Symptoms of pancreatitis in men


One of the most important organs in the body is the pancreas. Imperceptible in appearance, it has a tremendous impact on the work of many systems. Malfunctions in her work, including inflammation, bring a lot of problems. Symptoms of pancreatitis in men are usually very acute. In order to avoid complications, it is important to recognize and take action in time.

Strong floor and pancreas

Symptoms of pancreatitis in men

Pancreatitis is a group of diseases associated with inflammation in the pancreas. In men, it is much more common than in women. One of the reasons for this trend of physicians is the propensity of the male part of the population to abuse alcohol. Of course, pancreatitis is caused by many other factors, in particular, affecting the work of the brain, digestive tract, liver and other organs and systems.

Not only the causes, but also the symptoms and signs of pancreatitis in men have characteristic features. This part of the population is more often subject to the acute form of the disease, which is much more intense than the chronic one.

Recognize the symptoms of pancreatitis in men

Although the acute forms of pancreatitis are more pronounced, they are easier to treat. However, only timely measures will help to protect a person from the terrible complications or overflow into the chronic form. In this situation, the episodes of the disease will be repeated for years, gradually having a negative impact on all body systems.

In order to prevent the sad scenario, you should immediately contact the medical institutions in the event of the following symptoms:

  • encircling pain in the epigastric region;
  • high body temperature;
  • rashes on the skin;
  • severe nausea and vomiting, not bringing relief;
  • hiccups;
  • dizziness;
  • feeling of trembling in the body;
  • general weakness and fatigue;
  • bloating;
  • drops in blood pressure;
  • weight loss;
  • violation of digestive functions;
  • decreased appetite;
  • diarrhea and constipation;
  • the specific consistency of the chair;
  • yellowness of the whites of the eyes.

Pain in the left abdomen in acute form is often so severe that a man will need painkillers. Often, the painful sensations increase after eating, drinking, and especially after drinking alcohol. Pain after a greasy meal also indicates an acute form of pancreatitis, which usually lasts for several days.

An accurate diagnosis should be made by an experienced doctor. He will also develop an individual treatment scheme for the disease.

What threatens the disease?

Symptoms and treatment of pancreatitis in men

Late treatment is dangerous not only in the chronic form, but also in some complications, in particular:

  • hemorrhagic pancreatitis;
  • coronary insufficiency;
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • necrosis of the pancreas.

Once transferred, the acute form may recur, if you do not take measures to improve the condition of the body. Relapses eventually lead to the formation of chronic pancreatitis. In this case, the functions of the pancreas will inevitably be disturbed, the state of the patient’s digestive and circulatory system will also undergo negative changes.

For many men, this condition is observed for years, and acute symptoms overtake them suddenly and often - with very disappointing forecasts. In most cases, doctors sin on the well-known addiction of the stronger sex to alcohol.

Ways to treat pancreatitis

What pills are better to drink with an acute form? If the pain in a patient is not too intense, it is often limited to the use of fortifying agents, for example, vitamin complexes. A prerequisite for any form of the disease is compliance with the diet.

In case of a more severe course of the disease, a wide range of drugs are used, including:

  • detoxicants (for example, Multisorb);
  • enzyme drugs (Creon, Mezim, Pancreatin, Festal);
  • diuretic drugs (Diamoks, Furosemide);
  • antihistamines (Suprastin, Tavegil, Gipolfen);
  • medications that restore the intestinal microflora (Linex, Lactone);
  • antibacterial drugs (Cefotaxime, Ceftriaxone, Amoxiclav, Abaktal, Tienam, Vancotsin);
  • antispasmodic (No-shpa, Baralgin);
  • painkillers (Ketorolac, Diclofenac).

If drug treatment does not provide results, the patient can prescribe plasma cleansing of the blood, diuresis, and sometimes intravenous nutrition. In rare situations, resort to surgery.

One of the most effective forms of treatment of pancreatitis at home is the use of herbal preparations. Such tools are now available to everyone, and their effect contributes to the acceleration of recovery:

  • milk thistle - especially useful plant oil, which they drink three times a day before meals;
  • propolis - 3 g of pure product are chewed daily in the intervals between meals;
  • turmeric - third of 1 tsp dissolved in a glass of water, add 1 tbsp. honey and drink 100 ml for half an hour before meals;
  • chicory root - 2 tsp. 1 cup of boiling water should be boiled for 5 minutes and drink chilled during the day.

Ways to treat pancreatitis

As for the diet in pancreatitis, then exclude from the diet all food, potentially dangerous for the pancreas. The patient must refuse fatty, spicy and fried foods. The list of prohibited includes such familiar products:

  • fatty meats and fish;
  • fresh milk;
  • sour fruits;
  • egg yolks.

Doctors recommend to use low-fat dairy products, vegetables, rye bread and a variety of cereals. Despite the severity of the diet for pancreatitis, there are many recipes for delicious dishes, the ingredients of which have a beneficial effect on the work of the pancreas.

An important component of treatment of pancreas is a complete rejection of bad habits. After all, alcohol and smoking often trigger destructive processes. The combination of a healthy lifestyle and diets make the prognosis favorable for any patient. Caring for the health of the pancreas will not only save from unforeseen complications, but also help to support the rest of the body's systems.