Tablets for pregnancy and conception

The fact that there are contraceptives, we know for a long time, and many successfully use this achievement pharmacology. And what if scientists have already come up with effective pills for pregnancy and conception?

We hasten to reassure the reader, without men, still, nowhere. This is the most beautiful and reliable way to get pregnant. But to help a woman quickly increase the chances of conception, influence the processes of ovulation, fill the lack of hormones in the body - all this is within the power of modern medicine.

effective pills for pregnancy and conception

If you decide to have a baby, but something does not work, the first thing to do is to be examined. Based on the results, the doctor chooses methods of treatment. What pills do I need to drink to get pregnant?

Hormones are normal

If the body lacks the necessary hormone, for example, progesterone, then drugs such as Utrogestan (contains natural progesterone) or Duphaston (composed of synthesized progesterone) make up for this lack. These drugs are analogues, their dosage should be adjusted exclusively by the doctor. It is also necessary to remember about the existing contraindications. Taking hormonal drugs, you need to be patient for at least several cycles. But you should not be afraid of them, the restoration of hormonal background will benefit the whole body.

Ovum, come out!

It happens that pregnancy does not occur because of the lack of ovulation itself, that is, when it is necessary, the egg does not come out of the follicle. Making her do it, so to speak, to stimulate this process, help all the same, hormonal drugs. Most often it is Puregon, Klostilbegit, or Menopur. It is necessary to take such drugs (in the form of tablets or injections into the stomach) on certain days of the cycle, self-treatment is fraught with the formation of cysts and other troubles. Therefore, only the doctor prescribes and adjusts the medication for conception.

There are a number of herbal preparations containing natural phytoestrogens. These include Cyclodinone, Bromikriptin. They are able to beneficially affect the normalization of the process of ovulation. Elevated levels of the hormone prolactin in a woman’s body can interfere with conception. These drugs normalize its balance.

Contraceptives to help

oral contraceptives can help you get pregnant

For many, it will be a surprise information that oral contraceptives can help you get pregnant successfully. And yet, this is true. The woman is invited to take birth control pills for several months. At this time, sexual functions at the time "fall asleep." Then the drug is canceled. After the break, the ovaries begin to work with double strength, respectively, ovulation occurs, and the chances of getting pregnant increase significantly. It must be said, and in this case, only a doctor should select drugs and prescribe treatment.

If a couple fails to have a child for a long time, this is no reason to despair. You should check your health and correct with the help of auxiliary preparations for conception some disturbances or malfunctions in the body. And this is the best time for unforgettable sex, when a loving couple does not think about protection, works with ecstasy to create a new life.

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