The benefits of hiking


The easiest way to improve health for all of us was and remains walking. They, unlike many other sports such as running, do not have serious contraindications for health, do not require too much effort and do not have a serious load on the body. Not all of us can run, swim or ride a bike, but walking is available to each of us, wherever we live and whatever we do.

During hiking, your lungs are well ventilated, receiving large amounts of oxygen, the heart begins to work at the correct rhythm, the vessels expand and become more elastic. If you take walks in the park or forest, then breathe clean air and get aesthetic pleasure from the nature around you.

Metabolic processes that accelerate their course during even a small motor activity, have a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of your body, prolonging youth and slowing the aging process. Of course, at any age, hiking will bring you additional joy and good spirits. During the walk, your body will produce hormones that help to increase positive mood, confidence, increase body resistance to external threats and increase resistance to stressful situations.

Hiking: where to start

For starters, you can walk from 30 to 45 minutes a day. It is necessary that your body is accustomed to them. This is especially true if you have not engaged in any sports for a long time. Your body must get used to physical exertion, otherwise, instead of good, you can only do yourself harm. Starting to increase the load gradually, you thereby enable your body to restructure and to safely engage in the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle.

On the initial stage, somewhere for 3 weeks, walk slowly, breathe fresh air, look at the nature that surrounds you, and try to feel your body. What processes occur in it, what changes do you feel inside yourself? You should feel every part of your body, every muscle, feel every movement that you make during your walk. This will help you feel the rhythm that is most suitable for you and your body. You have to find your rhythm, your state of comfort while hiking. In any business there should be a feeling of pleasure from what you are doing, and walking is not an exception.

Feel the joy of them, and then the response of your body, in the form of improving well-being, reducing health problems will not take long to wait. You just have to try to experience all the benefits of walking for your health.

Who is useful walking?

Hiking is suitable for everyone. They have no contraindications, and they can be started from any age. No one will argue that walking on beautiful places will bring incomparable pleasure to everyone and will be equally useful and pleasant both to adults, and children, and elderly people.

It is for older people that walking is the alternative to sports that is most suitable for them, given their age and by no means the ideal state of health. But life goes on and they are no less than we all want to be active and helpful to others, but without sports, this is difficult to achieve. Not every sport will suit them, but walks here are becoming irreplaceable and almost the only opportunity for older people to maintain their health in mature years and even improve it.

Elderly people can fearlessly go on walks in an unhurried rhythm daily, choosing quiet and pleasant places, away from the city noise. Walking will perfectly strengthen their body, have a beneficial effect on their health and immunity, increase the tone of the whole body. Therefore, do not forget to tell your family about the desirability and even the need for them to walk, at least a few times a week. This will be absolutely enough to improve their condition. If possible, you can go hiking with them. A walk then will not only be useful, but also enjoyable.

Hiking and pregnancy

If you do not have specific contraindications to physical activity, leisurely walks during pregnancy will only have a positive effect on you, your future baby, and the process of future childbirth. Before you start walking, be sure to consult with your specialist.

During hiking you must maintain a straight posture. Do not look under your feet, this will prevent overstressing of the neck muscles. The load should be evenly distributed on all the muscles of the abdomen and back. Do not take long walks and long distances. In no case walks should not cause discomfort and pain. Otherwise, stop them and immediately consult a doctor. Hiking should not be more than 20-25 minutes.

Many diseases of our time arise from too little physical activity. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the pool, health problems also do not contribute to sports. Is it really left to suffer from ailments, not being able to resist diseases? Of course not. Nature has given you everything so that you are healthy, only it remains to remember about it and take the first step to your health, longevity and good mood.

Hiking is a great first step to this. It remains only to go out, looking up from household chores, and recall that good health is the key to a happy life for each of you. Easy walk you!

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