Swollen upper eyelid in a child or adult

An unpleasant surprise - a swollen upper eyelid - can be caused by various reasons. Their clarification helps to correctly assess the complexity of such a state and solve the problem. In a situation where the eye is swollen (upper eyelid), be sure to exercise caution and think carefully about what to do. How can I return the organ of sight to normal?

Roots of the problem

swelling of the eyes (upper eyelid)

Swelling in the upper eyelids occurs due to various factors. It is important to find out exactly what the root of the problem is, its causes, in order to choose the right actions to solve it. Most often the eyes swell up with:

  • inflammations;
  • violations of the internal organs;
  • injuries, injuries;
  • allergies;
  • excess in the diet of liquids, salty foods, alcoholic beverages;
  • lack of sleep.

If there is not only swelling, but also redness, an eye hurts under the upper eyelid, it is painful to press it, then these are symptoms of boils, or barley. This disease is usually accompanied by fever. After 2-3 days, a purulent formation appears on the surface of the edema, the size of which can be compared with barley grain.

Sometimes the upper eyelid swells with ARVI. This is due to dilated vessels. In addition, the problem occurs with conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lacrimal sac, streptococcal infection.

Edema of the upper eyelid is often caused by impaired renal function or cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, swelling appears after sleep in both eyes.

Among the main culprits of swelling in the upper eyelid are allergies. It appears suddenly and quickly passes. And various products, cosmetics, medicines or pollen of plants can cause a reaction. Allergy is dangerous by the development of glaucoma.

Many parents are faced with the fact that the child's eye (upper eyelid) is swollen. Usually in the younger generation this is due to the following factors:

  • cold or conjunctivitis;
  • allergic to food, household chemicals, flowers or animal hair;
  • insect bite (with a sting trace visible in the center of the edema).

Help at home

eye swells (upper eyelid), which is usually advised to do at home

If the cause of the problem is not related to malfunctioning of the internal organs, inflammation or allergies, then it can be solved by folk methods. They help with lack of sleep, the consequences of a disturbed diet. When the eye swells up (upper eyelid), this is what is usually advised to do at home:

  • apply a cold compress to the eyelids - you can moisten gauze in very cold water or wrap ice in a cotton napkin;
  • take a douche that stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

Medical treatment

The upper eyelid is swollen and there are painful sensations - with such symptoms, you need to consult a doctor. Also visit the medical facility is worth with frequent repetition of the problem of swelling. The specialist will decide what to do, diagnose and prescribe treatment. Consultation by a general practitioner or an ophthalmologist is necessary in the following circumstances:

  • mechanical damage to the eye;
  • suspected kidney, heart, or vascular disease;
  • acute infectious diseases that cause inflammation;
  • insect bites;
  • allergy.

For each case, the therapy is selected individually. Drops or ointments, rinsing, or medication to constrict blood vessels may be prescribed. When violations of the activity of the heart or urinary organs lead to edema, medical research is conducted and complex treatment is prescribed.

The upper eyelid of the eye sometimes swells simply due to excessive consumption of fluid, salt or alcohol. You can solve this problem at home. But it is impossible to ignore such a condition, if it recurs regularly, the swelling is accompanied by pain. A visit to the doctor with such symptoms is not a reinsurance, but a necessity.

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