The complex of exercises callanetics


The effectiveness of callanetics attracts the gaze of not only followers, but also skeptics of any physical activity. The ballerina Callan Pinkney is the ancestor of this direction, which has been distributed almost all over the world at the current time. At its core, callanetics is a type of gymnastics, which includes smooth movements of stretching of various muscle groups. Submissiveness to women of any age is successful due to the security and accuracy of each movement.

Callanetics at home

To begin, you should determine the mode of employment about an hour three times a week. After the start of the action (for example, after a month or two classes), you can reduce the total number of classes to two. After acquiring a high muscle tone, it is recommended to maintain one workout per week to maintain shape and feel a healthy, vigorous body.

Warm up

The course of training is usually preceded by a light study of the muscles of the back and neck in conjunction with the movements of other parts of the body.

  1. It is necessary to stand on tiptoe with slightly divorced legs. Then, when raising your arms up, you should stretch your whole body. Be sure to straighten your shoulders! Then, the semipriest is performed on slightly bent knees with the body tilted forward. Stretch your arms forward and try to stretch. Keep your back straight. Further, from this position, straight arms are drawn with palms up and back, the neck with the chin is pulled forward, and the back maintains an even position.
  2. Take a chair with armrests or a flat back that can stand on it. It is necessary to sit on a chair and then rise with a support on the armrests or backrest. At the same time, keep your back and chin up. When done correctly, relieve tension in the buttocks.
  3. Standing in the “straight with the legs at the width of the shoulders” position, the abdominal muscles and buttocks should be drawn in and the chin should be lowered onto the chest. Very slowly and smoothly pull the head to one side, raising the chin up. Stay at the end point for a few seconds and stretch as high as possible.

Main part

Each exercise is done with an eye on the body's own resources. If it is impossible to complete the execution, there is no need to "tear" the tendons for a correct execution. Do everything to the best of your abilities, and with regular repetition, the movement will gradually acquire the desired completion.

  1. Get down on your knees, straighten your woven arms above your head, stretch a little upwards. Lift the body over the heels somewhere in the 20 and stretch up as high as possible. Go back a bit and move your hips as far as possible. Then the circle is described very slowly with a basin, the head and shoulders retain their upper position. After this, the hips move as much as possible in the other direction, with making a circle in the other direction. When performing do not touch the heels of their heels.
  2. It is necessary to lie back on the floor, straighten your legs. At the same time, the shoulders and head rise to a straight, raised leg. Ideally, hold your leg upright without using your arms that are horizontally pointing forward to maintain balance. Keep the lower back and all buttocks pressed to the floor.
  3. It is necessary to put your hands on the back of the chair, your knees are bent and slightly twisted for contact of the heels. On the socks tighten the buttocks and the pelvis is pushed as far forward as possible. After returning the pelvis to its original position, you should gently lower it down and balance it in the bollards. It is necessary to monitor the even position of the back and the absence of protruding buttocks. A sharp rise should be accompanied by pushing the pelvis forward. With regular repetition you will be able to maintain an even position of the shoulders and back.
  4. Put the right leg on the back of the chair, holding the chair with both hands. Then smoothly straighten the leg to the maximum. Hands continue to be on the back of the chair. With a straight leg, it is advisable to stand for 50-60 seconds.

To complete the exercises, you should repeat the warm-up movements.

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