Symptoms of herpes sore throat in children. how to treat

Everybody is familiar with angina and herpes. Another thing - herpes sore throat in children. Treatment of such a disease, like its symptoms, raises many questions from parents. What medicines to give to the child, is the disease dangerous and can there be complications? If you learn more about this ailment, you may stop fearing it.

How does herpetic angina differ from the usual one and what danger does the child face?

What herpes sore throat differs from usually

Herpes sore throat is far from uncommon, many children suffer from it. But parents often confuse this disease with stomatitis. Pediatricians also do not always correctly diagnose. This is because among its symptoms, the main are ulcers in the mouth and temperature. Herpangina sore throat is an acute viral disease that affects children from 3 to 10 years. It is less frequently diagnosed in infants, as they are protected from this ailment by maternal immunity.

But what is the connection with this angina with all known herpes? And no! It is caused by a completely different virus - Coxsackie. You can pick it up by airborne or fecal-oral route (through unwashed hands). This type of sore throat has virtually no complications. They develop only in children with weakened immunity. In such a category of patients (if parents treat them independently, without the help of doctors), myocarditis, liver pathologies, encephalitis, meningitis can develop.

After the child has suffered such a sore throat, he develops a strong immunity, so adolescents hardly suffer from it.

Distinctive signs of herpes sore throat

The disease has a hidden period - it lasts 2-3 days. Then the symptoms of herpes sore throat begin to appear:

  • temperature rises sharply (reaches 38˚);
  • blushes, starts to sore and sore throat;
  • there is a rash in the form of bubbles on the tonsils and palate (it is very similar to herpes);
  • headache;
  • it hurts the child to eat and drink, so he refuses to eat;
  • on day 2, the bubbles become cloudy and burst. In their place remain erosion in the mouth and throat;
  • for 6-7 days the pain subsides. But another week the patient is a peddler of the infection.

It can be noted that this angina differs from the acute respiratory disease in the absence of rhinitis, and from the usual sore throat - the presence of lesions.

Do I need a baby examination?

Herpes sore throat in children: symptoms and treatment

If the doctor is experienced, he will immediately recognize the type of sore throat in a child by the characteristic symptoms. And for more reliable diagnosis, a specialist may prescribe a blood test to check the number of leukocytes. If necessary (if the child is very small), complex and expensive diagnostic procedures are carried out: the culture method, the reaction of complement binding.

What medicines to use?

How to treat herpes sore throat? It should immediately be said that no specific antiviral therapy is carried out, but symptomatic treatment is necessary. Depending on what worries the child most, the following drugs can be used:

  • at high temperatures - Nurofen, Panadol, Efferalgan;
  • Ibuprofen and Nimesulide are prescribed to fight severe inflammation;
  • if the patient has developed severe edema and the baby cannot swallow and even breathe freely (which, however, happens in exceptional cases), Diazolin, Suprastin, calcium gluconate are prescribed;
  • to reduce pain (sometimes it is how strong that a child cries and does not eat at all), it is advisable to rinse with a decoction of sage, calendula, chamomile (1 tablespoon per 200 ml of water), eucalyptus and Castellani liquid. If the child is too small and does not know how to perform such procedures, then you can just wet the cotton sponge in the herbal solution and treat your mouth. And to irrigate the throat is convenient to use a syringe;
  • the doctor may also prescribe rinsing with chemist's solutions — Furacilin, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, but it is not recommended to resort to such means on your own;
  • Antiseptic solutions are used for the treatment of opened erosion.

Antibiotic therapy for herpes sore throat is not carried out, as it is caused by viruses.

Herpes sore throat is diagnosed in children, treatment

Herpes infection in children under one year can be quite difficult. Grudnichka torment such severe pain that he is constantly naughty and does not take the breast. In this case, he may be given painkillers (treatment is carried out in a hospital).

How can parents help their child?

In order for the child to recover faster and without complications, he must comply with the half-bed mode. Walks and kindergarten visits are canceled. The patient should drink a lot. Parents should often air the room where the sick child is.

It is important to create a menu correctly. It should include chilled porridges, soups, mashed potatoes and broths, that is, food that does not irritate the inflamed mucosa. You can not give hot meals (temperature reaches 40). Even medical decoctions for rinsing and tea must first be brought to a comfortable temperature.

All the time of the disease, the child’s condition should be maintained with vitamin preparations. It is useful to water it with broth of wild rose and lemon, tea with honey and jam.

If herpes sore throat is diagnosed in children, treatment should in no case include warming up and warming compresses. This will worsen the course of the disease, lead to activation of the virus and postpone recovery.

Herpangina sore throat is not a dangerous disease, if you start to fight it in time and consult your doctor about medicines. And in order to somehow protect the baby from such trouble, you should teach him the rules of hygiene. But most importantly - strengthen the immune system of the baby. Then he will cope with any disease!

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