Syroed elena

Elena, 44 years: "My profession involves frequent movements and not always home lifestyle. But it didn’t become an obstacle for me to radically change my lifestyle.".

How did you come to raw food?

Helena: 100% raw foodist, I still can not call myself, because I am still at the beginning of the PATH, but I strive for it. For 20 years, I occasionally tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, “sitting down” on a cleansing fast and supporting mostly a vegetarian lifestyle.

What contributed to the fact that you made the decision to become a food-eater?

Helena: I got sick, was in the hospital, but at this time my son decided to switch to raw foods (he was strongly influenced by reading the book Zelanda "Living Kitchen").

And I, rejoicing in his undertaking, decided to support him. It is very important when at this time of transition there is the support of loved ones. I started cooking raw food salads for him and I myself sat for several weeks on this food. And from the "boiled" was only gray unleavened bread. Two weeks later, there was a cool feeling of cheerfulness, lightness and buzz. In the body went cleaning processes as with short-term fasting. At that time I was on the examination, I did an ultrasound, and they found kidney stones in me. And it was here that the brain worked - I was scared that the speed with which the changes in the body were going would provoke the release of stones (I really felt the cleansing processes that went in the kidneys). I made a decision to add boiled food. Of course, the accelerated cleansing stopped, the processes in the body stabilized, but such a joyful sensation of the lightness of the body and the buzz from that went away. And gradually I returned to the former way of life.

How further was your Path to raw food eating?

Helena: The decision to once again change your lifestyle and go to raw foods came after 9 months. I was again at the hospital, saw pills, pricked injections and saw the low effectiveness of drug treatment. In addition, after the killer "doses" of antibiotics, I saw the entire destructive process that went on in my body and literally "collapsed" - the tongue became white with bloom, nauseous, which indicated complications in the digestive system. And again the man who influenced my decision to switch to raw food again was my son. By that time, he had been a syroyd for 9 months and strictly adhered to this lifestyle. He told me, "Mom, what are you waiting for? Go to raw foods, and you will have everything, you will think differently. You don’t need to do anything else." I knew he was right. I decided to start a new life again, asking for his support. He was surprised - "How can I help you?". I said - "Just talk to me more often on the topics of raw food, share your feelings, this will be a support." It's hard to change the lifestyle of one, you are lucky if you are near or among your friends, there are syroeda with whom you can communicate. In this case, you can change by leaps and bounds - this powerful energy support.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Helena: 8 months.

What has changed in your lifestyle?

Helena: Everything. I am different, my body sensations are different. In the body - lightness, less tired. In general, the state is different - more positive.

What information would you like to share with readers seeking to change their lifestyle and become raw foodists?

Helena: In the next article, I will share my experience in overcoming the “pitfalls” associated with a sharp transition to a new diet, given my age (young people can more smoothly switch to a new diet) and the reaction of people around them to a new, non-standard lifestyle.

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