Tea with milk


Tea in some countries is a traditional drink with a thousand-year history. Tea itself, like milk, is a very useful product. But when milk is added to tea, the substance in milk composition blocks the beneficial properties of catechin contained in black tea and helps fight diseases. In spite of this, Tea with milk has many healing properties.

The benefits of tea with milk

  • Despite the fact that milk blocks catechins, tea with milk is a very nutritious and easily digestible drink. It is able to strengthen and stimulate the entire body.
  • Tea helps to improve the absorption of milk by the stomach. Animal proteins and milk fats, mixing with vegetable proteins and fats that make up tea, create a very useful protein-fat complex for humans. This complex contains a large number of stimulating substances and vitamins, which are very useful for humans.
  • Tea with milk is an excellent preventive measure. This drink is useful in diseases of the heart, kidneys, polyneuritis.
  • As a strengthening agent tea with milk will help in depletion of the central nervous system and dystrophy.
  • Tea with milk is especially useful after an overstrain and in the early morning.
  • Tea with milk is an excellent sedative., helps with stress and insomnia.
  • This drink helps to reduce the fever and colds and excrete toxins from the body. It is useful for losing weight.
  • Tea with milk will help reduce appetite, reduce hunger and replace snacks. When losing weight milk with tea will help replace dinner and lunch. But when losing weight with tea, do not forget to drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • This tea will help cleanse the body, functioning as a diuretic and choleretic agent. It will help to normalize the functioning of the excretory system, increasing the outflow of bile and struggling with stress.

Milk helps to soften the effects of alkaloids and caffeines in tea, and tea, in turn, makes the tissue of the stomach not so susceptible to the effects of negative effects from fermentation of milk. So milk with tea creates an excellent nutritional formula.

How to make tea with milk for weight loss?

Specially prepared tea with milk can help in the process of losing weight. To prepare it, take 2 liters of skimmed milk and bring it to a boil. After that, cool to a warm state. Then add 5 tsp. white or green tea in milk and cover with a cloth. After 30 minutes, strain the drink. You can add 3 spoons of honey.

If desired, dilute the drink with boiled water in the ratio of 1 to 1. For faster cooking, brew strong green tea, adding 100 g of milk for every 50 g of tea leaves and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Tea with milk has many healing properties.. It will help cleanse the body, for which it is enough to do once a week one fasting day. But even healthy drinks require limited consumption, and tea is no exception. Observing all the recommendations, you can only benefit from such a wonderful drink, like tea with milk.

Be healthy!