The benefits of dancing

Dancing is a magic word familiar to all of us since childhood. Each of us has danced in his life many times, devoting a lot of time to this. We danced and in circles, and at a school disco, and at home. None of us could remain indifferent to them. In them we express the feelings that we experience under the influence of various events. In dance movements, we express joy and pleasure, get rid of sadness and accumulated emotions.

No wonder many doctors advise you to turn on your favorite music at home and move to its beat as we can. In a few minutes, our mood will begin to slowly but surely improve. And this is only a small fraction of the benefits that dances give us. Let's find out what benefits they have in themselves, what dance styles are there, because the more ways you know how to dance, the more interesting and easier to express yourself, even at home.

Health dancing benefits

Paying attention to dancing for 20 minutes a day you will give your body an excellent load for the heart and lungs, enrich the cells and organs with oxygen, make all muscle groups work. Also, which is especially important to get a charge of vivacity for the whole day, your body during the dance will produce hormones of happiness, which are called endorphins, which will have a tonic effect on your health and mood. That is why dance movements to musical rhythms will contribute health of your whole body.

You make the movements you want, but at this time your blood begins to move vigorously through the vessels, eliminating stagnation and exerting a beneficial effect on your vessels, making them elastic and elastic. This is the first step. in the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

Dancing have positive effect on correcting posture, in the fight against scoliosis, strengthen the nervous system, charge with optimism and good mood, play a large role in the process of losing weight, improve digestion and appetite, help the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

To feel all these benefits, you, except for the presence of your favorite music and that on which you will listen to it, nothing more is required. You can dance barefoot, in any clothes that do not hamper your movements and as you like without any restrictions and rules, and if you want, you can enroll in a dance school.

Dance styles

You can dance in different ways and in different places, at home or in special courses. Each dance style has its own set of movements and rules. All of them have a positive effect on a person, and there is not much difference in how you will dance. But knowledge of different styles will help you diversify your dance program, even if you only dance at home, or encourage you to enroll in dance courses and surprise your friends with your skills.

One of the most incendiary dances are considered to be Latin American dances. Some of their names, speak for themselves, cha-cha-cha, rumba, tango, jive. From these words, the legs begin to beat the rhythm themselves. They are not only beautiful, but also useful. They will help you gain self-confidence, help in the fight against obesity, cellulite deposits. Regular classes of these dances form the correct posture and beautiful gait.

Step - one of the most popular styles of dance. It helps to develop balance and good coordination of movements. During the step, the heart is trained, the development of joints.

Mysterious belly dance will help you learn to love your body, feel it, get rid of tightness and complexes. It will help you tighten the skin on your arms, strengthen your back muscles. During the dance, the fluid will not linger in the body, the muscles of the small pelvis will become stronger.

Unusual Irish dance guarantee you a correct, straight posture. The cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system will become stronger. When you dance Irish dance, all your leg muscles are fully involved, not only weight loss occurs, but also their training.

ABOUT hip hop style heard everything. He is one of the most modern dance culture. Here you can absolutely relax and show off improvisation. It will provide you with excellent training of the heart, help you lose weight, will harmoniously develop all the muscles of the body. Not only will develop a sense of rhythm, but also just lift your spirits, and this is sometimes the most important. Being engaged in hip-hop, physical exertion will be enough for you, it will perfectly replace fitness.

Strip dance is another youth dance line.. It will help you develop a magnificent body plastic. Your body will obey you without question. In the style there are elements of stretching, and this will increase the mobility of your joints and increase the elasticity of the muscles. After such classes, the flexibility of the body is provided to you. This already leads to longevity and health, and as they say, while the spine is healthy, the person is healthy. Moving in such a rhythm, the heart trains together with you, the extra calories are burned, and your figure becomes simply flawless.

Dance Contraindications

Dancing is the same physical activity for your body, like any other sport. Therefore, they have their own contraindications, of course, not as serious as running, but we should not forget about them.

When you start dancing classes, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have any serious enough diseases.

Step can not deal with if there are problems with the spine or a weak cardiovascular system. It is better to choose a softer, plastic and slow dance.

Each of you can choose what is right for her and for health, and at will, and whenever possible. The choice here is limitless and depends only on your mood.

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