Superfoods from russia


What are superfoods? Superfoods are natural organic products with a high concentration of healthy substances. Superfoods saturate the body with a large number of nutrients and eliminate toxins. Perhaps the word "superfoods" is not so popular.

And you will not immediately understand what is at stake. But products such as goji berries, assai berries, Physalis berries, cocoa beans, chia seeds and guarana powder are known to many. Especially those women who were looking for information about losing weight. All these superfoods contribute to weight loss. But all the above superfoods do not grow in Russia. Although now their purchase is not so difficult, they can be purchased at many local hypermarkets. But it is worth thinking about whether we have our own superfoods? Of course have. And let's talk about them, concentrating on their fat burning properties.

  1. Sea buckthorn. It contains large amounts of vitamins: C, P, K and the entire group B. Vitamin P prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the body, also stabilizes digestion.Sea buckthorn
  2. Linen. Flax is sold and consumed in two forms: seeds and linseed oil. The second is better in assimilation for the body. Flaxseed oil activates metabolic processes in the body, and cholesterol levels are significantly reduced.Linen
  3. Cranberry. Doctors recommend drinking cranberry juice to stabilize digestion: thanks to a high concentration of acidity, the berry will help break down fats and reduce appetite. That is, it will relieve the feeling of heaviness and prevent the appearance of unnecessary fat in the body.

  4. Raspberries. Thanks to ketone (the main component) fats in the body are broken down and the risk of fatty liver is reduced.Raspberries

All these Russian superfoods in varying degrees contribute to weight loss. But only their high concentration in your body will lead to a noticeable result. Therefore, now on the market there are a large number of products with components of superfoods. Including with the addition of raspberry ketone. For example, ECOpills Raspberry table candies help burn fat and reduce appetite. Candy is natural, harmless and easy to use: dissolve 2-3 pieces in a glass with water and drink twice a day.

Of course, if you have contraindications to the consumption of any kind of product, then you should not scoff at your own body. And everything is useful in moderation!