The benefits of ice cream for the body


Ice cream - creamy, ice cream, popsicle, berry; at the mere mention of these names, our mood begins to improve. How many pleasant emotions and memories associated with this delicacy, which we know and love since childhood. It is beautiful, tasty and healthy. Never this word will remind you of sad events, will not revive unpleasant memories. Will cause only good and joyful memories. True, those who lose weight prefer not to eat it, while others indulge themselves from time to time, but don’t remember the benefits, just enjoying them. And those and other of us, not knowing about the benefits of ice cream, lose a lot. So why is this great product useful?

Types of ice cream

Before listing all the benefits that gives ice cream, let us dwell on its forms. Ice cream is usually distinguished by its fat content - it is creamy, fruit and berry, ice cream and dairy.

  1. Fruit and berry It is made without fat and from fruit juices.
  2. Dairy contains less sugar, but it has fat.
  3. Cream contains the most fat.
  4. AT creamy a little less fat.

But, despite such a formidable word as fat, I would like to note that if natural animal fats are part of ice cream, they are only beneficial for your body. It also includes more than 15 amino acids, 27 fatty acids, 25 vitamins and mineral salts, enzymes for proper metabolism. That is why ice cream helps not only strengthen the immune system, but even lose weight.

What is useful ice cream?

Most main use ice cream is what’s in your body milk comes with all its beneficial components such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins and milk protein. They are well absorbed by the body, due to its shape. Thanks to the additives that make up the various varieties, such as chocolate, nuts, berries, honey, you also get a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements, which are part of them.

Included in ice cream easily digestible carbohydrates have a beneficial effect on brain activity and, especially, memory.

The benefits of ice cream flavor

Sweet tasteice cream affects the production hormone of joy - serotonin that boosts your mood. That is why ice cream is one of the best antidepressants. Its use will help you feel a surge of strength and energy, activate brain function. Included in ice cream milk fats fast and practically completely absorbed by the body. Ice cream supplies your body with such beneficial trace elements: potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, carotene and calcium.

How can ice cream help?

Using a little ice cream, you can accustom your throat to cold temperatures, it will help you to better withstand diseases of the throat. Ice cream is a fairly high-calorie product, quickly and completely absorbed by the body, and thisquick way to satisfy hunger, and do no harm to your figure junk food. Thanks to the hormone of joy produced by its use, you protect yourself from stress, relieve stress.

Those who love ice cream and eat it often, feel much happier, than his opponents. If you suffer from bleeding from the nose, eating cold ice cream, you can stop the blood.

The composition and properties of ice cream

Cream and milk, from which ice cream is produced, contain in its composition natural tranquilizer L-tryptophan, which, due to the fact that ice cream is stored only at sub-zero temperatures, retains its structure and does not disintegrate, as in plain milk or cream. is he helps calm the nervous system, lift overwork, cheer up and even fight insomnia.

Eating ice cream, you positive effect on your body, due to therapeutic effect, caused by positive emotions from the taste of ice cream. There is even a special ice cream diet, a nutritionist from the US Holy Mac Kord who helps to lose weight.

Contraindications to the use of ice cream

There are some restrictions, when ice cream unfortunately contraindicated. These include: milk intolerance, sore throat, pharyngitis, overweight, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis, exacerbation of gastritis, gastric ulcer.

If you have caries, you can eat ice cream, but be sure to remember to rinse your mouth with warm water afterwards. Ice cream on vegetable fats is not recommended, there are people with elevated levels of cholesterol. Ice cream with flavored additives of artificial origin is also best avoided on the advice of nutritionists, better eat fruit varieties of ice cream. Easily assimilable sugar increases the level of glucose in the blood, so in case of diabetes mellitus it is better to abstain from eating ice cream. Rarely use ice cream is recommended for ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Healthy people using ice cream should know the measure and eat it is no more three times at a week. According to experts,150 grams of ice cream per week does not hurtanyone and will bring only joy and benefit.

The benefits and quality of ice cream

To be sure of the quality of the ice cream, do not forget read the etiquette and ingredients carefully, from which it is made. And if you want ice cream can be cook and on your own at home. For this you need cream (300 ml), what you want to add: chocolate, honey, fruit or vanilla, condensed milk (60-70 ml). Beat it all up in a blender, spread it in molds and put in a fridge freeze. 4 servings are ready.

Ice cream is one of the most delicious things in the world! Onone only has excellent taste and gives positive emotions, but also helps you strengthen your health, help in the fight against stress and gives your body so many useful substances. So it remains only to wish everyone bon appetite!