exertion;
  • fast weight loss

Voice problems are especially noticeable if the degenerated cells spread to the vocal cords or are located directly in this area. In addition, even at the onset of development, throat cancer appears in women with specific, very aggressive symptoms, because this ailment changes hormonal levels. So, special signs:

  • irregular menstruation;
  • excessive emotionality;
  • irritable mood;
  • unwarranted fatigue and weakness;
  • anemia;
  • pale skin color;
  • sleep disorders;
  • poor sensitivity in some places of the head or neck (evidence of damage to the nerve endings);
  • loss of neck flexibility (when cancer affects joints and muscles);
  • toothache and tooth loss (when a tumor is localized in the lower parts of the organ).

If the symptoms of larynx cancer, including signs that appear exclusively in women, have been ignored, the condition of the patients worsens. They will have to fight with:

  • Athos - loss of voice;
  • hemoptysis during coughing attacks;
  • with erosive form of cancer - with bleeding from the upper respiratory tract;
  • the smell of rot from the mouth due to the breakdown of malignant cells;
  • sharp pains in case of ulceration of the tumor;
  • increased dyspnea (with the defeat of the subglottic zone of the larynx, ligaments or thyroid gland, the growth of the formation of lack of air can be critical);
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • damage to all the walls of the larynx, and possibly metastasis to nearby organs;
  • obstructed eating;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • fever.

Action plan for physicians

symptoms of laryngeal cancer

Signs of throat cancer in women are regarded by doctors as indications for the following diagnostic procedures:

  • examination of the mouth, pharynx and larynx with a laryngoscope and fibrolaryngoscope;
  • palpation of the neck and lymph nodes;
  • taking a smear from the mucous membrane of the throat;
  • separation of tumor particles for histological examination;
  • inspection of part of the trachea with a tracheoscope;
  • Ultrasound;
  • CT and MRI with the introduction of a contrast agent;
  • x-ray of intracerebral sinuses, jaws and chest;
  • stroboscopy, electroglottography, phonetography in order to test the possibility of pronunciation of various sounds.

Treatment is prescribed depending on the stage of the disease. If the tumor is operable, urgent surgical intervention and radiotherapy is necessary. In some cases, the removal of the vocal cords is required - then do chordatkomiyu. With advanced forms of cancer, medical care consists of radiation, the introduction of special chemicals and anesthetics.

Lifestyle, negative environmental effects, heredity can lead to a cancer in the throat. The sooner the sick ones visit the health facility, the higher the chances of completely getting rid of the harmful cells. It happens, the first signals of illness are taken for a banal sore throat and because of an unfortunate mistake, precious time is missed. Do not fall into despair: the struggle for life is always appropriate!