Swelling of the legs with heart failure

If by the evening the legs are “poured”, this indicates serious health problems. And not necessarily to blame for this sick kidneys. Very often, swelling of the legs in heart failure. Treatment, of course, will not be local, but general. To decide which specialist to go, carefully study the differences of such edema.

Unhealthy a heart? Wait for swelling!

swelling of the legs in heart failure

Edema is a nuisance that always accompanies heart failure. What is the connection between the main muscle and the legs? The most direct! If it works poorly (weakly pumps blood), then the blood supply to the tissues is disturbed, and there is stagnation of the lymph in the lower limbs. The brain immediately responds to this problem and sends a warning sign to the kidneys, so that they "do not release" the water.

If you do not go into the subtleties of physiology, the appearance of puffiness with a weak heart can be explained as follows: water is retained in the body due to increased venous pressure (which contributes to the fluid from the capillaries passing into the tissue) and the reabsorption of sodium ions into the kidney channels.

After a person has been on his feet for a long time, the potential of the heart is exhausted, and his limbs swell. The stronger the organ is affected, the more pronounced the swelling will be. Excessive salt and fluid intake, stress, high physical exertion, narrow shoes, the habit of sitting with legs crossed, prolonged sitting with legs down, can increase puffiness. Hot baths also contribute to blood stagnation. A provoking factor is overweight.

how to find out what the reason is a weak "motor"?

Feet may swell in various diseases. Very often this happens if there are pathologies in the kidneys. But if the swelling is of heart origin, then there are such characteristic signs:

  • edema develops in the evening, shrinking significantly, or disappear;
  • on the early stages of disease, swelling of the fingers and toes, gradually rising to the top;
  • asymmetrical;
  • their education is slow (sometimes it lasts for several days or months);
  • swollen, smooth (even shiny) and tight;
  • The legs acquire a blue shade, freeze (feel cold). If you press on, it forms. Kozhananogakhmozhedezhelopatsya;
  • if you adjust the work of the heart, the thinness of the extremity will stop flowing.

There are additional signs that will help detect the connection between the state of the limbs and the decrease in the alluvial function of the "motor". So, along with legs filled with a person, the pain in the heart, increased (less often - reduced) pressure, shortness of breath (it becomes stronger during physical exertion and when the patient is in a horizontal position) are worried. Heart palpitations, pallor of the skin indicates problems. The doctor will find that the patient has an enlarged liver.

The development of edema always follows the same scenario: the condition is inevitably aggravated. If at first they are insignificant, the maximum that may swell is the legs and the feet, then they become chronic later, spread from the legs to other parts of the body.

what will a cardiologist register?

eliminate leg swelling in heart failure

What medications are used to eliminate leg swelling in heart failure? Treatment will be aimed at improving the functioning of the heart, since the root cause of such problems is precisely the violation of the contractile ability of this organ. Therapy of stagnation is one of the areas of complex drug effects.

The patient must take drugs that will strengthen the main muscle and give it energy. For this, cardiac glycosides are used. As for puffiness, it is removed with the help of diuretics - Furosemide, Piretanida, Torasemide, Giipotiazid, Verohspiron, Triamteren. Lasix is ​​injected intravenously.

what can I do at home?

To relieve your condition and reduce puffiness, you can use the following methods:

  • lie down (sit), leg to fit; you can just put them on the pillows;
  • Do light massage of the extremities - while moving the folding bed, perform round pressure pressing at the rear of the body. You can carry out such procedures with vegetable oils. For example, take 150 ml of olive oil and 25 ml of rosemary oil;
  • contrast baths. Fill one bucket with cold water and the other with warm water. Hold limbs for 10 minutes. in hot and then quickly lower them for 30 sec. in cold water. Do this several times a day;
  • On the early stages of a good effect of 20-minute vanochkachotvaramimashchami, mint, sage, spruce or basil of their. For them, make it better to bucket, to bring in a show, not only to the feet, but to the point. Water should have a temperature of a few higher than the temperature of the body;
  • compressed with a grated potato. It is done on an ordinary scheme: a clean pile of vegetable and vegetable mass, put cellophane on top, tie it with a warm scarf, leave it at night;
  • inside usefulness of the product of the frostbone of the bush, birch stalks, stems of the green spring. Ready: 2st. l raw materials are poured into a thermos, making a boiling pot. Drilled morning to drink, drink food.

how reduce swelling diet?

Properly organized food, of course, will not replace drug therapy, but will help alleviate the swelling. The cardiologist will advise the patient on restrictive diet number 10. What are its features? Sharp, salty, fried, fatty foods are excluded from the diet. Even sour cream, milk and high-fat cottage cheese are banned. From the menu it is prescribed to remove mayonnaise and other sauces, smoked meats, pastries with cream and sweets.

We'll have to cook without salt, you can only add a little salt to the already prepared dish. The total amount of this spice per day should not exceed half a teaspoon. It is allowed to eat boiled and steamed vegetables and meat. To remove the liquid, it is recommended to eat boiled pumpkin (or its juice), carrot dishes, fresh cucumber, buckwheat porridge, tea with viburnum or lingonberry, apples.

In order to maintain the balance of magnesium and potassium (which may be disturbed due to increased control of excess fluid), it is useful to introduce baked potatoes, raisins, nuts and dried apricots into your diet. Allowed to drink no more than 1l of fluid per day.

To legs did not swell

avoid edema with heart failure

Completely avoid edema with heart failure will not work. But in order for the legs to suffer as little as possible, the patient should try not to be nervous. It is very important for him to have a full sleep, maintain moderate physical exertion, but not overload your body, take breaks in work. To help the heart, it is advisable to take walks in the forest-park zone.

If the legs are swollen because the heart is not working well, then no fixings, decoctions, and diuretics can fix the situation. Too much influence on this process has the underlying disease. Therefore, only the attending physician can choose the means and methods for eliminating puffiness.

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