The basics of pilates classes for beginners. video

Pilates (Pilates) is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in the last century. Classes can be held independently at home, in a familiar setting. If you wish, you can always join the existing groups in fitness clubs to get more effect and the ability to monitor the correctness of the performance of each movement.

The basics of pilates classes for beginners. Video

Benefits of Pilates

1. The availability of exercises involves the ability to perform people of different age and gender, regardless of the general level of physical fitness.

2. Strengthening the abdominal muscles and back is the basis for improving posture, developing motor coordination, working out joints, and increasing flexibility.

3. The touching of the deep abdominal muscles together with the stabilizing muscles, as well as the internal muscles of the thighs and the small pelvis, allows women to participate in exercises during pregnancy and immediately after delivery.

4. The style of training is minimally traumatic, even with self-fulfillment it is difficult to harm your own body.

5. Through the system of training, there is an awareness of unity with your body, the ability to feel the slightest changes inside, harmonious development is achieved.

6. Special breathing improves the blood supply to the brain, the general circulation of blood and the ventilation of the air in the lungs. The combination of breathing techniques with an exercise program effectively strengthens the muscles while feeling better.

7. Concentrating on the technique of performance, combined with the smoothness of all movements, helps to keep away from existing problems, get rid of obsessive thoughts and completely relax.

Alyona Mordovina and Leonid Zaytsev on the video comment in detail on the whole exercise cycle, focusing (if necessary) on the hidden from prying eyes nuances of doing this or that exercise.For starters videosIt will be an excellent starting point to start entering the world of Pilates.

The basics of pilates classes for beginners. Video

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