Modern medicine does not stand still, and today you can even make an incision in the soft tissues of the body without the use of a scalpel. Perhaps this was due to the invention of radio wave surgery.

Apparatus surgitron: what is it?

Scientists have developed a surgitron device that can generate high-frequency electrowaves. Each such wave, in turn, forms steam bubbles imperceptible to the human eye, they are able to push the tissues apart and destroy only those cells that are an obstacle in their path. But the skin areas that are nearby, these bubbles do not touch. This non-contact method and operations on tissues and organs.

By itself, this device has the form of a compact portable device, and it is used in many areas of surgery, especially in gynecology for the treatment and removal of polyps of the cervical canal, cervix, and also for cauterization of erosions and papillomas. The device is used in numerous operations in which tissue dissection is required, especially if the incision site is saturated with blood vessels and there is a risk of bleeding. This apparatus is very widely used in these fields of medicine: gynecology, oncology, coloproctology, dermatology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, endoscoic operations.

Surgitron: reviews

The use of surgitron in coloproctology is as follows:

  • For the treatment of chronic and acute hemorrhoids, removal of warts, polyps, papillomas, malignant and benign tumors; for carrying out operations on the large intestine, removal and dissection of paraproctites;
  • Anal surgery: for the treatment of anal fissure, removal of papillomas, polyps, fringes.
  • The procedure of the operation itself does not require special training, quite enough research. For example, in coloproctology, a digital examination and a general examination of the patient is carried out.

Surgitron: treatment of cervical erosion

With this device, painless operations are performed, after which there are no scars, there is no risk of blood loss, and the wounds heal in a very short time. In general, the original surgitron was invented to help dentists to help them perform difficult operations on the gum tissue, which is delicate with blood vessels. After some time it was improved, and it became a real discovery in solving many problems of a surgical nature.

Surgitron has become an indispensable device in the field of gynecology. One of the most common diseases of the female reproductive system is cervical erosion, the treatment of which is carried out with the help of this apparatus. Erosion can occur both in women who have already given birth and in those who have not yet given birth. The causes of this disease are microtraumas of the mucous membrane, jumps in the level of hormones, infection with infections, and impaired immunity.

Surgitron: reviews

It is possible to detect erosion during colposcopy, because the optical increase in the process of this research helps to see the smallest defects of the mucous membrane and to conduct a qualitative diagnosis.

There are several ways to cure cervical erosion: medication, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, laser treatment, but the safest and most effective is the treatment of this defect with a radio wave apparatus such as surgitron. The treatment that this device provides does not entail a burn of tissues in the zone of its active influence, ensures that there is no risk of scar formation, and also reduces the possibility of infectious complications.

But before the immediate use of surgitron, you must make sure that the patient has no contraindications to this treatment. These factors include: diabetes mellitus, acute inflammatory processes of an infectious nature. Also, treatment with this device is prohibited for cancer, glaucoma and during pregnancy.

But patients who have already been treated with the help of this device, overwhelmingly give positive feedback. According to them, the surgitron not only brilliantly removes various formations on the skin, but also the venous mesh, spider veins. But this is only under the condition that the apparatus is controlled by a qualified specialist, because only with its help one can achieve the best quality results.

When performing operations on the Kozhelitsa, many patients with their reviews confirm that the result can be seen almost after the operation, and the traces of the procedure using the device disappear after a few days. Already on the 3rd day after the operation with the help of surgitron, experts allow you to use decorative cosmetics. Women after surgery speak of surgitron, as well as a real savior for perfect skin.

Surgitron: the price of treatment

Surgitron: reviews

The cost of treatment apparatus depends on the place where the formation, their size and quantity. In Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, the price of treatment is more expensive than in the rest. For example: removal of a wart up to 1 cm in size there will cost the patient from 800 to 3500 rubles. And for each additional cm of education to be deleted, you will need to pay 1000 rubles. The elimination of such formations on the body will be cheaper - from 700 rubles. Warts on the soles are somewhat more difficult to remove than on other parts of the body, therefore the procedure costs a little more - from 900 to 2900 rubles. But when removing 5 warts, in many clinics, a system of discounts.

In other regions of Russia, prices for operations performed using surgitron are much lower. So, removal of a wart with a diameter of up to 0.5 cm will cost approximately 500 rubles, and a diameter of 1 cm - 900 rubles.

The use of the device Surgitron really reduces the risk of side effects during surgery, and also reduces the recovery time of the body. Also, the advantages of using this device include the low cost of procedures. But in order to extract all these advantages, operations with the help of surgitron should be carried out only in high-quality medical clinics and only from a qualified specialist!