Swimming styles and rules

Swimming has long occupied an honorable place on the pedestal of health promotion methods. His huge role and contribution to the cause of human health care is recognized by all. Many sources confirm its beneficial role in promoting health and proper human development, starting in infancy. All this is not subject to criticism, but, as in any business that we do, correct execution is important here.

Compliance with simple recommendations will help you not to harm yourself and achieve maximum results in health promotion. Not only do we know about the benefits of swimming and its effects on our bodies, it is also necessary to be able to use it.

Swimming rules

  • Start swimming an hour after eating to avoid muscle cramps and dizziness.
  • Before swimming, take a cooling shower or gradually enter the water so that the body has time to get used to it. Cold causes a sharp narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead to serious health consequences. There may be heart pain due to sudden hypothermia and hard work of the heart. So be careful.
  • When the water temperature is below 20 degrees, it is advisable to swim no more than 20 minutes to avoid overcooling of the body, which can provoke a cold or an attack of rheumatism.
  • If the eardrums are damaged, protect the ears from water ingress. This can be done by inserting a cotton wool swab dipped in oil into the ears.

  • When swimming in highly chlorinated water, special glasses are needed. This will prevent eye inflammation and redness.
  • During your period, use hygiene tampons. They won't get wet. Swimming during this period is an effective treatment for antispasmodic pain in the lower abdomen.

Swimming breaststroke

We will start with one of the most active breaststroke swimming styles. When using the Brass style, you need to stretch out with your whole body and gently glide through the water. Our face and palms should be facing down. Turning your palms out and back to shoulder level, hands down. Then we lift the head, take a breath and begin to pull up to the body of the legs.

Hands return to their original position, while the face is lowered into the water. We exhale, and sharply push off with our feet. We continue, stretched out, glide through the water until a new breath. Brass will suit those who are just starting their swimming lessons. He does not require from you any complicated technique, distinguished by its simplicity and simple hand movements. To any of us he can do it. When losing weight, breaststroke is indispensable, especially if you are concerned about the luxurious thighs.


Style crawl It begins with pulling one hand out over the water, and simultaneously pushing the other hand back. Our body automatically rotates on its axis to the side. Face is lifted above the surface after the formed wave from the rotation of the head. We take a breath. Then we lower the outstretched arm into the water and make a strong movement back to the body approximately up to the level of the hips.

At the same time we exhale into the water. All this time, with straight legs, we have to perform a movement called scissors.

The scheme of movements by the crawl style is shown in the figure.

Swimming crawl is suitable for people who know how to swim and who want to train their shoulder girdle, lose weight on the buttocks and thighs.


The most important advantage of swimming on the back is that there are no problems with breathing, the face is not lowered into the water.. We occupy the initial position: we lay down on our back, stretch one hand with the palm upwards in the direction of movement. The second hand is pulled along the body. With one hand, push off the water up and down, take a breath. At this time, take the second hand out of the water and stretch it over your head, exhale. The legs are stretched straight, and all the time the scissors move.

One of the most important elements of all of the above is proper breathing during swimming, as well as in any other physical exercise.

Each style of swimming has a positive effect on human health, strengthening it. With regular swimming, the volume of the lungs increases, the heart muscles work harder, more than 400 kcal are burned in 60 minutes of exercise. The possibility of getting any injury during swimming is minimal. The human body becomes stronger and more enduring, the person with ease transfers various physical activities. This is just a small list of the beneficial properties of swimming as a way to strengthen your health.

Any swimming style is an excellent way to improve your health.. The choice is yours and depends on your choice and personal preferences. Most importantly, while swimming, we become healthier, stronger and stronger. With all this, swimming remains one of the easiest and most inexpensive sports. It replaces all other sports, because during the voyage you do all the necessary physical exercises. Are there a few more reasons to include swimming in everyone’s life schedule?

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We hope that each of you has found something useful in this article for yourself, and has adopted it, and this can only mean one thing - be healthy and see you in the expanses of water.

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