The appearance of bruises in women on the body


Every person at least once in his life had a bruise on his body from a blow or a fall. However, it happens that hematomas appear for no apparent reason. And, as a rule, many do not pay attention to this. And here a person makes a serious mistake, because bruises on the body without a reason, both in women and men do not appear.

The female body has its own physiological features, from which the first cause of bruising appears. A woman throughout her life undergoes changes in the hormonal background. This is especially pronounced in the period of menopause and preuse. The female body at this time does not have enough estrogen, and this weakens the blood vessels. And the bruise on the body from a light touch is no longer a rarity.

Bruises on the body

The following reasons that cause new hematomas can be:

  • Lacks vitamins. When there are few of them in your body, the tissues after damage are restored very slowly;
  • For a long time, the patient is taking any medication. Often this effect occurs due to the intake of aspirin, as it contributes to the dilution of blood, and the result is the appearance of bruises throughout the body. Cavinton can also cause similar negative effects.

Therefore, if you are taking medications from these groups, and you have hematomas, and you are sure that there were no bruises, then you need to stop taking pills. Otherwise, internal bleeding may open.

Remember that it is not possible to establish the true cause on your own; you can only speculate. Therefore, in any case, it is worth referring to a professional hematologist, he will help deal with the origin of your hematomas and prescribe a competent treatment.

Bruises as symptoms of serious illness.

Bruises cause disease

Bruises on the body without a cause may indicate the presence of a serious illness in a person. Among these are the following:

  • Vasopathy. In simple terms, the walls of your blood vessels are not healthy due to the fact that they are destroyed by infectious or allergic agents. An example of this group of diseases may be vasculitis;
  • Coagulopathy. That is, the blood coagulates poorly, for example, in hemophilia;
  • Thrombocytopenia. This means that the patient has a small number of platelets, which is also capable of causing the occurrence of hematomas without a reason. This group includes DIC, hemangioma, etc .;
  • Thrombocytopathy. In this case, the platelet link does not work properly, which leads to the following diseases: myeloma, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

Also, the causes of the appearance of hematomas like for no reason may lie in the poor elasticity of the walls of blood vessels or disruption of blood flow.

As you can see, all the above-mentioned diseases are serious, therefore, it is very important to establish the cause of bruising on any part of the body.

Hematoma prevention

If you are afraid of bruises on the legs and on other parts of the body without a known cause, then you should take the following preventive measures:

  • Do not forget to periodically indulge yourself with vitamin complexes, they will help to make your vessels strong;
  • Monitor the health of your liver;
  • Do not acquire and do not self-medicate drugs that affect the process of blood clotting;
  • Spend time walking in the fresh air, sports games and a contrasting soul;
  • If you have an allergy to something, then try to avoid all contact with the substances that cause it. Save yourself from hypothermia and infections, it will help reduce the likelihood of developing vasculitis;
  • Hematomas can occur due to varicose veins, so do not prefer tight shoes and do not sit in one place for a long time. And also watch out for food and weight.

These are the easy rules, with their clear and everyday performance, will help you not to become another victim of causeless bruises.

Diagnosis and treatment of bruises

Hematoma treatment

If you didn’t manage to avoid this ailment, then diagnosis and further treatment will be needed. As you already understood, it is impossible to establish the right prerequisites and causes of hematomas at home. Therefore, you should definitely send to a doctor who will tell you if you have small changes in the body or should you begin to treat a serious illness.

To answer this question, you must make a coagulogram and donate blood. And if it is determined that the bruises on the hands for no reason appear because of a lack of vitamins, then, as a rule, the specialist will advise you to revise the menu and introduce there: greens, seaweed, eggs, rosehip, oranges and other citrus fruits. And, of course, drink a vitamin complex. If it is necessary, the doctor will accurately indicate the use of specific vitamins: C, K, E, P - they are responsible for the health of the capillaries in our body.

If it is established that hematomas are a consequence of the use of a particular drug, then you will cancel it. And depending on the history, they will give recommendations on your further actions.

Treatment for vasculitis, varicose veins or low blood clotting, which, as we found out, can also be the cause of hematomas on the body, a longer and more capacious.

If it is determined that you have poor blood clotting, the treatment will also be long and complex, but effective. A hematologist will tell you about which medications to take and can also prescribe a blood plasma transfusion.

As you can see, bruises on the body without a reason is a myth. The origin of any hematoma has an explanation: it may be a hormonal hormone disorder in women, the absence of any vitamins in the body, or the use of drugs that affect blood clotting. Also, the cause of bruises for no apparent reason can be serious illness, so you should not be lost in conjectures and self-medicate, consult a hematologist. He will tell you exactly where the bruises on your body come from, prescribe proper treatment.