The best infant formula for newborns


For infants there is no better nutrition than mom's milk. But sometimes there are barriers that interfere with breastfeeding, and you have to trust the artificial nutrition. The modern market in a rich assortment represents mixes for newborns, whose rating helps to choose the best option for your beloved baby.

Selection of the mixture - a matter of special importance

Mixing is a matter of importance

"What is the little child to treat?", - ponder the "guli", who "sat on Lyuli" in a kind folk lullaby. Many parents are interested in this question today. The state of health and development of the baby directly depends on the choice of products. In determining which mixture is best for the newborn, the rating of experts and consumers plays a supporting role.

The most important thing for a healthy diet is to choose a mixture, based on the individual characteristics and needs of the crumbs. This event should not be held independently: you need to select a mixture according to the recommendations of the pediatrician. The doctor will analyze the health of the baby, determine the best option.

At the same time, modern life requires consumer literacy. In order to guarantee oneself confidence in the correctness of choice, it is useful for parents to get acquainted with various opinions - experts, doctors, other moms and dads. When analyzing the characteristics of the mixture for newborns, the rating will help to create a fairly complete picture.

Rating of infant formula: expert version

Individual assessments of mommies of one or another mixture can be freely found on many forums devoted to the development of a child. In such lists of advantages and disadvantages a very large proportion of subjective attitude. After all, each mother judges mainly based on personal experience and the characteristics of her baby.

When it is necessary to determine the best mixes for newborns, the rating of experts is more indicative. After all, this list is based on an analysis of the composition, the actions of each product individually and in comparison with other proposals. Here are the top 10 food options for babies, according to experts.

  • "Nutrilon" - the leader among dairy mixes. Products of the Dutch manufacturer (the company Nutricia) is aimed at meeting the very different needs of babies. Available in a variety of series of blends that meet a certain age. The advantage of this diet is that each series is directed to overcoming certain violations in the child’s body. Any product "Nutrilon" helps to improve immunity, a beneficial effect on the activity of the stomach and intestines. Mixtures contribute to the correct growth and development of the baby.
  • A mixture of "Nan" takes the honorary position number 2. This product is produced in Switzerland. You can choose a mixture for a particular age. One of the areas of production is hypoallergenic and lactose-free mixtures. The advantage of the products is also that their composition contains a perfectly balanced complex of vitamins, proteins, nutrients. All these elements are necessary for the proper development of the child’s body.
  • "Nestozhen" - in 3rd place ranking. Mixtures of Swiss manufacture are distinguished by the fact that they contain everything necessary for feeding a child without ill health. The specific product is selected by age, the manufacturer offers 5 types. The composition of each mixture is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The advantage of "Nestozhen" products is to provide comfort for the infant's delicate digestive system.
  • Mix "Nutrilak" domestic manufacturer ranked 4th. Products are focused on the nutrition of children of different ages. A notable feature of the mixes is a rich composition based on cow's milk, vegetable oils, and milk demineralized whey. Foods abound in vitamins and minerals. Separately produced mixtures for the treatment and prevention of infant allergy.
  • "Humana" - a mixture of production in Germany, which experts assign the 5th place. Available in 5 series for children of different ages. Among the advantages of nutrition of this brand is a separate line for premature babies and babies, whose body is prone to allergies. The action of nutrient mixtures is aimed at strengthening the immune system, providing the child with all the necessary vitamins, minerals. These products are suitable for feeding babies who have problems with the absorption of fructose, gluten and sucrose.
  • German-made Hipp mixes are ranked 6th. From the proposed series, you can choose a product for a certain age. The basis of the composition of each mixture - cow's milk (skim), vegetable oils. Contains this baby food and important vitamins, minerals. The benefits of these compounds are the protection of the digestive system of the infant from disruption of work, assistance in acquiring strong immunity, preventing food allergies;

Infant formulas for newborns

  • Milk formula for newborns "Agush" in the ranking takes 7th place. The domestic manufacturer produces a series of products for newborns and babies from 6 months. The advantage of mixtures of this brand - you can choose fresh (for the smallest) or sour-milk (for grown-up children). There are products for kids who are prone to allergies;
  • Mixes "Semilak" made in Spain occupy the 8th position. The advantage of this product - the composition is enriched with substances that help strengthen the immune system. Elements such as fatty acids (omega-3 and 6) are important for the correct formation of brain tissue, visual acuity of the child. Confidence in these mixtures is also caused by the absence of palm oil in the composition. This facilitates the activity of the digestive organs of the crumbs.
  • In the top ten, 9th place is assigned to the mixtures "Baby" (Russia). The demand for products is based on decent quality and reasonable price. On sale you can freely find various series of mixtures. The composition of each of them is enriched with vitamins, important trace elements and nutrients. The advantage of "Baby" is the absence of sugar, preservatives and other synthetic additives.
  • Mix "Friso", which produce in the Netherlands, close this list. The purpose of this product is to feed premature babies and babies that were born with low weight. The uniqueness of the composition of the mixtures is a balanced complex of substances for the proper completion of the development of the digestive and nervous systems. The components of the products help to strengthen the protective functions of the crumb, normalize the microflora.

Mix selection: which one is better?

Mom will be easy to determine that the mixture suits the baby:

  • the child is gaining weight normally;
  • no problems with the stool (unpleasant smell, strange color, the presence of particles that have not digested);
  • on the skin there is no irritation, rash;
  • good sleep and sufficient activity of the child.

The choice of the mixture for the newborn is carried out individually, according to the recommendations of the pediatrician. Rating food for the smallest is only an auxiliary selection tool. Experts confirm: products of both domestic and foreign manufacturers differ in worthy quality. Of all the wealth of offers for your baby, it is quite possible to choose the best option in his case.