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Sadly, it is necessary to recognize that our life is saturated with parasites. Look around: some people parasitize on other people's ideas and thoughts - it is plagiarism. Others brazenly live at the expense of others - this is parasitism or parasitism. Still others use everything that has been acquired by the labor of others — theft, robbery, or racketeering. There are even those who shamelessly use us and our children as a habitat - these are worms.

Actually the meaning of the existence of all the above characters is to extract the maximum benefit for yourself with the minimum cost at the expense of his neighbor. In general, worms - they are worms in Africa. But today it’s not about parasites, but how to get rid of them. We learn what is the most effective drug for worms for children.

What medicine to choose for the treatment of helminthiasis in children, taking into account the form of helminthic invasions?

What medicine to choose for the treatment of helminthiasis in children, taking into account the form of helminthic invasions?

Modern science knows 260 species of helminths, with 70 of them living in the Russian open spaces. Most often, children of preschool and school age are affected by pinworms. Our ancestors took out the worms with the help of herbal remedies - pumpkin seeds, white mari essential oils, better known as quinoa, garlic and others.

Today, the arsenal of the fight against worms is represented by synthetic anthelmintic drugs. All human parasites are divided by species, such as:

  • trematodes;
  • cestodes;
  • nematodes.

The most appropriate and effective anti-worms will be those pills, the action of which is most aimed at the destruction of a specific type of worms. That is why the first analyzes are done, then, based on their results, the parasitologist determines the object to be cleaned, and the attending physician prescribes the appropriate drug. We draw your attention to the fact that the effect of all drugs from worms is based on the toxic effect, so the use of such drugs without a doctor's prescription is dangerous to health.

Treatment of worms in children: drugs

Depending on the type of worm infestation, different drugs are prescribed for the treatment:

Drugs for helminth round - ascaris, pinworms and other parasites:

  • simple or chewable tablets Mebendazole (commercial name - Vermox or Vormin);
  • Pyrantel (the analog is Nemocide);
  • Albendazole tablets (similar in action is Worm or Nemozol).

Drugs for ribbon-like parasites - cestodes (representatives of this species are Lentezy, echinococcosis, etc.):

Preparations from worms for children and adults

  • Niklosamide tablets (analogue - Yomesan);
  • powder or tablets in the shell of Mepacrine (Malaricide, Metohin).

Means from flat parasites of the trematode species (members of the family are flukes, cat flukes, etc.):

  • Prasiquantel tablets in the shell (biltricid).

Preparations from worms for children up to a year

In infants, helminthiasis is mainly associated with the banal failure of parents to comply with hygienic norms. The most frequently occurring at an early age helminthic invasions are roundworm, pinworm or whipworm. Treatment of young children is complicated by the fact that most of the drugs are allowed to apply from two years. Of the variety of pharmacological agents in this situation, the most acceptable are:

  • Nemozol suspension;
  • Pyrantel Suspension.

The treatment of helminthiasis in babies must be approached very carefully, taking into account the potent properties of anthelmintic drugs. Do not adjust the dosage yourself and do not exceed the prescribed dose.

Medicines for the whole family

The treatment of helminthiasis in babies must be approached very carefully.

In identifying worms in one of the family members, it is necessary to carry out prevention and treatment to all its members. For this purpose, drugs with a wide spectrum of action are used, which are suitable for both children and adults. The difference will be in the dosage, it is selected based on age data, the weight of the patient and the severity of the disease. These drugs include:

  • Piperazin - suspension for children, adults - tablets. This low-toxic remedy is used in the case of mild invasion.
  • Levamisole or its analog Dekaris. Indicated for children over three years old. It has pronounced toxic properties. Recommended to be taken in conjunction with antihistamines. A day after taking Levamisole, sorbent therapy (activated carbon) is indicated.

Prevention of helminthiasis drugs

Under the prevention of a disease is understood drug therapy aimed at strengthening the immune system to eliminate the risk of disease. In the case of worms, if we talk about prevention, it is the reception of toxic potent drugs. Do you think it is rational to poison the children's body if there are no complaints and even a hint of helminthiasis? Of course not.

When there is a suspicion of a disease, and besides, the child often communicates with animals, the already mentioned Pyrantel is the best drug for preventing worms in children, Vermox is also possible, but its toxicity is much higher. Do not forget about the dosage and the order of use of the drug, carefully read the instructions. And yet the most reliable will be an appeal to a doctor and testing.

In order to avoid such troubles as invasion by worms, try to follow simple rules:

  • wash your hands often with soap and teach children;
  • fresh greens served on the table pour over boiling water;
  • do not eat poorly roasted meat and raw fish;
  • do not drink from open reservoirs;
  • de-worming your pets.

Helminthiasis is unpleasant, but not a reason for panic. Today, parasitic worms have been studied well enough to effectively fight them. And remember that anti-worms for children should be prescribed by a qualified specialist.

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