Tablets of worms for dogs


Telling a seasoned breeder, what are the worms tablets for dogs, is useless. However, if a small puppy first settled in your house and you are just starting to experience the happy moments of gnawed heels and puddles in the corridor, a small overview will be very useful.

Algorithm of the right actions

how to cure an animal from worms

The laws of nature are such that every living thing is more or less a parasite. However, the most famous helminths succeeded in this business. These masters of parasitism today settled in the body a quarter of the population of our planet. But how many injured dogs, it is not known for certain, but researchers believe that every third animal is a carrier of infection.

Based on this, it can be assumed that it is almost impossible to get a clean and healthy dog. Therefore, a completely logical question is brewing: how to cure an animal from worms? The action algorithm should be based on the following principles and rules:

  • Active reproduction and resettlement of helminths in the body of a new host falls in February-March. It is during this period that preventive measures to disinfect animals will be most effective.
  • Puppies under the age of 6 weeks should not be given any medications. According to the rules, the breeder must carry out all the necessary procedures before conception, then the chances of infection of newborns are minimal.
  • Worm tablets for dogs must be given before vaccination. This is best done 10 days before the date of revaccination prescribed by the doctor.
  • You can get rid of your pet from parasites only if it is completely healthy, otherwise the disease can be aggravated.
  • Particularly sensitive dog breeds and animals prone to allergic reactions, anti-worms are selected only by a doctor. The veterinarian will be able to choose the best drug for the pet and prescribe a sparing dose. However, it will be necessary to undergo annual deworming in any case.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to give drugs against worms simultaneously to all animals living in the same territory. If your dog looks completely healthy, eats well and regularly gains weight, then prevention should be carried out every six months. More frequent medication may interfere with the liver and kidney of the pet.

Overview of popular drugs

Antihelminthic means for dogs on the principle of action and active ingredients are very similar to each other. Perhaps the only difference is the age of the animal. For example, more benign medicines have been developed for puppies.

Anthelmintics for dogs

Consider drugs that stand out particularly clearly against the background of a huge flow of pharmaceutical veterinary drugs.

"Cannavtel Plus"

This is a German broad spectrum agent for deworming adult dogs and cats. The ideal ratio of the two active ingredients provides a mild effect on the animal's body. At observance of the recommended dosage side effects from taking pills are not observed.

Of the minuses of the drug can be noted as follows:

  • for small breeds of dogs it is very difficult to calculate the norm;
  • it is not recommended to give a remedy to animals prone to allergies;
  • the drug does not have the desired effect at the first "anthrax", as well as in the advanced stages of the disease.

Tablets can be diluted with food and human food. In case of acute infection with worms, repeated administration of the drug is necessary after two weeks.

"Drontal Plus"

A good therapeutic tool at a reasonable price with a pleasant meat smell. Ideal even for the treatment of worms in advanced stages. Of the minuses, you can select only these:

  • hard shell, because of which the tablet is difficult to dissolve in water or animal feed;
  • In troubled pharmacies, you can easily run into a fake.


Available in the form of small tablets in a hard, odorless shell. The drug is suitable for both treatment and prevention of puppies, as well as dogs of small breeds. Tablets are dosed in accordance with the weight of a pet at the rate of 1 pill for 5-25 kg. Subject to the instructions of the drug does not cause negative effects. Of the minuses it can be noted, except that a narrow focus, that is, the tool does not help with the active reproduction of helminths.


Universal remedy for the treatment and prevention of worms in dogs and cats. For adult pets, the drug can be bought in the form of tablets, but puppies are advised to add sweet syrup to their food. According to the instructions, side effects are minimal and occur only when the recommended dosage is violated. The worming pills "Prazitel" spend on a standard schedule, and for street dogs, the procedure is repeated after 10-14 days.

How to feed the Ball pill and other features of the operation "S"

how to give your dog a pill for worms

To choose the right drug for the operation "antiglists" is only half the work, which is not so difficult to cope with. More problems and questions will arise when a negligent pet revolts and refuses such a treatment. What to do and how to give your dog a pill for worms?

There are several options:

  • crush the required dose in a mortar to a state of powder and mix in dairy products or morning porridge;
  • stuff medicine with an appetizing piece of doctor sausage;
  • enter the pill forcibly at the root of the dog's tongue or as an injection;
  • enter the solution with a syringe without a needle orally.

Often, all the new generation of drugs do not require prior pet compliance with a hungry diet or taking special laxatives. However, some features of the procedure still have:

  • When you give a pill for worms to your dog for the first time, buy an absorbent and saline in the pharmacy in case the animal has unforeseen adverse reactions and allergies.
  • It is more effective to carry out a peeling in the morning when the dog's stomach is still empty, even if the exact time of receipt is not indicated in the instructions.
  • The dosage on the package is obligatory for execution, only the veterinarian can change the reception parameters on the basis of the animal’s history, age and weight.
  • After taking the medication for 6-8 hours, the dog must necessarily completely empty the intestines. If this fails naturally, you as the owner need to give the dog an enema or give a laxative.
  • Puppies under the age of 6 weeks before taking the pill must necessarily be given absorbent (activated carbon or its analogs). This is necessary in order to mitigate the effects of active substances on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys of the animal.

Warming procedure should become a habit and be carried out with enviable regularity at least once every six months. This is the only way to ensure good health and good health of your pet. And since the worms from the dog easily move into the human body, on top of that, you also protect yourself from infection.