The benefits and harm of flaxseed oil

Probably, there is no person who would not hear about the benefits of flaxseed oil, especially for the condition of the hair. But in its composition it combines not only useful trace elements and vitamins for hair care. Flaxseed oil contains a whole arsenal of nutrients that can significantly improve the condition of the entire human body.

The benefits and harm of flaxseed oil

However, before adding any product to the list of useful substances, even such well-known as linseed oil, you should learn about it as much as possible, because it can often be harmful in certain cases.

Useful properties of flaxseed oil

  • In folk medicine, flaxseed oil rightfully occupies an important place in the fight against many diseases. It is the rich vitamin and mineral composition that gives it a large number of nutrients and the strongest effect.
  • The composition of flaxseed oil may surprise with a rich amount of useful for the body acids. It consists of 20% linoleic acid, 60% alpha-linolenic acid Omega-3, 10% oleic acid Omega-9. Medical studies have proven that the use of Omega acids helps to speed up the process of losing weight, reduce appetite, increases the effectiveness of the diet.
  • Flaxseed oil is recommended for people who are overweight or prone to obesity. When using oil for this, the daily dose should be 2 tsp., Added to the salad. In addition, it is useful for cardiovascular diseases, and replacing sunflower oil with it and adding it together with lemon juice to dishes, reduces the risk of a heart attack by 70%.
  • It is also very useful in reducing sexual activity and irregular menstruation. Its composition helps to normalize the hormones in women and increase testosterone production in men.
  • It significantly reduces blood cholesterol, on the basis of which it is recommended for patients with atherosclerosis and people who have suffered a heart attack. However, before using flaxseed oil to treat a particular disease, it is imperative that you seek advice from your doctor. This will help avoid potential problems and resolve the need for its reception and duration.
  • Flaxseed oil is especially useful for women, helping to maintain the beauty of the body and youth. Tocopherol takes an active part in this - vitamin E, a record amount of which is in the oil. This substance is very important for the proper functioning of the hormonal system. The human body can not independently produce vitamin E, so only regular use of products such as flaxseed oil, can fill the daily need for it.
  • Flaxseed oil is included in the body cleansing program and is an ingredient for a weight loss diet. It will become indispensable during menopause or at the time of preparation for pregnancy.

Linseed Oil Benefits

Linseed Oil Harm

  1. Flaxseed oil, with all its benefits, has certain contraindications for use due to a strongly pronounced effect after exposure to the human body. If you use it for frying, all the useful properties of the thermal effects are lost. During frying, it oxidizes and, instead of useful substances, the body gets free radicals in large quantities. Useful linseed oil only in a cold form, and at a temperature of 600Since it already has a carcinogenic effect.
  2. It is also very important to choose it when purchasing. The landmark here is the appearance. Flaxseed oil of good quality is transparent and has a shade of yellow-green. If a precipitate is visible in the oil and it is turbid, then it is better to refuse to purchase it and, all the more, to use it. Store it only in the refrigerator in a glass bottle of dark color. This will avoid oxidation and the occurrence of free radicals, which are known for their destructive effects on the human body, accelerating the aging process.
  3. Flaxseed oil refers to products containing fats in their composition, and their large amount has an adverse effect on the body. The rate of consumption per day of flaxseed oil should not exceed 2 tbsp. l for an adult.

Linseed oil: contraindications

  • Before you use any secrets of traditional medicine, you should make sure that there are no contraindications for their use. Flaxseed oil, like most products, has its own contraindications, in which its use is highly undesirable.
  • When gallstone disease and problems with the gallbladder from flaxseed oil should be abandoned as well as from any other vegetable. It is necessary to postpone its use in the treatment of antidepressants or antiviral agents. Also, do not use in the last months of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

flaxseed oil damage

  • Significant contraindications are available for intestinal and gastric diseases. In chronic pancreatitis, problems with the pancreas, it can be harmful. In any case, with long-term use of this product, it is necessary to consult with the homeopath and the doctor when discussing the course of treatment.

Flaxseed oil has many beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect not only on the body of women, but also of men. Yet it is for women that it helps to cope with many of the unpleasant effects of aging.

Very often, a useful product when used improperly or cooking loses its useful properties, instead of them bringing harm to the body. Linseed oil in this case is no exception. Therefore, before using it, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that you do not have any contraindications, and remember that more than 2 tbsp. l in the day, as well as in the heated state can not use it. If you follow all the rules, the use of flaxseed oil will only benefit your body.

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