Swimming and health

Those who have problems with the spine, musculoskeletal system, back, breathing, cardiovascular system, overweight, it is useful to engage in swimming.

Each of us has heard of swimming and its health benefits. But which of us signed up for the pool? Most likely, this sport as a way to improve the health of any of us was not considered because of the availability, not the same as ordinary exercise or jogging. At the same time, we do not think that all the expended efforts that will be required of us to go to the pool will pay off a hundredfold. This neglect of swimming in our struggle for our own health is based on the ignorance of its beneficial properties and the effect it has on us. We will try to fill this gap in our knowledge today by describing the role of swimming in strengthening our health in more detail. And we will begin immediately with its advantages over other sports.

The benefits of swimming

One of the most important advantages of swimming compared to any other sport is its sparing effect on the human body. Swimming has virtually no contraindications and side effects. It is suitable for everyone, even if another sport is contraindicated to you. Swimming is especially indispensable for those who have problems with the back, joints, overweight. For pregnant It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your body and prepare for childbirth.

When swimming, the load is distributed evenly on all muscle groups of a person, training almost all of them, and exerting the greatest impact on the muscles of the hands, hips, buttocks, shoulder girdle and abdomen, increasing the flexibility of the joints, especially the joints of the hands, neck and hips.

Effect of swimming on the body

Swimming helps strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and endurance of the body, the normalization of its work. Thanks to swimming there is a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. It promotes rhythmic breathing, trains respiratory muscles. The breaths you make while swimming increase the volume of your lungs, enriching your body with oxygen, and this helps to heal all organs and strengthen the immune system.

Increased ventilation of the lungs, increased mobility of the chest, reduced pressure, increased blood circulation occurs when you go swimming regularly. With the help of swimming, you can strengthen the work of the heart and blood vessels, normalize their work. In the water, the human body feels massage effect, which arises due to the fact that water resists the swimmer's body.

Kids and swimming

Swimming has no age limit.. For any age, the effect of swimming will be favorable. But for children, there are specific indications. If the child develops a violation of posture, there are problems with the development of the musculoskeletal system, there is a risk of flatfoot, swimming is simply necessary. When a human body sinks into water, the load on the spine decreases, the body acquires an unusual position for itself, this prevents the appearance and development of flatfoot, helps to correct posture.

Even for small children, swimming has an invaluable health effect. This is especially necessary at an early age for the bones of the baby’s skeleton, their proper formation, the development of the mobility of children's joints. In the future, this will reduce their injury.

Swimming and overweight

The role of swimming in the fight against obesity is indisputable and recognized by all experts. Stress, which closely follows us through life, is one of the causes of excess weight. Food, we are trying to fill those positive emotions that we lack. Water is an excellent source of stress relief, taking away all the negative emotions of a person. The process of swimming contributes to no less burning extra calories than running or fitness, while not creating the risk of sprains, dislocations, muscle overload.

Swimming styles

In swimming, there are several styles, and each of them has an effect on a specific muscle group, so you can choose your own swimming style and remove excess weight from where it really bothers you.

  • Breaststroke suitable when you want to get rid of cellulite, too thick hips or leg muscles require tightening. In the breaststroke, mainly the lateral, inner surface of the thighs works.
  • Style crawl suitable when you need to use the buttocks and the back muscles of the thighs.
  • Swimming on the back develops the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle.
  • Freestyle It affects all muscle groups and does not require special equipment.
  • Style butterfly develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the muscles of the abdomen and chest, but requires proper execution of the technique.
  • Swimming on the side develops oblique abdominal muscles, abs and arm muscles.

In order to achieve the effect, it is enough regular classes for a month, starting with half an hour and gradually bringing the load up to an hour.

You will be surprised to find changes in your figure, at the same time strengthening your health and nervous system, removing the accumulated tension and fatigue.

No matter how you swim or swim, no matter how much time you spend in the pool, the positive effect of the swimming procedure will not take long. At any opportunity, do not miss the opportunity to go swimming, whether it is the pool of your city, the sea or the local water body in the summer, open for swimming.

Swimming will not only strengthen your health, but also help to confront ailments. If we want to restrain our old age, to avoid many health problems, swimming should become our habit and enter our life firmly.

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