In the huge mass of information about using what methods and methods and how to strengthen your health, we draw your attention to the topic of swimming and its impact on human health.

Swimming is suitable for everyone. From any age it has a beneficial effect on our body and our health. Training astronauts on a mandatory basis provides for training in the water. Opinions of doctors are one in one: swimming is the most gentle type of load on the human body. Therefore, for those who want to be always healthy, think about strengthening their health, want to learn more and feel a sense of respect for this sport, swimming is the best way to be in shape.

Practice swimming and psychological state

Swimming is not just a sport.. This is one of the most effective means of dealing with stress. In itself, swimming for those who are engaged in it, causes incomparable pleasure. Soft warm water envelops your body, which seems to be floating in weightlessness, you feel free and do not feel the full weight of this world on your shoulders. You are in a state of ease. At this moment, you can escape from all their troubles and problems and just enjoy the fact that you are in the world. Problems seem to disappear somewhere. At this moment, the ability of water to take over all the negative charges of our body is working. That is why swimming is not only physical training of the body, a beautiful sport, but also an excellent means of relaxation and recreation.

Swimming and its effects on health

When you swim, your body overcomes the resistance of water, all your muscles are intensively trained, while developing endurance. Breathing and circulation increase, the joints take the correct position, freed from stiffness. In the body, there is an improvement in the metabolism, the process of burning extra calories and improving metabolic processes in all vital organs. As a result, as a result of all our efforts, hardening occurs and the body's resistance increases, immunity is strengthened, and a barrier to diseases appears, which, first of all, refers to diseases of colds.

When the body is immersed in water, there is a decrease in pressure on the joints, due to a decrease in the weight of the person. The weight of a person in the water is distributed evenly, the muscles relax. Due to the decrease in pressure and on the internal organs, oxygen access to the muscles increases, blood circulation improves. When you swim, there is a decrease in pressure on the spine, and this helps to reduce back pain.

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Swimming technique

A prerequisite in obtaining a health effect is the observance of proper swimming techniques. The minimum load on the spine is provided by proper swimming technique.

  • When using the crawl style with a wave of your arms, do not tilt your head back. This will save your cervical vertebrae from injury.
  • In the freestyle while inhaling, do not turn your head too much to the sides. A strong rotation of the head can cause severe pain, and even displacement of the vertebrae.
  • The style of breaststroke requires that the head does not deviate strongly at the entrance, everything is done smoothly.
  • If you jump into the water, then press your chin to your body without taking it off. The jump you get smooth.

By following these tips and observing the proper swimming technique, you will save yourself from injury and get the maximum effect from swimming.

Swimming recommendations

For any sport, including swimming, there is one rule that in order to achieve the effect of training, to strengthen one’s health, regular training is necessary. Regular swimming training includes classes a week at least 3 times. Of course, just swimming back and forth around the pool is not very interesting, especially if the activity must be at least 30 minutes, so your swimming program can be varied. To do this, we try various swimming styles, not forgetting the correct technique, do gymnastics in the water or just relax. Each of you can choose for yourself the most suitable program. Here are some tips to help you with this.

  • If you don’t want your heart to work too often and don’t want spend too much energy, You will swim with a break. Do not take too long respite. We swam a little, 30 seconds rested, and continued to swim. Gradually increase the session to 30 minutes.
  • If you want to develop endurance, then you need to swim, without taking breaks, just change styles. 25 minutes is enough, then pause. Here the principle is not speed, but breathing rhythm, it is this that will provide your body with an influx of oxygen. Exhalation must be done through the mouth and nose, try to do it, even under water.
  • If you want to just relax, relieve tension, it is best to lie on your back, your back, muscles relax, water will reduce your body weight, allowing it to relax. At this moment you can remember the good moments from your life, dream, imagine yourself where you want to go, or just get real pleasure from the fact that your body is relaxed and weightless. At the same time, do not strain your head, so as not to cause tension in your neck, let your hair get wet better, but you will truly rest.

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These recommendations will help you take advantage of swimming and improve your health.

Take care of yourself and have a good swimming!