Table tennis for health and good mood

Table tennis is one of the most exciting, interesting and affordable sports games. He has practically no contraindications, and everyone can learn how to play it, starting from any age. Being enthusiastically beating off the ball, you will not only feel incomparable pleasure, but at the same time you will be able to strengthen your physical and mental health. Table tennis is an exciting, educational and useful game for everyone.

The benefits of table tennis

Table tennis has a beneficial effect on the development of the mobility of the hands of the hands, develops fine motor skills of hands, strengthens the muscles of the hands and wrists. It helps to increase the speed of movement of hands, to develop attention and reaction. Being engaged in table tennis, the muscles of your legs get a good load and become stronger. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems begin to function better, enriching the body with oxygen.

Table tennis develops dexterity, eye, flexibility. Thanks to the development of reactions, our brain learns to control the body even faster. Playing table tennis, you develop the hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, and even the joints of the spine. There is such a phrase "A person is healthy, while his spine remains flexible." This is another reason why table tennis has a positive effect and strengthens our health.

Table tennis for a good mood

One of the advantages of table tennis is the opportunity to relax. and distract from everyday worries that do not always give us pleasure. But it is in pleasure that the secret of our health lies. If you even do the most serious things with pleasure, you will not feel any pressure. Since many of us are deprived of such an opportunity, there is only one way out to receive the missing pleasure from playing table tennis.

Table Tennis Help

While playing, you can stabilize your pressure. If you hurt and get tired quickly, table tennis eyes are irreplaceable for you. After all, during the game your eyes will have to keep track of the movements of the ball all the time, and you will not find a better workout for the eyes. Playing table tennis will relieve tension and fatigue, helps normalize blood circulation. Thanks to the very competitive spirit of the game, your body gradually learns how to cope with stress, react to everything that happens less painfully.

Who is table tennis recommended?

It will be useful to those who suffer from farsightedness, myopia, those who have had an operation on his eyes. Elderly and young people of any age. People who suffer from respiratory disorders have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Who lacks strong-willed qualities, table tennis will become an indispensable assistant in their development. It will help cultivate such qualities as perseverance, endurance, courage, self-control, perseverance, determination and courage, independence and initiative, because during the game you will have to make decisions that will help you play better and better. Table tennis will help develop such a quality as the will to win, and the most important purposefulness.

Contraindications for table tennis

People who suffer from scoliosis, table tennis is contraindicated because of the low table and movements of only one hand in this game. If you have myopia too high or there are complications of the fundus, then consult a specialist before starting table tennis lessons.

Table Tennis Benefits

For table tennis, you don’t need anything more than a ball, a racket and a table. That is why you can play table tennis almost everywhere and with a partner of any age. Playing table tennis, you have to make a lot of punches with high speed. The body gradually begins to expend its energy and the person gets tired. But continuing the game, and constantly doing, you gradually develop your stamina and begin to more easily endure any physical exertion.

Table tennis exercises bring pleasure and joy when playing, you experience stress, but then it disappears, under the influence of positive emotions from the game and physical activity. It trains your heart and nervous system. There is a uniform emotional and physical training.

Table tennis rules

For those of you who have never played table tennis before, but decided to do it from tomorrow, a few rules. The ball is served so that he fell on the opponent's side, before hitting on your half of the table. Submission is done 5 times in a row. The game goes to 21 points, the gap between the players in the final score should be 2 points.

Recommendations for beginners to play table tennis

So that you learn to play table tennis faster, you can do exercises that develop a specific muscle group. It will help you to quickly get in shape and strengthen your health. Here are some exercises that will help you:

1. Jumping rope. 2 times 15 jumps.

2. Throws and catching tennis balls into the wall. You can throw balls at some specific goal and try to catch them with two hands in turn.

3. Exercises with small dumbbells will allow you to strengthen your arm muscles.

In order to develop good mobility of the hands and fingers, you can imagine that you are a conductor and conduct the orchestra. In table tennis, there are a huge number of different strokes that have different effects on different muscles of a person, but such skills will come to you with time, and now the most important thing is that you can simply enjoy pleasure and joy from the game and simultaneously strengthen your health.

Table tennis is both a sport and an organism's training, and an exciting game that will definitely benefit your physical and mental health.

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