The benefits of blueberries

Bilberry is a wild berry that grows in the North. Favorable conditions for its growth - moisture and marshy soil. When such conditions are met, blueberries grow in entire plantations. From May to June, its flowering occurs, and from July to August - the ripening of berries. Blueberry nectar is so attractive to bees., that they, from the beginning of flowering, to the very end, circle above the flowers, extracting nourishing and incredibly healthy honey. Is she rightfully called doctor?

The healing properties of blueberries for the body

Useful properties of this berryappreciated not only in Russia, but even beyond its borders! For example, Japanese scientists believe polar blueberries are a source of useful substance - anthocyanins. Blueberries are no less attractive in taste. At 30% it consists of various sugars, which allows it to be called "northern delicacy".

  • Blueberries are used to make drinks, syrups, make jam, jelly. Bees, as we said above, appreciate the flowers of this berry. And the honey, which is obtained as a result of the work of our younger brothers, incredibly useful!
  • The juice from blueberries is famous not only for its taste, it is also an excellent bactericidal agent! It is so effective that it even copes with the causative agents of typhoid and dysentery!
  • In blueberries, the perfect combination of vitamins and trace elements that positively affect the metabolic processes of the human body.
  • As part of this wonderful berries are the following vitamins: vitamins of group B, vitamin C, PP. A large number of trace elements: magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and calcium.
  • Vitamin B1, which is present in blueberries, involved in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Thus, a combination of regular food and blueberries, will not gain weight. In addition, vitamin B1 is a necessary vitamin for the normal functioning of nerve cells and muscles.
  • Regular use of blueberries strengthens the walls of blood vessels and normalizes eye pressure.
  • Combination vitamins B and C is a vessel strengthening and antianemic agent.
  • Regular consumption of blueberries improves memory, increases the body's resistance to stress.. This is especially true for schoolchildren, students, as well as people whose work involves memorizing a large amount of information.

The most useful substance, according to scientists, which is contained in blueberries - is anthocyanins. Thanks to them, when using blueberries, blood supply to the retina improves, damaged eyeballs are restored, visual acuity increases. About such benefits of blueberries on the human visual function, scientists have found out recently. But despite this, this property is already very large-scale and effectively used in medicine, when creating various drugs that improve vision.

Tannins, contained in blueberries, is an excellent means of combating diarrhea. A decoction of blueberries restores favorable intestinal microflora.

Blueberry - low-calorie product, therefore, it can be very effectively combined with diet food.

Incredibly useful this berries to those people who, by the nature of their activities, have to constantly strain their eyesight.

Regular use of blueberries reduces blood clotting, is an excellent prophylactic against heart attacks and blood clots.

Fresh Blueberry Juice helps with gastritis with low acidity. In addition, it is very effective used in diarrhea and in the treatment of hepatitis, with urolithiasis and gallstone diseases. If you have some problems, combine the use of drugs with berries and blueberry juice. Such treatment will be the most effective.

Infusion of blueberry leaves helps to cure various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder and diseases of the oral mucosa.

The use of blueberries in cosmetology

In addition to the incredible positive effects that blueberries can have on the human body, with its direct use inside, its useful properties are very effectively used in cosmetology.

For example, you can make such mask. Cook the blueberries, then mash them in mush. Immediately apply the resulting mass to your acne, eczema, ulcers or burns. The result is not long in coming!

In the season of ripening blueberries, try to use about one glass of fresh berries. Thus, you will increase your immunity, drink the body with vitamins, and make the prevention of most diseases!

Blueberries really have a lot of nutrients. Therefore, it can rightly be called a Natural Healer!

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