Symptoms and proper pre-medical treatment for knee injury

The knee joint is a complex mechanism, the injury of which can lead to serious consequences. 3 bones appear in its formation, and also this place where hundreds of nerve endings are located. Unfortunately, anyone can hit. In the event of a severe injury to the knee, there is severe pain that does not disappear for a period of time.

Symptoms of Knee Bruise

Symptoms of Knee Bruise

After the trauma occurred, there is a strong pain, depending on how badly the joint was injured. Often the bruise is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • pronounced pain;
  • hematomas;
  • there is no opportunity to move the foot;
  • increased volume of the knee, that is, manifested swelling;
  • redness appeared in the area of ​​injury.

However, each of the symptoms may have additional characteristics, depending on the injury, which was accompanied by a dislocation or fracture, rupture of ligaments.

We begin treatment at home

Bruises caused by bumps and falls require surgical treatment, especially if the blow fell on the kneecaps. It is necessary to immediately determine what degree of damage to the knee, whether there is damage to the internal tissues. It is required to immediately make ice lotions, in order to avoid further spread of the hematoma. We fix a cold compress on the knee for no more than 20 minutes, then switch to the following actions:

a tight and elastic bandage is applied to the knee

  • a tight and elastic bandage is applied to the knee to relieve tension;
  • to provide the patient with complete rest, by sitting him or putting him in such a way that the leg is located just above the body;
  • take antispasmodics to get rid of the incessant pain (for example, Analgin, Ketorol, Spazmalgon) or apply an ointment for knee injury, which will help relieve pain and get rid of inflammation;
  • You can also use painkillers and anti-inflammatory creams (Ketones, Finalgon, Nurofen);
  • using ice to remove puffiness and bruising, in no case at this stage do not use warm lotions;
  • if there was a knee bruise in the fall, the treatment after 2 days can be supplemented with warm and warming compresses, but only if the color of the hematoma has changed to lighter;
  • if the color of the bruise does not change, in no case should you rub the knee joint to avoid clogging of the blood vessels.

As the knee is restored, it is imperative to consult a doctor to completely exclude a fracture, as well as cracks in the bones. If, after 3 days from the moment of the incident, the knee does not stop bothering you, it is necessary to undergo physical therapy, which is prescribed by the attending doctor. Usually, quite 10-15 procedures.

Folk methods of help in the treatment of the knee joint

Folk methods of help in the treatment of the knee joint

  • apply cabbage leaves to the bruised place, gently squeezing them so that there is juice.
  • apply a compress from natural cottage cheese;
  • impose the rubbed onion head on the knee, wait about an hour, then wash off;
  • Mix the crushed leaves of the common plantain with pork fat and apply on the knee overnight.

Despite the fact that mild knee injury is not a particularly serious ailment, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to its recovery. This approach will shorten the recovery period and improve results in the future. Each type of joint injury must be treated qualitatively, otherwise further complications may lead to such consequences as loss of joint integrity, inflammation, cartilage and bone deformity.

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