Tablets "ranbaksi"

Today, pharmacies can compete with hypermarkets in breadth of range. In each segment of drugs you can find several types of drugs from different manufacturers. Which one to choose? Which company to entrust your health? We invite you to find out from what tablets are ranbaxi, how they act and how well they help.

Innovations plus generics: traditions of quality and prospects of the company

from what tablets ranbaxi

If you examine the shelves of pharmacies, then on many drugs you can see the word "Ranbaksi". Surely, many people and in the home first-aid kit will find a couple of drugs from this famous manufacturer of medicines.

Ranbaxi Laboratories Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company that has been producing drugs for more than half a century. It was established in 1961, and in 1990 entered the markets of America and Europe. After 3 years (1993), Russian consumers were also able to purchase drugs under the "Ranbaksi" brand. Patients immediately evaluated the effectiveness of these drugs, which, moreover, have an affordable price. Experts have also confirmed their quality: doctors often include them on the prescription list.

The company has a high reputation in the international market. She supplies drugs to 130 countries, her laboratories operate in 11 countries, including Russia. In 2008, a new page was opened in the company's history: Ranbaksi merged with the Japanese drug manufacturing company Daiichi Sankio.

The business alliance of two companies, one of which is developing new drugs, and the other specializing in generics, allowed Ranbaksi to reach 20th place among all the pharmaceutical companies in the world and opened up new opportunities for it.

Have you ever taken Ranbaxi medication?

Probably yes! They are used to treat many diseases: help get rid of pain, protect against viruses, defeat bacteria, calm nerves, restore balance of trace elements.

From what and what pills does rabaxi produce? Their assortment includes medicines of a different spectrum of action, including such popular as antibiotics, analgesics, antiviral, antiallergic drugs, as well as medicines that are necessary for the treatment of heart pathologies, problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and urological and dermatological diseases.

Some drugs can be purchased freely, others are sold exclusively by prescription, as they have a strong effect and have serious contraindications.

Consider the most famous drugs that are produced by this company.

What do you drink from pain?

drug made

If in such a situation you get out of Ketanov's purse, then this is a preparation made by Ranbaksi. It has a high analgesic effect, but is not addictive. Available in tablets and solutions for injection. The main substances in the composition - ketorolac and tromethamine. He obeys dental, severe headache, articular and other types of pain. Used in dentistry, oncology, burn units. Removes heat and produces an anti-inflammatory effect. Not suitable for those who have problems with the kidneys and liver.

Less popular, but no less effective anesthetic - Brustan with ibuprofen and paracetamol in the composition. Hence it is clear that this drug will not only eliminate pain, but also bring down the temperature and reduce inflammation.

What medications "Ranbaksi" will bring allergies to life?

Fexadine is another common remedy for ranbaxi. These tablets instructions for use recommends taking only once a day. This dosage is enough to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of allergies. Does not cause drowsiness.

Another drug of similar effect is Trexil. This is a new high-speed antihistamine with a pronounced anti-allergic effect. It is produced for adults (in tablets) and for children (in suspension). It has no inhibitory effect on the central nervous system.

No germs and bacteria! Collection of antibiotics from "Ranbaksi"

The list of antimicrobial and antibacterial agents developed by this company is quite extensive. The following drugs are best known:

  • Digran (OD and ST) Ranbaksi. Indications for use - all kinds of infections (respiratory, urinary organs, skin). These drugs are used in the treatment of sinusitis, lung abscess;
  • Norkabitin. Tested antimicrobial;
  • Zanotsin. Antibiotic with ofloxacin. It is used for pneumonia, bronchitis, gonococcal and chlamydial infections;
  • Elefox. Fluoroquinolone medicine. Used for skin infections, prostatitis, sinusitis, tuberculosis and other diseases;
  • Coldact Flu Plus. Many had to try out his therapeutic abilities for colds. Inexpensive medicine that helps at any stage of SARS.

And again "Ranbaksi": drugs that help out!

If your heart goes berserk, your nerves become loose, your stomach starts to behave badly or your throat reminds you of acute pain, then in all these (and other cases) you can find in the pharmacy the moderately expensive medicine "Ranbaksi", which helps. But what exactly to ask? Such medicines appeared in the consumer top:

  • with sore throat - ranbaxi pharyngosept (tablets). What are they prescribed for? They save from laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis and gingivitis;
  • with heart problems - Fonzitec (with elevated blood pressure, chronic heart failure); Targetek (Klopidogrel) - prevents the formation of blood clots, Retaprex - an effective diuretic and vasodilator;
  • from stress - Serlift, Rezalen (treated for depression);
  • in case of urological pathologies - Alfuprost MR, Omsulosin (in case of prostate gland diseases), Roliten (in case of incontinence of urine and frequent urge to urinate);
  • to combat Helicobacter pylori - Pilobact;
  • from stomach pain - Gistak (Ranitidine);
  • from acne - Adaklin, Aziks-Derm, will erase.

Why did Ranbaxi drugs become so popular with consumers? The answer is simple: these are high-quality products that are sold at an adequate and affordable price. By their action, they are in no way inferior to the more expensive "promoted" counterparts, which are offered by venerable pharmaceutical corporations.

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