The child has enlarged lymph nodes in the neck


Each mother is in close tactile contact with her child, because she changes clothes, bathes him and just hugs. At the same time, she subconsciously “scans” the body of her child, so she will immediately find out that the child has enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. Often this becomes a reason for strong experiences. Is everything really so serious and what to do?

Why do the lymph nodes swell and how dangerous is it?

Why lymph nodes swell and how dangerous it is

Having found a tight bump on the neck of a child, do not panic and frighten him - it is better to immediately appear to the pediatrician. Typically, the inflammation of the lymph nodes is diagnosed in children from 5 to 7 years. This occurs very often, because their lymphatic system is in the process of formation and does not fully cope with its responsibilities.

If a child has enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, this means that his body is struggling with the virus or bacteria, that is, there is an inflammatory process. But in some children this is a feature of the structure or a sign of weak immunity.

Thus, unlike adults, enlarged lymph nodes in a child's neck do not necessarily indicate that he has fallen ill. If their size is not more than 1 cm, then you can not worry too much. If he has reached 1-1.5 cm, then it is advisable to be examined, because this may already be a signal of the disease. But when the “dimensions” of the swollen lymph node reach 2 cm or more, measures must be taken: the child urgently needs the help of a doctor, since this already speaks of more serious problems.

The main causes of inflammation in young patients

A bump on the neck may appear on one or both sides.

A bump on the neck may appear on one or both sides. In the first case, there is a local infection, in the second - a common one. If the lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged in a child, the reasons may be as follows:

  • infection. If pathogenic microorganisms and viruses have settled in the children's body, they accumulate in the lymph node, which is located closest to the site of infection. A swollen lymph node in the throat is a sure sign that a child has a disease of the ears, throat or respiratory organs: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis media;
  • cold. Both during and after such a disease, the lymph nodes are often enlarged. If the baby often suffers from acute respiratory viral infections, it can always be noticeable nodules, the dimensions of which exceed the norm. This confirms that the child has weak immunity;
  • problems in the oral cavity - caries, stomatitis, gum disease;
  • scratches from cat paws. In the saliva of these animals live dangerous bacteria that are able to easily penetrate into human blood;
  • mononucleosis. Its symptoms resemble a sore throat: sore throat, difficulty breathing, fever, and greatly enlarged lymph nodes in the child’s neck. In addition, the liver and spleen are enlarged. To identify the "enemy" will help complete blood count;
  • allergic reaction to vaccination. In this case, not treatment is required, but observation by a doctor;
  • extremely rare - blood diseases and tumors.

The main directions of medical treatment of inflamed lymph nodes

The main directions of medical treatment of inflamed lymph nodes

Never attempt to self-heal the inflamed and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck of a child. The doctor should prescribe the treatment after it determines which symptom of which is lymphadenitis. After all, a swollen knot is only a consequence. If the main cause (illness) is eliminated, it will decrease to its natural size.

If viral infections become the culprits of the swelling, then immunostimulants and vitamins will be prescribed. If such a nuisance was provoked by a bacterial infection, antibiotics will have to be taken. If allergies will be prescribed anti-allergic, antihistamines. If the treatment of the underlying disease did not give the desired results, then resort to the help of anti-inflammatory drugs - Prednisolone, Medrol. Multivitamin complexes and physiotherapeutic procedures are widely used. The patient must drink a lot, avoid drafts and be warm.

If a complicated form of lymphadenitis is diagnosed and suppuration begins, a surgical operation will be performed to open the lymph node. If, however, oncology is found, treatment will include surgical procedures and chemotherapy.

How can you help your child at home?

enlarged cervical lymph nodes can try to bring back to normal with the help of folk remedies

With the permission of the pediatrician enlarged cervical lymph nodes, you can try to bring back to normal with the help of folk remedies. But from the list of home manipulations should immediately exclude alcohol compresses. They are not suitable for treating a child.

What can be done at home? You can help your child cope with the disease using these methods of traditional medicine:

  • Include foods rich in vitamin C in your baby’s diet and provide them with complete peace of mind. Let's drink more;
  • use an absolutely safe and effective remedy - oats. Take a handful of grains of this cereal and 1 liter of natural milk. Combine the two ingredients, set them on fire and boil for 40 minutes. The resulting composition give the child three times a day for 30 minutes. before meals. Children up to a year enough for 1 tbsp. l., up to 7 years it will be enough ¼ of the glass for one reception, for those who are older - ½ cup each. Before use, put in a decoction of a teaspoon of honey;
  • Prepare a medicinal decoction of peppermint, mint green, hawthorn and cayenne pepper (take 1 tbsp of each ingredient, chop all the plants and mix). Take 1 tbsp. l collection, pour 250 ml of water. Bring to a boil. Cool, strain. Water your baby with this composition 2 p. 50 ml per day;
  • make broth hips. For its preparation you will need 100 g of fruit and 1 liter of boiling water. Insist in a thermos day. Take daily;
  • can be applied to the sore spot steamed cornflower roots;
  • Compress from cottage cheese is suitable for a child. The cold product should be wrapped in a piece of gauze and applied to the back of the neck;
  • use lotion from herbs. Take lavender, cornflower root, mint (1 tbsp. L. Collection), pour 100 g of boiling water. Insist half an hour. Filter, cool to room temperature, soak a cotton swab in this solution and apply it for 15 minutes. to the affected node.

Please note: it is strictly forbidden to heat the nodes using a heating pad or warming compresses. You can not rub them and draw over the inflamed node iodine grid. Any decoctions and infusions can be given to a child only after consultation with the doctor.

If you have found a lump on the neck of a child, then you should not immediately assume the presence of a life-threatening illness. Pay attention to the behavior and condition of the baby. If it behaves as usual, there is no temperature and redness on the skin in the lymph node, then there is no serious cause for concern. But to pass the minimum examination (pass a complete blood count) still does not hurt. This will help eliminate the disease or make sure that the child is not in danger.