Tantum verde


Diseases of the oral cavity, accompanied by inflammatory processes, cause a lot of problems, both for children and adults. Without a doctor's prescription, few tools can be used with maximum efficiency, and among such drugs is "Tantum Verde". Its only drawback is the high price, as a result of which it is necessary to look for budget analogues. How to pick them up?

Analogs "Tantum Verde" with angina


  • Among the most affordable drugs for children is listed "Ingalipt": a product that has completely different active ingredients, but the indications for use largely coincide with Tantum Verde, and, judging by consumer reviews, its performance is no less. The main ingredient of Ingalipt is soluble streptocid, as well as eucalyptus oil and peppermint, thymol, sodium sulfate hexahydrate. Young parents like this drug due to the natural components much more, so it is in the lead among the cheap analogues of Tantum Verde for children. Available in 30 ml.


  1. "Ingalipt" is focused on the inflammatory processes of the oral cavity (infectious diseases), but acts only on the respiratory system, therefore, with dental pain it is completely useless. It is an antiseptic, has a cooling effect, due to which the pain syndrome is dulled. The activity of the agent is observed against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  2. "Ingalipt" is used with caution during pregnancy and lactation (as recommended by the doctor), can be used over-the-counter for children from 3 years old. The frequency of use of local (irrigation) - 3-4 times a day, after the procedure 30 minutes. you can not eat and drink, before the procedure is required to rinse the inflamed area with clean water.
  3. The cost of the drug "Ingalipt" is 80-100 rubles. for 30 ml.
  • "Hexoral“is also available in an aerosol and rinse solution format, but its spectrum and active substances differ slightly from Tantum Verde: it is an antiseptic based on hexatidine, eucalyptus and mint oils, as well as menthol are seen among natural components.” Hexoral ” It has an antiseptic and analgesic effect, envelops the oral mucosa, works as an analgesic and antifungal agent.


  1. In children from 3 years "Hexoral" can be used under the supervision of a doctor, in adults a single dose daily until complete recovery. It is recommended to carry out the procedure after meals in order to preserve the plaque formed on the mucous membrane. Overdose and / or side effects of the tool, excluding the individual intolerance of the components, have not been identified.
  2. The cost of the spray "Hexoral" for 40 ml is 230-250 rubles.

Spray "Tantum Verde": analogues in composition

  • "Tenflex“in the form of an aerosol is the most famous analogue of Tantum Verde spray, and the most inexpensive of today. The drug of Turkish origin with benzidamine as an active substance is also a non-steroidal tool aimed at alleviating the inflammatory process. Sodium dihydrate, ethanol, are auxiliary substances. , glycerol, polysorbate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate and distilled water.


  1. Available in 30 and 120 ml in dark glass with a spray. Concentration - 0.15%. Use - 2-4 times a day. Indications for internal use - pain syndrome of any genesis, external - venous insufficiency, local - inflammation of the throat and oral cavity, including complications after dental surgery, inflammation of the vagina.
  2. Side effects can include burning and inflammation when used topically, an allergic reaction after ingestion, including rinsing. In this situation, the use of "Tenflex" should be suspended or terminated completely.
  3. It is unacceptable to use the drug in pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years old is undesirable to rinse with this drug. Spray can be applied topically at any age.
  4. The cost of the drug "Tenflex" for 30 ml of aerosol ranges from 170-190 rubles.
  • "Oralcept"- A fairly well-known analogue of" Tantum Verde ", whose active component is the same benzydamine. Among the excipients are dyes, as well as ethanol, which make it difficult to evaluate the drug. Of the natural components is peppermint extract. In its spectrum of action, it is completely analogous to the spray" Tantum Verde ": is focused not only on the inflammatory processes of the respiratory system, but also diseases of the teeth and gums, surgical interventions on the jaw area. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting im drug.


  1. Experts note that with the use of "Oralsept" there may be manifestations of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, manifested as burning and dry mouth, skin rash with local use, in extreme cases - anaphylactic reactions and edema. Pregnant and lactating women use "Oralcept" recommended under the supervision of a physician. It is allowed to children from 3 years, the dosage is calculated by body weight.
  2. The cost of "Oralsept" for 30 ml - 250-270 rubles.

To date, the cost of the drug "Tantum Verde" in middle class pharmacies ranges from 290 rubles. up to 380 rubles, while the volume of the bottle is 30 ml. A replacement product can be found, but it is worth deciding which category: either to look for a complete analogue of "Tantum Verde", but cheaper, or to choose a similar product with other active components, if not attracts not only the price, but also the composition of the drug.