Sweet clover honey


The promotion of a healthy lifestyle has led to the fact that today more and more people are trying to switch to natural products. They watch their food, deliberately refuse from semi-finished products and practically return to their roots, again paying attention to what has been forgotten. In particular, on honey products, which so much that it is no wonder get confused. For example, what are the beneficial properties of sweet clover honey? Is it better or worse than other varieties?

Honey from clover: properties and types of product

High "arrows" with golden flowers, which dotted not only fields, but also vacant lots, forest-steppe zones and the outskirts of roads - this is a sweet clover. Getting close to flowers in summer is almost impossible: bees love him so much that they buzz over him all day long, surrounding the flowers with a dense cloud. Already in the botanical name of the plant - meliotus - the main answer is laid down to the question of why it is from this flower that nectar is collected more than from others like it. Translated from Latin, its name means “honey flower”, and it is more than fully justified.

Sweet clover honey: useful properties

Donnic honey is valued more than other varieties, and it came to us from America: it was there that the cultivation of this honey plant first began. Then, gradually, flowers began to appear on the fields of Europe and Asia, and then they were appreciated by Russian farmers and beekeepers. For the latter, the value of this plant has increased, after studying the period of its flowering. While the main honey plants stop giving nectar, it can continue to be collected from clover for a long time, and this leads to more honey production.

Two types of clover are considered the main honey plants: white and medicinal, but there are a lot of useful properties in both. Therefore, it is not necessary to assume that if sweet clover honey is obtained from the colors of white clover, then there is no health benefit from it. The external difference in plants and in the final product is only in color. The medicinal sweet clover has large yellow flowers, its nectar is more viscous and dark.

The white clover petals have a faint golden tint, and the flowers are much smaller than the medicinal one. Honey from it, respectively, is more tender, light. But regardless of the variety, the nectar of the plant is highly sugary (15 g of sugar per 100 flowers), which also affects the final product.

The color of sweet clover is amber, very light, sometimes it can reach white with a golden hue, sometimes having a green note. It depends, as already mentioned, on the flower from which the nectar was harvested, as well as on how the plant was fed, how rich in nutrients its soil was. The aroma is thin, delicate, especially if it is honey from a yellow (medicinal) tributary; it will match and taste - soft, sweet. Honey from white clover is characterized by a slightly bitter taste, and the smell is reminiscent of vanilla.

The ratio of fructose and glucose in sweet clover honey is almost equal: 40% and 37%, respectively, due to the high sugar content of nectar. Due to this, it has a long crystallization: the consistency remains viscous for a long period. Like other varieties of honey, sweet clover becomes more liquid with increasing temperature, its specific weight decreases.

And everyone who adheres to a diet should know that the caloric content of sweet melon is 314 kcal per standard 100 g of the product, where 75 g are given to carbohydrates. Nevertheless, those 75% of the sugar contained in it are much more beneficial than the classic white granulated sugar. But do the healing properties of sweet clover overlap its calorie content?

Sweet clover honey: medicinal properties

Sweet clover honey: useful properties

To find out what useful properties doner honey has, you should study the characteristics of the honey plant itself. In particular, tannins and resinous substances that are present in its nectar deserve attention. In addition, it contains ascorbic acid and vitamin E, as well as glycoside. It should be noted the presence of a toxic element - coumarin, whose share is 0.9%. It is to him that the plant is obliged to have such a strong, grassy aroma, since there are almost no essential oils in it. The last important nuance is cumarol: this element is responsible for blood clotting, helping to slow down this process. Are all of these substances fully transferred to honey?

Don honey is considered to be of the greatest benefit to nursing mothers, since it stimulates milk production in the breast. In addition, it is often recommended to use it while waiting for the baby, in order to avoid a shortage of a number of substances necessary for the future mother, which are taken away from her fetus in the process of their development.

The next important quality of sweet clover honey is its beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, especially on the large intestine. It heals affected areas faster and softer than other varieties, reduces pain, restores microflora, and can be used as a mild laxative. It also takes into account its antibacterial effect, which ultimately makes the clover honey an excellent helper for ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the internal organs of the digestive tract. It should be remembered that to use sweet clover honey with milk is not recommended due to the possible conflict of products and subsequent flatulence.

Sweet clover honey is also useful in case of kidney and urinary tract diseases. In addition, like other types of honey, it is perfect for the treatment of cough - both superficial and gone into the bronchi. Good honey with insomnia, stress, headaches, including those that are menopausal in nature. And given the last nuance, we can talk about the benefits of the product in relation to the hormonal system of a woman.

In addition, doctors note the vasoconstrictor property of sweet clover honey, as a result of which its benefits for hypotensives increase. In the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, there is no equal honey of this kind, as well as in solving the problem of varicose veins. Therefore, this product is applied not only inside, but also externally: its effect on tumors, cuts, joint diseases, myositis and purulent wounds was assessed in ancient times. Compresses from clover honey impose on the affected areas, and they also treat colds with complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

How to apply honey from clover in traditional medicine?

Useful properties of sweet clover honey are revealed practically at any use of it, but the greatest result can be obtained when conducting entire courses of treatment or prophylaxis using already proven recipes. If for the prevention of certain diseases it is enough just to drop a spoonful of honey into tea, then if you want to eliminate a certain problem, such tactics will not be enough. Therefore it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some popular recipes, which featured donikovy honey.

Sweet clover honey: useful properties

  • As mentioned, it is invaluable in helping the intestines and stomach, therefore, in case of disorders of the digestive tract. If there is a tendency to low acidity, it is useful to drink on an empty stomach 0.5 tbsp. water at room temperature, which is dissolved 1 tbsp. sweet clover honey. After 15-20 minutes You can start eating. People with high acidity dissolve honey in warm water and take the drink 1 hour before meals.
  • To improve the functioning of the kidneys, 3 tbsp. sweet clover honey is diluted in 1 tbsp. birch sap. It is required to take medicine 3 times a day, it does not depend on meals. And if you mix corn silt with sweet clover honey, you can achieve a strong diuretic effect and, as a result, kidney cleansing.
  • For the treatment of cystitis 1 tsp. Sweet clover honey is mixed in equal proportions with royal jelly and washed down with bearberry decoction with horsetail. During the day, you need to repeat the procedure 2 times, and the treatment is carried out within 3-5 days.
  • In order to enhance lactation, young mothers should take sweet clothed honey for 1 tsp. before every meal. Drinking is not necessary, but if there is a need for this, the liquid should be warm, not hot.
  • And during colds you can combine sweet clover honey with radish, horseradish, garlic juice, take 1 tsp. several times a day. But the simplest action aimed at strengthening the immune system is the use of 1 tbsp. adults and 1 tsp children a day, without additional liquid and food.

Although there are a lot of beneficial properties in sweet clover honey, we must not forget that it is contraindicated for people who have an allergic reaction to the bean group, as well as any honey products. With caution it is worth to use sweet melon honey to hypertensive patients. And with any negative manifestations after the introduction of common honey in food, it must be abandoned.