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Despite the rather serious name, nervous breakdown is a protective reaction of the body, which helps to get rid of unbearable stress on the human nervous system. Nervous breakdown indicates that a person is subjected to psychological stress, intense and prolonged psychological and physical stress. The main reaction of a nervous breakdown is tears and a desire to change the situation. After that, the person feels relieved and able to rethink what happened. In other words, A nervous breakdown is the release of accumulated negative energy.

The only "but" is that it can happen in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is still a sign that the psyche is heavily overloaded, which can later cause nervous exhaustion, which is a serious disease that requires long-term treatment. Therefore it is necessary know the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. This knowledge will help protect the nervous system from excessive stress.

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown: 3 stages

Unlike other diseases, you can notice the symptoms of a nervous breakdown at a very early stage.

  • In the first stage, a person has increased enthusiasm for everything he does. He is completely absorbed in the implementation of the task, not noticing how much time and energy is wasted, wishing only to achieve a result faster. After such an irrational expenditure of energy, devastation occurs.

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown

  • In the second stage, there is a feeling of lack of strength. If at first a person does not notice anything, then right now comes the realization that his forces are almost exhausted. Comes unmotivated anger and irritability. At the same time, symptoms and other diseases begin to appear. The person is tormented by nightmares, lack of sleep, waking up at night. Total physical and moral havoc becomes permanent.
  • At the last, third stage, apathy appears, depression, the desire to take revenge on everyone around, the feeling that everyone wants only to harm. There are questions "Why do I need it?". Symptoms of a nervous breakdown manifest in different people in different ways. Some simply ask them not to touch, while others begin to destroy everything around. Unsafe symptoms are both a decrease in appetite and a desire to calm down with the help of alcohol.

Physical symptoms of a nervous breakdown

In addition to moral problems and manifestations, a nervous breakdown is accompanied by physical symptoms. This is a state of hysteria, jumping blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, dysfunction of the vegetative system. The body usually feels completely broken and weak, as if everything is in pain.

Mood swings, upset digestive system, persistent weakness, chronic fatigue are among the persistent symptoms that accompany an approaching nervous breakdown.Each one of the symptoms does not indicate his approach, but the presence of two or more, a change in behavior, may suggest that it is time to seek help from a specialist and urgently change the way of life.

Causes of a nervous breakdown

The main causes of a nervous breakdown are physical and psychological stress, stress.Such stress includes everything that causes discomfort, does not meet the expectations of the person, becomes the cause of frustration and feelings. If there are more and more such situations in life, then negative energy is accumulated, which does not have time to spill out, and this becomes the main factor causing a nervous breakdown.

Physical symptoms of a nervous breakdown

It is at the very beginning that you need to feel that the forces are running out and you need to stop to rest. If this is time trouble at work, try to stop and distribute the work according to its importance, assess how important it is and whether it is your responsibility or out of spiritual kindness, you again took on someone to help.

A few tips for treating a nervous breakdown

The first help with an impending nervous breakdown is the discharge of accumulated tension. Do something unusual, unexpected and unplanned.Change your daily routine, reduce the workload at home and at work, engage in what brings joy. Get enough sleep and do not forget about exercise. They will help you easily reset the accumulated voltage.

Arrange yourself 2 days of rest, ask that no one bothers you or ask you to do something. Your task is to relax as much as possible, to present yourself where you would like to find yourself now.

In the future, to prevent the emergence of a new nervous breakdown, try to evenly distribute the load, do not forget about the rest and entertainment. Avoid everything that causes anger, anger and irritation, do not communicate with people who are unpleasant, with colleagues who show envy, overly strict superiors.

When a person is psychologically completely exhausted, the nervous system, defending itself, gives way to stress, provoking a nervous breakdown. If a person does not notice that he exposes himself to too much stress, paying attention to everything and everyone, the nervous system will remind him of this nervous breakdown. As soon as you notice the first symptoms of a nervous breakdown, be sure to consult a doctor, because self-medication can further lead to the most severe state of depression and the appearance of chronic fatigue syndrome. Only a psychologist is able to prescribe the right treatment and help cope with large emotional loads effectively. Useful information can also be found in the article How to get rid of bad thoughts ?.

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